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The first QnA session of 2017 has ended now. We hope that you enjoyed it. Kindly give your feedback in the comments section.


Q. Which actor has the fewer numbers of flops in Bollywood?

Ans. From senior actors, it is Aamir Khan who has 10 flops. Though he also did fewer films. From the recent actors, Varun Dhawan has 100% success ratio as he has not given any flop yet.

Q. Is SRK and Anushka movie with Imtiaz Ali, a commercial or niche film? What is its box office potenTial for Imtiaz Ali films?


Ans. When they were shooting then SRK said it will be a feel good movie. There were also reports that it will be on the lines of Jab We Met. But in a recent chat, Imtiaz Ali said that he does know whether it will turn out as Tamasha or as Jab We Met.

If it is commercial film then it will increase its box office potential and has chances to cross 220 cr. Jab We Met is the most popular romantic comedy film and was a big hit at the box office too. After 10 days its release, Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti On hit the screens which affected its business. But after two weeks, the screens for Jab We Met were increased again and it started to collect better than OSO.

If it is like Rockstar or Tamasha, then it will only be liked by a limited section of the audience. You can expect it to collect over 120 crores then.

Q. Which movie is releasing on Eid 2018?


Ans. Salman Khan starrer.

Q. After Aamir Khan, do you think SRK is the best in terms of acting and dedication?


Ans. If we consider the recent decade then it will be Ranbir Kapoor at second who has delivered most memorable performances. When you are watching him it does not look like that he is acting. He is a natural performer and has guts to do unconventional roles.

Q. Rate acc to overseas and India stardom. Ranbir, Ranvir, Varun, Sidd, Sushant.



In India 1.Ranbir 2.Ranveer 3. Varun 4. Sushant 5. Sidharth

In overseas 1. Ranbir 2. Ranveer 3. Varun 4. Sidharth 5. Sushant

Q. Which will be Hrithik Roshan’s next film?


Ans. There is a strong buzz in the trade that Hrithik Roshan will announce a big film soon. Earlier there were reports that Karan Malhotra has approached Hrithik Roshan for his next film. Apparently, Hrithik has liked the script and has asked for the final narration. That film is likely to be produced by Karan Johar. Earlier they have worked together in Agneepath.

Apart from that, there are also reports that Hrithik will do another film under his father’s banner Filmkraft. He also has Krrish 4 scheduled to release in 2018.

Q. Thank you Bolly Arena for starting Q&A session. Why are you not giving the full fledged review of Hindi films? What is trailer response of Rangoon in trade and the general public?


Ans. Currently, we are working to make it a box office portal. Also, reviews are irrelevant as you can’t expect us to like Housefull 3 or Dishoom but they are liked by the public. This is a box office portal which makes things complicated as we have to contradict ourselves while posting box office reports.

Rangoon trailer has received a mixed response from public. But the trade has liked it as their response is better than all earlier films of Vishal Bhardwaj. It looks like that he has tried to make the film commercial. It is interesting to note that Rangoon is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala who has earlier given three of the most popular films released last year, Housefull 3, Baaghi and Dishoom.

Q. Any initial reports about Raees?


Ans. There is no screening held for Raees. Any review will be fake.

Q. Can Thugs of Hindostan hit 300cr as it’s releasing on Diwali?


Ans. It is a misconception that Aamir Khan can only give big grossers on Christmas. Just like how Salman Khan made Eid lucrative period, the same Aamir Khan did with Christmas. It is not about the release period but the brand value of Aamir and audience trust which makes it easy to predict that Thugs of Hindostan will be an all time grosser.

Q. Who is directing PADman?


Ans. It is directed by R. Balki and produced by Twinkle Khanna.

Q. What is the status of Crack? Is it postponed or shelved? Why don’t they grab 26/1/2018?


Ans. The reports suggest that film is postponed due to Akshay Kumar’s busy schedule and a lot of pre-production work. It is Neeraj Pandey’s film and will take some time, unlike other Akshay’s films which can wrap up in a couple of months.

We can’t say about the exact release date but last time we heard Golmaal 4 was coming on Republic Day 2018.

Q. Can Jolly LLB 2 cross 150 cr mark with very good word of mouth?


Ans. Jolly LLB 2 is a good mixture of class and mass. Akshay Kumar has earned a loyal fan following at multiplexes thanks to his smart choices of films. The trade was surprised when Housefull 3 took a better opening in multiplexes rather than in single screens.

After serious films like Baby, Brothers, Airlift, Rustom etc, Jolly LLB 2 is a break which his core fan following was waiting for a long time. The box office might explode this time. The prediction will be updated tonight.

Q. What are the chances for the Pakistani actors working in Bollywood in the future?


Ans. Not in near future. Even though the volatile situation has eased in last month or so but as of now it looks impossible that any producer/director will approach Pakistani actors fearing protests.

