Live QnA Session at 5 PM

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The live QnA session will be started at 5 PM. Write your questions in the comments. Today we would like to answer as many questions as we can.

Q&A session is live now. You can check out here


  1. prashant yadav Reply

    Why people don’t consider salman khan a good actor even though he has given good performance in starting of his career like mpk,hahk,saajan,tere naam,hddcs and now dabangg n bajrangibhaijaan?How an actor can survive for 25+ yrs if he doesn’t know acting?

  2. Comment:when will be the makers of sultan are planning to release first look

  3. prashant yadav Reply

    Do u not think that it is risky in todays time to make movie like sultan bcoz they are going to make a sport drama with songs n dance like typical masala films?




  5. If gross neeeja 60 crore and more then who will more big succsseeful airlift or neerja?

  6. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    Is Dangal relessing on independence day? What coud be the effect on Rustom as it will provide more stiff competition than mohenjo daro

  7. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    What could be the opening day figure of Rustom with clash? How many screens will it get?

  8. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    Are Akshay and Alia working together in Badlapur directors next? I’m asking this question 5th time…please answer.

  9. could robot 2 be called an akshay Kumar movie if it collects huge since he is playing villain as krish 3 can’t be called a vivek oberoi movie

  10. Akshay(The Patriotic) Reply

    How would u sum up Akshay kumars career, a man who knew nothing about acting, never worked with big directors and producers making one of the most acclaimed movies of indian cinema today?

  11. Eindra Ganesan Reply

    Why doesn’t Ranveer Singh sign any film till after #Befikre ? Although he got many academy awards, he doesn’t have any films in his hand except Befikre. Why ?

  12. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Which are the top 10 costliest indians movies ever? Please answer with the budget?

  13. Bolly arena fan Reply

    What is the status of Hera pheri 3 nd Force 2? Is the filming completed? When the film is planning to release?

  14. Bolly arena fan Reply

    There are rumors that Dangal nd Mohenjodaro is going to exchange their release date is it true?

  15. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Which Ranbir film is going to release first Dutt or Ayan mukherji super hero flick? Currently when the movie is planning to start the shooting nd when they are planning to release the film?

  16. Bolly arena fan Reply

    What are the upcoming films of Salman and Srk(after Sulthan nd Raees)

  17. Bolly arena fan Reply

    In 10 how much u rate the buzz of Batman v Superman in India?

  18. Bolly arena fan Reply

    How a film gets the verdict likes hit /super hit/ blockbuster etc???

  19. According to u who are the top 10 Bollywood actors(acting wise) right now

  20. Sayantan Bhaduri Reply

    In 2016 Which Movie has The Potential To Break The WW and Domestic Record Of P.k???

  21. Sayantan Bhaduri Reply

    Every one is saying that srk’s Career Is Over So what you want to say About it…???his career really Over???

  22. What is the succsseful movies for akshy kumar from 2000 to 2016 .

  23. Do you think sonam kapoor will get her first filmfare best actress award for superb performance in neerja

  24. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    Which films this year can make it too 100 cr club and top 10 grossers of all time

  25. Last Sunday also I asked but u did not reply atleast reply now how many screen will be share by both Sultan and raees in clash and who will have edge

    Atleast reply this time

  26. Jack William Potti and Peshi Reply

    you are right jakas i ask about 10 questions every time but the dont answer this site is shit

  27. Maayarka (from Somaliland) Reply

    John Abraham Has agreat Lineup Action Backed Movies In This Year 2016 so can we say Chances are There This Actor Could be Bollywood’s next Big Acion Hero ??? Please Consider My Question BOLLYARENA.NET

  28. How much is remuneration of supporting actors like Kay Kay Menon, Anupam kher and of script writers, choreographers etc ??