Live QnA Session at 9 PM

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The live QnA session will be held at 9 PM today. Post your questions in the comments section.


  1. Akshay Kumar Yadav Reply

    Do u think FAN has the potential to be a big hit at BO?Can it cross Chennai Express collections?How much business is it more likely to do in India & WW?

  2. Can’t it will be true to say that Shraddha Kapoor will be the top contender for next female superstar as she has a great line up of movies this year?

  3. Mohsin Sonu Reply

    Do you think year 2016 is for Srk & Akshay like year 2007 was? Do you think Fan & Raees will combine earn more than 1000 cr. worldwide? Do you think the Opening of Fan will be around 25 cr.? Do you think Fan can be Srk’s biggest hit ever & can be Srk’s 1st 300 cr. movie as it has strong content because now a days audience like strong content movies?

  4. Can’t it be correct to say that Shraddha Kapoor will be the top contender for next female superstar as she has a great line up of movies this year

  5. Which foreign actor attracts indian audience to movies or hollywood movie work in india only because of franchise not actor?

  6. what is the box office potential for Captain America Civil War And Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice In India After the spectacular performances of other Hollywood releases?

  7. If akshay do one movie in year and its big budgeted like bang bang or kick on festival.then can it take record opener or lifetime collection
    Please answer it.

  8. If akshay do one movie in year and its big budgeted like bang bang or kick on festival.then can it take record opener or lifetime collection
    Please answer it.

  9. Bolly arena fan Reply

    After getting very gud WOM every one thought that AIRLIFT at least cross 150cr but its going to finish under 130cr.Its bcz of the niche appeal of the movie nd considering that if Raees got a solo release nd gud WOM can the movie cross 300cr in domestic. (Bcz the genre is crime drama thriller nd its almost sure that there will be huge protest against Srk nd the movie.)

  10. Bolly arena fan Reply

    How much Furious 7,Avengers2,nd Jurassi world, collected in India? Please answer this it’s 3rd time i am asking this 2 u?

  11. Bolly arena fan Reply

    What is current status of Shuddi,Race 3,Ranbir super hero movie,Don 3,???

  12. Why the critics acclaim Bollywood movies is not a big universal hit like Hollywood? Not a exception like pk or bb…

  13. HOW much long can khans rule when will youngsters start giving 200cr grosser

  14. Hey Bollyarena I am chasing you for last 3 to 4 month to make an App like koimoi and other site and it was supposed to launch by this February.What about this??

  15. prashant yadav Reply

    Several renowned websites r spreading d news that salman n sooraj barjatya is again collaborating very soon but this time for an action muvi.How much truth is there in this?

  16. pls update airlift and ghayal collection…
    we are waiting from last 6 days., but you are not providing the status..

  17. Can Batman VS Superman & Gods Of Egypt become another hollywood movies grossing 100 crore in india

  18. After the song Jabra of fan and the song looking entertainer
    can fan be a entertainer movie? If the songs is good have the movie any chance to open with 25?

  19. Gaurav singh Reply

    Who is tha biggest suparstar in last 10 year ? Do you think tha last 2 or 3 movies of srk decrease his strdom ?

  20. Gaurav singh Reply

    I see many fights between srk and salman fans so can you plz tell m who is biggest superstar at present tym and why? Please give one name only..

  21. Gaurav singh Reply

    If sultan get mixed reviews and raees get positive reviews, is there any chance for sultan to cross 200 cr.

  22. Gaurav singh Reply

    If both sultan and raees get the same review from fans and crtics then which one is winner in clsh.. Or without clash..


    What is d WOM of DON 2 and is d movie underperformed in India?

  24. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    Now we all now that there is no clash on 3 june. Now does housefull 3 has a chance to cross 25 cr on the opening day and 200cr lifetime

  25. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    what are th top 5 opners of 2016 bollywood?

  26. In Raees and Sultan clash can both films do business of 200 crores each ??

  27. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    Can you plz change akshay’s rank in top actors because you mentiones that airlift has to collect over 115 cr and then he will beat ajay and ranveer?

  28. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    Can you predict top grossers of bollywood 2016 in india only

  29. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    You know the way Salman Khans carrer has taken turn since Dabanng…Can Akshay too get the same kind of fortune as in 2007-08, there was unbelievable craze about him…even in 2009 and 10, his movies used to be record openers

  30. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    Do u think Deepika can match up the popularity Madhuri Dixit did once

  31. Do you think akshay has a good line up in 2016… And is he returning in welcome 3 with Katrina ??
    Thanks in advance if you answer… :)

  32. bollyarena team hello. can u please make a page telling top 5 or 3 indian movies gross overseas in each territory? ??

  33. shahid amin Reply

    Comment:I want to know that for how long people would watch silly films of srk which he is currently doing.leaving romantic movies there

    is no such movie of srk that is landmark in srk career except baazigar.why?

  34. Till now it’s confirm that Sultan and raees clash will happ Pls tell us how many screen both will get and what opening they will get and which film will get edge and why Pls explain

  35. Comment:if airlift get solo realeased and clear two week then what will be the lifetime collection?

  36. which film has the chance to be the highest grosser of 2016 Sultan,Raees,dangal? By the way you guys are doing great job

  37. What will b the perfect release DATE for Sultan,bcoz only it is releasing on Eid,we know???

  38. what will b the effect on Srk career if he loses from raees clash with sultan ???

  39. Salman fan Reply

    Writer of sultan ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  40. We all know that SRK and Salmal both have huge fan following .But my question is about Akshay and Amir.that who has more fans .Generally people talks about aamir films not aamir but for akshay they want to see akshay as a comic character/khiladi types roles..people love to see his comic timing and action flicks also his movies are very populer in tv.And what is the reason that his movies collects half of khans ?

  41. Housefull 3 will be distributed by EROS NOW so can it get 4000 screens bcoz its a big budget movie ?

  42. what is the footfalls of Airlift and what is highest footfalls of an Akshay starrer

  43. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    What is the budget,screen count,and predictions of openig day and lifetime?

  44. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    of Housefull 3 plz answer all my questions including this one?

  45. Is srk confirmed for anand l rai’s movie?? Or is it ranveer singh?

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