Though Indian films are likely to be screened in Pakistan again as distributors on both sides wanted the same.

Q. Do you think SRK has made bad choices in his career? What should be his pathway for regaining his position?


Ans. It has been answered many times earlier too. SRK is a big star and he does need advice and that too from us. Just like once SRK said that he has been in the industry for more than 20 years so don’t tell me which film should I choose.

He is just going through a rough phase and as a result struggling for better release dates. The neutral audience is not coming to watch his films due to average fares like Dilwale, Happy New Year etc. It takes years to build stardom and you can’t loose that after 3-4 failures. One good film and he will be back.

Q. When would Dangal beat Footfalls of BB?


Ans. It will beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan footfalls in the fourth week.

Q. Did you like Go Pagal (personal choice)?


Ans. If we go by personal choice, then there are very few things that we like :P

But it is a box office portal which has nothing to do with our choice. It is the public opinion that matters the most. That’s why we have stopped reviewing films.

Q. What is the verdict of Mohra?


Ans. Mohra is a blockbuster. Check out here => Akshay Kumar Box Office Collection Analysis

Q. What is the inside report of Baadshoo and what is the genre of this?


Ans. Baadshaho is a drama thriller film like most of Milan Luthria films. It is inspired by rea life events during the 1975 Emergency imposed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Q. Is Sanjay Dutt biopic releasing on Christmas 2017 with Tiger Zinda Hai?


Ans. To start with it is unlikely that anyone will dare to clash with Salman Khan who is enjoying the best phase that none of the other actors ever have.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali was the first who announced Christmas 2017 release for Padmavati. It was followed by Sanjay Dutt biopic and Shahrukh Khan’s dwarf project. The later was pushed to 2018 and after a few days, YRF announced Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai. As a result, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati was preponed to November.

Now there are only two films in the race, Dutt Biopic, and Tiger Zinda Hai. A few days back Rajkumar Hirani’s spokesman said that they are coming on this Christmas which again started the debate. Both films are yet to go on floors. While Tiger Zinda Hai team has started the preparation in full swing, Dutt Biopic is likely to go on floors in February in the USA.

If both these films clash, it will be a very interesting battle. One has India’s best director whose last two films were all time grossers and the other has India’s biggest superstar who can even overshadow directors and scripts.

Q. What’re the real collections of all MSG films and your prediction for MSG Lion Heart 2?


Ans. We are expecting that MSG 2 will now challenge Avatar box office as the previous films have beaten all Indian films.

On a serious not all three films of MSG franchise were disasters. MSG and MSG 2 collected around 12 crores while MSG Lion Hear collected 10.60 crore and that too with bulk bookings.

Q. Can Jolly LLB 2 take 20 cr opening? If not what is the maximum opening it can take?


Ans. 20 crore will be an uphill task for Jolly LLB 2 on non-holiday. You can expect the opening in the range of 15 crore. Though it is carrying a terrific buzz and has chances to have excellent opening.

Q. Will OK Jaanu create magic like Aashiqui2?


Ans. Unlikely. OK Jaanu has not much buzz and hype before the release. Even the early reports are not so good.

Q. Arrange these directors cc to your Favorite not talking about the public. Kabir, Raju, SLB, Anand L Rai, Imtiaz Ali.


Ans. Personal choice

  1. Rajkumar Hirani
  2. Imtiaz Ali
  3. Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  4. Aanand L Rai
  5. Kabir Khan

Public and box office wise Raju>Kabir>SLB>Aanand L Rai>Imtiaz Ali

Q. Prediction for Return of Xander Cage in India?


Ans. 3.75 crore opening and 26 crore lifetime.

Q. Can Raees touch 20 cr on day 1?


Ans. It will be tough but not out of reach. Shahrukh Khan’s last release Fan collected 19 crore on a partial holiday. Though Raees is carrying more buzz and genre is also box office friendly but there is also clash in the equation. As of now, you can expect 17.5-18 crore opening. It can go higher before the release depending on buzz.

Q. When will Padman release?


Ans. No official announcement has been made yet. But it will release after Robot 2.0 and the first week of December can be a good release date.

Q. What would be the screen count of Raees both in India and overseas?


Ans. The expected screen count of Raees will be 2650 in India. It can also get 800-900 screens in overseas.

Who is the best actor of Indian cinema currently?


Ans. In terms of acting, it is Aamir Khan. He gave his full to each film and shows such dedication which is rare in Bollywood recently.

When is Salman Khan’s dance movie releasing?


Ans. The dance film which is directed by Remo D’Souza is expected to release in 2018. Salman Khan has revealed that he will start shooting for the film once Tiger Zinda Hai wraps up.