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Mission Impossible Fallout 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

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Mission Impossible 6 has an excellent first weekend of around 36.55 crores. The film managed to witness further growth on Sunday as it grossed 14.30 cr.

The trend is looking very good over the weekend and it is likely to continue on weekdays. Mission Impossible Fallout is a hit at the box office and it will be interesting to see if it can go further than that. Jurassic Wolrd Fallen Kingdom managed to go over 75 crores with a lower opening weekend as compared to MI6.

  • Day 1: 9.50
  • Day 2: 12.75
  • Day 3: 14.30
  • Total: 36.55 cr


  1. SOTY2 is postponed!

    That means TOH will have 3 weeks free run

    Bahubali2 (Hindi) record toh Gaya..

    • Kit Walker Reply

      Din mein sapne mat dekho. To break the record of BAAHUBALI2 for TOH is “Mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai”

  2. The All The Time Entertainment Movie Loverb hb u bb u Reply

    Last Veiw Days Indian Media Reports Greate News About YRJ Films upcome Action/Adventure/Gangester/Pirates/Horor Movie Thugs of Hindustan’ They are Reporting The Kind of Setts’ Technology’ Efforts And Vissauls that is Made and Invest This Flick Will be Shocked the Hold World This DIWALI when TOH got Released’ A

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