Manikarnika Trailer – Kangana Ranaut

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She fought for freedom 160 years ago.She fought with her head held high,She fought till she dropped,Yet, never gave up her pride, her motherland, her beloved, Jhansi!It’s time to salute India’s greatest warrior queen!Experience and relive the proudest chapter in our history.Presenting the epitome of a warrior, a mother and a Queen. 

Manikarnika releasing on 25th January, 2019.


  1. Kangana …… a misfit for this role…… zero impact, feeble dialogue delivery

  2. The trailer shows great promise, but I would have preferred Priyanka Chopra in the role of the Queen. She has the ability to better project the mixture of personalities demanded in the film.

  3. Amir to ke failure ke bad bollyare tum news Dena bhi band kar dia ab news de Rahe ho take tum koi but bhala Na Rahe kabhi new Dete ho kabhi n Dete koi y Na samjhe Keh amir ki to disaster hone ka Ghuam Na samjhe

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