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Logan opens to mighty $237 million at Worldwide Box Office

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Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, Logan has surpassed all expectations at the box office. The film has opened to massive $237.8 million in worldwide.

Logan has earned $85.3 million in North America which is huge. This is the second biggest opening ever for R-rated films and the highest in March. Meanwhile, it has grossed $152 million in the overseas markets. The film collected $46.3 million in China, $11.4 million in the United Kingdom, $8.2 million in South Korea and $7.1 million in Russia.

Overall it is Fox’s third biggest international opening of all time. Logan made on a budget of $97 million has already emerged a huge box office success.


  1. Bolly Arena Fan Reply

    Others were predicting on an avg 70mln (50-80mln) and My Prediction was 80-85mln in NAmeriaca….

    In Overseas it collected beyond every ones expectation …. Simply huuuggeee…

    every one was hoping for a 80-120 mln but it collected 150 mln…..

    Also its the Highest non holiday wknd collection of a R rated movie…

    In India it Performing better than Apocalypse which collected 34cr.

    Now 600mln is a real possibility…All the best Logan team…


    Logan is not popular franchisebin india and hence failed at Indian box office

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