Mohenjo Daro is one of Ashutosh’s shortest films: Hrithik Roshan

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Ashutosh Gowariker is known for making films having long duration of 3-4 hours and is often trolled. But Hrithk Roshan says that director’s upcoming flick ‘Mohenjo Daro’ is going to be really short.

While speaking to the media at the IIFA 2016, Hrithik said, “I am very happy and delighted to tell you that it is one of his shortest films. You might feel it must be long because all his films are long, but it’s really short.”

He also said that he is really glad to be a part of the “difficult film” and is very happy with the feedback of the promo.

“People don’t make such films because it’s too much effort and the one person who could do it is Ashutosh and one actor who’d say yes to a film like this is me,” said Hrithik at the award show.

Hrithik Roshan performed on the IIFA Awards yesterday and set the stage on fire with his upbeat dance performance. Take a look



  1. we r waiting mohenjodaro
    & watch the film only for entertainment romantic
    not for history

  2. So why the name MohenjoDaro then ? If its meant for entertainment purpose.

  3. bro rohit
    publicity promotion kaise milegi
    mohenjodaro nam na hoto

  4. Dashing RJ Reply

    Agar aaj ke time mein movie 4 hrs ki banawoge to halls and theatres ya to blank milega ya to sab sute hue milenge……

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