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PadMan 1st Week Box Office Collection

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PadMan 1st Week Box Office Collection: Padman faced drops on Thursday which was expected after the holidays advantage. The film collected approx 3.75 crores on Thursday.

This has taken the first week total to 62 crores which is a decent number. PadMan took an average opening and there was some growth over the weekend. But the film took an advantage of holidays on weekdays which helped it to maintain a decent hold. However, things went back to normal on Thursday.

The film is a successful venture due to the low costs. In fact, the producers have already made profits. However, it should go over 80-85 crores for the distributor recovery.

Day 110.26
Day 213.68
Day 316.11
Day 45.87
Dat 56.12
Day 67.05
Day 73.78
Day 82.10
Day 93.15
Day 103.78
Day 111.50
Day 121.25
Day 131.0
Day 141.0
Day 150.50
Day 160.80
Day 171.0
Day 18-211.21
Total80.05 cr


  1. Trend is excellent but Collection level is low .
    If Padman collected on higher levels then with this trend it would have crossed 100cr in 1st week itself.
    But now the Lifetime would be = 90cr – 100cr.
    This is also excellent keeping all factors in mind.
    1. Taboo subject
    2. Less appeal
    3. Competition from many movies
    4. Normal Weekend
    5. Low Budget
    6. No action
    7. No established supporting cast
    Then also 90 – 100cr . I think this is really excellent for Padman. Super Hit …….

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      Thats not the problem..films like this can do a lot..even shubh mangal did 40 crores with clash..and this featured a superstar..prb is akki is repeating the same mistake..he is repeating the patriotiv genre..his comedy got boring when he repeated them..
      Pls do some more movies like baby,namastey london..etc

  2. So padman didnt crash on thursday non holiday. It means the movie will sustain well for next few weeks.

    • Dream …Its good to dream 85-90 Max….Were is Padman@200 i think he is hiding his face…looking at the great performance of Padman…

  3. bollywood arena please change first week 64 not 62 bollywood hungama first week 64

  4. padman 200cr .
    padman 150cr.
    padman 130cr.
    padman 110cr.
    padman 100cr.
    padman 90cr.

    …………………………………padman 80cr… 85cr…….

    distributors ki to laggae re …..

    • Best sentence above is of @houseful

      Trend is excellent but Collection level is low .”


  5. Huge fall on Thursday… It’s now looking like a 80 cr LT max. If it doesn’t then it will be a below average as distributors won’t make any profit.



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