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PadMan Day 1 Box Office Collection Update

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Padman Day 1 Box Office Collection Update: Akshay Kumar’s first release of 2018 has hit the screens today. The film was supposed to arrive on Republic Day weekend but was postponed to avoid the clash with Padmaavat. Early trends are suggesting that it has a decent start in the morning shows. Check out PadMan collection report for the 1st day.

Morning Shows Report:

The overall occupancy in the morning shows was over 25-30% in all over India which is an average start. This was expected as the pre-release buzz and hype were on the lower side and the advance booking was also below the mark. The opening is better in the metros due to the female audience coming in good numbers. But in single screens, it is one of the lowest openers for Akshay Kumar in the last couple of years.

PadMan Day 1 Box Office Collection Update

PadMan was released in around 2750 screens in India. This has been the case with most of the Akshay Kumar release as they struggle to open big and rely more on word of mouth. The theme of the film was also another reason which has affected the business in single screens as the family audience will not come in big numbers.

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The film’s genre had limited appeal as it is considered a taboo subject. Overall it is a decent start and there is a potential for growth in the evening shows. As it is a content-oriented film so the evening crowd will come at multiplexes. The film should target for a double digit opening which would be a fair start.


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PadMan 1st Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Padman 1st day collection is targetting for the double digit figure. The final number will depend on the crucial trend in the evening/night shows.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts about PadMan day 1 box office collection update in the comments section.


    • Padman @ 200cr Reply

      1st Blockbuster of the year …….Takes the bo by storm …..15cr+ opening day….

      • It will be a great achievement if it becomes a super-hit and crosses 100 cr considering the genre and the subject, don’t have unrealistic expectations about blockbuster and 200 cr please. Not saying this as a hater, I really like Akshay and I’m a big fan of Radhika and R.Balki’s films, but just being realistic here.

      • Social awareness, taboo subject, niche genre, r.balki.

        Itna sab flop material ek saath,

        fir bhi ye super hit karana kisi or ke bas ki baat nahi.

        only akki can…

        • Akkians sab akki films ko blockbuster hi kehtai hain by default.

          Their definition of blockbuster is any movie earning above 70 crore.

          • Definition of blockbuster: These 2 criteria should be met:
            It should be an excellent movie with great content, message and entertainment
            It should make big profits

            Every Akshay Kumar movie meets both these criteria nowadays and that’s why all his recent movies can be called blockbusters…

    • i thing 15 cr 1st day
      weeknd – 53-55cr….
      lifetime 130 cr…..
      another hit akki sir……

  1. kabi B grade c grade hero that akshay aaj biopic air deshbhkti baneke paisa kama raha hai chakki Ajay1991 mein super the aaj hi 27 saal superstar hai

    • Ha @ram isiliye ajay rohit ki bina pichle 5 saal me ek bhi clean hit film nahi diya.aur fake deshbhakti se toh atleast tax de kar madar kar rahi hai..tum keya kar rahi ho mera bhai??

    • rahul kaushik Reply

      raid ke collections bata denge ki ajay kaha stand karta hai……and let me remind you….
      1. badshhaho- 70 crore
      2. Driysham- 65 crore…with super +ve reviews
      and pls….ye batane me minutes bhi nahi lagenge ki ajay kaha stand karta hai……
      he is very big star but compare with one the biggest superstar of this country is not good.

        • why you guy’s are not talking about your favorite actor ?doosre actor ke bare main galat bolke 200 cr nhi ho jayegi tum logon ke favorite ki movie ja ke movie dekho tabhi troll karne ke layak banoge !!!!!!Hurrr !!! by the way ajay an rohit ki baat na karo un dono ke fan dekh lenge un dono ki movies !!tum logon ki advise kam nhi aane wali .

  2. Modi se Milke kai celebrate ki promotion se akshay ko kam nahi aayi Dipika se darr ke bhag gaya c aur b grade actor chakki

    • Deepika se dar k wo ni bhaga h sanjay lila khud aaya uske pas apni film hata le bolke bhai tu dekha ni tha kya mohenjodaro ka kya hua tha rustom k saamne

    • agree. i see a kind of arrogance in akshay’s acting. even the same when he is real. means he doesn’t act much but expresses his personality more. ajay is entirely different. he acts well n his real personality is not exposed.

  3. Honest man Reply

    So again Akshay Kumar will fail to cross the opening of jai ho.which was released 4 years ago. Will Akshay Kumar ever cross the opening of jai ho which is considered as an underperformed and also not a edx release. We should not consider Akshay as a superstar.

  4. Actor who achieved 20 crore on 1st day

    Amir in 2013
    Salman in 2012
    SRK in 2013
    Ajay in 2014
    Ranbir in 2013
    Hrithik in 2014
    Shushant (due to MSD) in 2016
    Ranveer in 2017
    Shahid in 2017

    And even tamil actors cross 20 crore opening like
    Mahesh babu
    Allu arjuna
    And others also but when will akki achieve it….only rajni Sir can do impossible things possible. …….

  5. Atleast akki has that calibre to take a from a below par opening to a lifetime total of 100Cr+ consisitently

    • Akshay Kumar is like Rahul Dravid or Mahela jawardene.he constructs innings without huge openings

    • sir. akshay has the caliber to take above par movies to 100+crore movies. not below par movies. that goes to bhai only as of now. akshay is good in keeping the cost low n so he would remain the same (no high budget movies)

  6. Haters naye naye fake id banake apna kaam shuru kar chuke hai. Koi baat nahi lage raho…

    Akshay is an established super star and will be forever. He is the only actor giving fight to khans these days.

    • Neutral fan Reply

      These fake IDs are of jealous Ajay fans and abusive Salman fans

  7. Dear zindaghi had a better opening which was realesed in 1100 screens
    Ayia hai khans to takar dyani kilyai

  8. My prediction
    1st day – 14 Cr
    1st weekend – 50cr
    1st week – 85 cr
    Life time 140 +
    Verdict – superhit

  9. With good script even Ranveer Shahid give 200 cr but the superstar with good script give 300 crore ++++… And here akki even with good script can’t cross 20 crore opening

  10. When in his best phase he can’t give big grosser. …then what we can expect from akki