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Padmaavat enters into the 300 Crore Club

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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer Padmaavat grossed 3.82 crores in the 7th week. The film has now entered into the 300 crore club.

Below is the day wise collection of Padmaavat.

Day 119.0
Day 232.0
Day 327.0
Day 431.0
Day 515.0
Day 614.0
Day 712.50
Day 811.0
Day 910.0
Day 1016.0
Day 1120
Day 127.0
Day 136.0
Day 145.50
Day 155.0
Day 163.50
Day 176.50
Day 188.0
Day 193.20
Day 203.75
Day 214.50
Day 222.50
Day 231.75
Day 243.0
Day 254.0
Day 261.55
Day 271.25
Day 281.23
Day 291.25
Day 300.88
Day 311.56
Day 322.02
Day 330.75
Day 340.65
Day 350.50
Day 360.29
6th Week6.98
7th Week3.82
Total300.26 cr

This is the first film of Ranveer Singh to enter into the 300 crore club. He has now joined Salman Khan and Aamir Khan into this elite club. It is also the first non-EDX film to do so. Take a look at the list of 300 crore grossers.

MovieCollectionDays to reach
Bajrangi Bhaijaan32120
Tiger Zinda Hai33916


  1. Real collection is 281+ crore.Deepika does manipulation to cross 300 crore same as she did manipulation to make HNY in 200 crore club.
    Shame on her !!

    • 200 plus Class A actors


      150 cr plus Class B actors


      100 cr plus Class C actors

      Kartik Aryaan (soon will cross)
      Grand Masti actors
      R Madhavan (TWMR)
      And oh yes Akki also

      • This year

        Salman both movies will be 250 crore plus

        Aamir TOH will be 300 crore plus

        SRK Zero will be 200 plus

        Ranbir movie with Hirani will be 175 cr plus

        Ranveer Simba will be 150 cr plus

        Hrithik will be back with YRF movie next year


        Who cares about the remaining other 100-130 cr range small actors

        • Add definitely Ajays Total Dhamaal in 150-175 crore range in the list above

    • SRK and VD UK Fans Base Reply

      Is this a Ranveer Singh, Shahid kapoor , deepika or SLB movie! Will the movie do 300cr if we take out SLB? I think NO!

      But it would do 300 even if Ranveer wasn’t in the movie and some other A list actor was in there!

      This is a pure SLB movie! Not a Ranveer Singh movie!

      Next people will say 2.0 is Akshays movie lol it’s Rajnikanths movie!

  2. If Padmavat is 300 crore grosser then we have to accept also HNY is 200 crore grosser.Highest opening is HNY – 44.97 crore .

  3. And plz gv Oscar and national award to ranveer for his acting and Oscar and national award to padman for best movie

    • Film Lover Reply

      You completely out of your mind bro….u sounds foolish while making this kind of idiotic comment…

  4. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    And HNY day 1 was 45cr……………………………….lol

  5. @bollyarena
    I don’t understand why trade figure for some movies and producer figure for others.
    You should consider only trade figure or producer figure. It shouldn’t be according to your convenience.

  6. Honest man Reply

    Unbelievable, I think this film has been much more loved by the audience than dangal,bb and pk. This is undoubtedly the film of this decade beating dangal. Dangal, bb, pk every film is looking small in front of padmavat.

    • Brock Lestner Reply

      Good joke. Controversy helped it a lot. It’s good movie but nowhere close to Dangal and BB. Dangal and BB didn’t face any controversy. Still they were loved by majority and they released with less ticket price than padmaavat.

  7. @bollyarena : Will we get day 1 update of #Raid tonight? Can we expect 9 cr + ?

  8. Lol Movie collected 29 lakhs on 36th day and then 7 crores in 6th week(next 7 days) which means average of 1 crore per day and thats impossible. . how on earth is it possible. . .y dun they use their brains before doing such stupidity. . .