Poll Results: People are more excited to watch TEPK as compared to SRK’s film

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Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar are all set to lock horns at the box office when Toilet Ek Prem Katha and SRK’s next film will release on the same day. The clash is eagerly awaited by the fans of both stars.

We asked our visitors about which film they were looking forward. Well it seems that they are more excited for Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha as compared to SRK’s film.

TEPK has got 53% of the audience votes and the remaining 47% has gone to SRK-Imtiaz film. Akshay Kumar’s film is satirical comedy about PM Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. On the other hand SRK’s film is an urban rom-com directed by Imtiaz Ali.

It looks like the clash will be very exciting.

Which film will you watch?

  • Toilet Ek Prem Katha (53%, Votes)
  • SRK-Anushka Untitled Film (47%, Votes)
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  1. Akki fan Santanu Reply

    Srk fans ki aukat dikh gayi ….
    Bade aaye the rehnuam ko blockbuster bolne waale
    Yahan haar hi gaye ab 11 ko haarna
    Remembered it only akki is king

      • Beta ye jo polling hy na….ye srk fans vs every other fans ki polling hy
        …..aur dikh jae ga any do dono ki pictures ko

      • This polling shows pure star value… Trailer aane ke baad to producer, directer, marketing agency, marketing spend, trailer creativity etc. ka bhi role aa jata hai… Polling after trailer is not based on pure star value…

    • We have showed our aukat on Raees vs kabil.When will u show yours? Go watch naam shabana instead of barking here.

      • The way Akshay defeated Hrithik in Rustam vs Mohenjodaro, SRK couldnt defeat Hrithik is Raees vs Kaabil… Raees vs Kaabil was much more close fight…

      • Nikky namdev Reply

        Yeah u showed ur aukad Raies vs kaabil where ur screen count was 60 %as compare to kaabil even kaabil collected more money then Raies in second n third week

    • Very few means very few people follow this site. Though I am one of those dump guys. So, Pool and its result absolutely hilarious…….

  2. Obviously

    imtiaz overrated two film wonder /director …. with this routine boring film srk,imtiaz n anushka career will be over.

  3. Kase jayada ni hoga film ke release ke liye 4 months baki hain aur abhi se promotion start poster bhi aa gyi hai lol

  4. true srkian Reply

    Haha! Akki fans ko jyada khush hone ki jaroorat nahi h…..bcoz raees aur kaabil ke clash je time to isse bhi jyada antar tha online poll mai aur baad mai jo hua wo sabne dekha……..definitly rahnuma hi jeetegi

  5. TEBK looks more exciting than srk film can’t wait for trailer of TEBK

  6. Yehi asli sachchai hai. Srk is now the shadow of his golden age

  7. akshay will continue his streak of 100 crores after this clash also and he will also beat srk

  8. 100% minority and 30% majority srk kee movie dekhegi

    0% minority and 50-60% majority AK ke movie dekhegi ab khud he batao kiska collection jayada hoga

  9. Haha avi vote me haraya phir collection me uska bad stardom aur content ka to bat nahi uttha hai.Total white wash for SRK .Well done Akshay sir


  11. See 1st of all its unfair – from bollyarena to use modi ji name and compare basEd on swatch bharat..

    everybody knows modi ji is very popular for last few years..so but aboviouly modi ji + akshay name will get 53% intact it’s less… surprisingly…

    we should congratulate srk for this in front of 2 popular names…also with srk bollyareena added imitiyaaz record is bad etc…

    hope both movies do well…akki’s movie is about social message so best of luck but saying that bollyareena team u r not fare..always noted..

    NOT fare…bollyareena

  12. chandra prasad Reply

    jahan akki k fans jada ho wahan pr votes me akki hi jitta h na frnz bollyarena fallowers only 3000 smething lets poll in national channels then see,andhe me khus hojaiye akkians yehan pr

  13. TEPK @ 200 CR Reply

    Akki won 1st round . Need say TEPK will destroy Rehnuma by huge margin.

  14. Lol 53% with toilet you forget that 21% from it is from haters of srk loool

    • chandra prasad Reply

      toilet sunte hi koi family nhi jate is movie dekhne indians ki mind hi aisa h lol aur comedy with love jada psnd krte h messgae se message hota v dangal jaise ,pk jaise hona chaiye ye sb bnwa rhe h toiley koi khas baat nhi h ab aur modi ka naam lete hi hit hone ko ye politics nhi h beta bollywood movie h yehan entertainment ,feelings jruri h

  15. Initial Ali is going to be boring now,,I don’t think movie will get some good opening

  16. As of now I am just waiting for TEPK trailer…….
    Super excited for this film …

  17. Those Akki fans are getting excited for ‘Toilet- EK Prem Katha’ would be found in Toilets as they would get lose motions when Akki would bite the dust in front of SRK.
    Akki fans agar yaaddasth kamzor hai toh let me remind you that what happened with ‘Once Upon Time in Mumbai Dobara’ in front of ‘Chennai Express’.

    • Nikky namdev Reply

      That condition was just because of ekta kapoor not because of Srk and both released on different- 2 days

  18. honest man Reply

    these polls does not matter at all, what matters at the end of the day is how srk will backstab akshay and will leave no screens for toilet ek prem katha to perform.

  19. Prashant abhishek Reply

    To kisne bola hai akshay ko clash karne ke liye.he is doing in his over confidence.he let go solo post ipl slot and ready to face a big clash.

  20. Bhai ye bollyarena site pe Akshay king h…..But in realty Varun >>>>>>Akshay

  21. That’s not fair I haven’t chance to vote you reopen poll so I can vote for one of my favorite Akki sir…

    Thank you

  22. It’s strange that they are clashing none of them are giving even a 200 Crore and still they clash. I don’t know what is the problem with SRK acting is gone long ago now he is losing his Business sense as well.

    • chandra prasad Reply

      @arijit acting ko tune bhik diya tha kya srk ko acting kho dene acting srk k blood me koi chin nhi skte h,aur srk ka ek too 200 crore h pehle akki ko bol 150 too kamane ,aur srk k kimti kitni h sb jante h business k bare me bol rja h chutiya h tu pura 600 million khud kamaya h ,aamir sallu ka kitna h bol aadha un dono k papa log k property srk akela kamaya h itna aukat smjho kiska jada h ,business bol rha h zara business ka knowledge smjhkr bolo do crick team h srk k ,vfx company h ,red chillies ,sbse jada 3.4 million logo ka aashirvad h yr tm haters k bhokne se kuch bhi badlnewali nhi h smjha acting av v whi h sb jante h fan me kitni badhiya acting thi acting me kisi movie me bhi km nhi h balki accchi script nhi mil rhi h