Mohenjo Daro Motion Poster

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Finally the motion poster of Mohenjo Daro is out. It has been captioned as,

“Before it all…  Before the British Raj, Before the Mughals, Before Christ, Before Alexander, Before Buddha and Before India as we know it.. there was Mohenjo Daro”

A story that will take you back in time.”

The trailer of the film will be released in a couple of days.



  1. The buzz is enormous
    It’ll create many box office records.
    Waiting for d trailer.

  2. sumit kumar Reply

    One of the best poster of indian cinema….now buzz will go higher….waiting for trailer….

  3. Dashing RJ Reply

    This movie is going to beat all box office records after its release but will be short of pk and bb??

  4. Akshay Yadav Reply

    It’s interesting.But till i watch the trailer i m not sure that i ‘ll watch it in theatre or not.Anyways something unique has been tried by the team of the film #Mohenjodaro so i want to wish the team behind #mohenjodaro,best of luck & i wish it becomes a huge blockbuster at Box Office.

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