QnA Session

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The Live QnA session is over now. This session is done in real time so we have to answer as quick as possible. Therefore, some answers are short and need more explanations. From now on detailed QnA session will be held separately.

Discuss the answers and write your feedback in the comments section.

Q. Bhatt said that their first choice for Aashiqui 3 was Hrithik. Do you think Hrithik’s remuneration must have been the issue for not casting him, as 2 more Aashiqui’s can be made in lone money Hrithik would have charged for the film?


Ans. Hahaha well said. But probably that was not all the issue as it was Bhushan Kumar who expressed his desire to work with Hrithik after the super success of Dheere Dheere song video. Initial it was just a random talk but later on, they may have discussed the idea. Bhatts like to work with younger actors so they can talk to them upon their own terms. Hrithik has a completely different persona on the screen and off the screen too. And yes it would have cost them 50 crores more if they cast Hrithik.


Q. What is the total collection of Bahubali in India?


Ans. The film collected 511 crores in India with a distributor share of 254 crores. It is too early to talk about predictions for its second part. But going at the craze and hype, it will rewrite the box office history.


Q. Will Aamir’s intolerance comments last year and Hrithik’s legal fight with Kangana affect their respective films collections?


Ans. Mohenjodaro will have no effect at all. Dangal can face some issues but if it turns out to be excellent film then this controversy will only aid its box office numbers to increase manifold.


Q. Do you think Rangoon is delayed because of Kangana legal issues?


Ans. No, the film is postponed for extensive post production work.


Q. Have you liked Houseful 3 dialogue promos? Personally, I have found them disgusting. Cheap humour which didn’t make me laugh at all. It looks somewhere in the league of Humshakals, Dilwale etc.


Ans. It is your choice and is quite fine. But there is a major section of the audience who like these kinds of comedies. The dialogue promos have been liked. Now we all have to wait for the film to come out to find out what it has to offer.


Q. Don’t you think since Rangoon is not coming on Gandhi Jayanti weekend, it will be better for Rustom makers to postpone it to that day? It will definitely get more screens and make better collections during that period.


Ans. That makes a lot of sense. But for some strange reasons Zee Studio is trying to release the film as soon as possible. There was news that Rustom will be preponed to 5th August. We don’t know what is their startegy.


Q. Is news of Hrithik doing Sajid Khan’s comedy film after finishing Kaabil true? Though Hrithik should be good in comedy film but don’t you think he could have found a better director than Sajid Khan?


Ans. To be frank Hrithik’s choice of directors is becoming poor. Every director and production house wants to work with him but instead, he opted for Sanjay Gupta who is famous for making gangster films from South Korean films. Now we just hope that this news about Sajid Khan is not true.


Q. Man, I am sick of Sultan-Rases questions.


Ans. So do we ?


Q. Do you feel Anurag Kashyap can redeem himself with RR 2.0?


Ans. No, it will only appeal to the fans of Anurag Kashyap and will do little to improve Anurag’s public image as a director.


Q. Is the highest grosser of 2016 race now between 3 films i.e. Sultan, Mohenjo-Daro, and Dangal? Since no other big film except these 3 looks to have such potential.


Ans. Absolutely. There is only one difference that Sultan can emerge highest grosser even with the mixed response. But both Dangal and Mohenjodaro should have something special to do so. Shivaay can also surprise but its clash with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will limit its potential.


Q. Rate the casting of Aashiqui 3?


Ans. We cannot rate this as the film is yet to come out. But in our personal choice, a fresh pairing would have been better.


Q. What will be the opening of A Flying Jatt?


Ans. 15-20 crore. With music, it can go higher than 15 or lower than 20.


Q. Can Akshay Kumar deliver a 200cr grosser given he has a huge fan following?


Ans. Obviously, he can. With a good film having universal appeal and holiday release, 200 crores will not be a tough task. With Airlift, he just collected 130 crore which was a niche film. It shows that now audience wants content and superstars can only bring initials (weekend). So the combination of star power and a universally appealing film will prove deadly at the box office.


Q. Any chances of Raees to release in 2016? Because Gandhi Jayanti release date is empty and obviously Bakri Eid.


Ans. Raees is unlikely to be preponed. It will be Gauri Sinde’s next which can release on Gandhi Jayanti.


Q. Who is the only one Khan who has maintained his stardom through 20 years?


Ans. It was probably Shahrukh Khan who maintained his star power throughout his journey. Unlike Salman or Aamir he did not have to go a long dull phase. Just recently he has started to struggle with films like Dilwale and Fan. It can be called SRK’s dull phase.


Q. Your take if Tere Naam releases today?


Ans. The cops have to be called by theater owners to control the huge crowd outside to get tickets. It would have shattered each and every possible record. Indians love tragic love stories and the recent Marathi blockbuster Sairat is proof of that.


Q. After seeing the trailer of Sultan what do you think would have been the result of Sultan-Raees clash?


Ans. If they were confident of their product they should have clashed with Sultan on Eid. As despite having a lower opening, it should have done better in the longer run as word of mouth will help the audience to choose between better films.


Q. Is Rajkumar santoshi’s next starring Salman a period drama?


Ans. Santoshi has currently two scripts. One is written himself and other is a remake of a South Korean film, Ode To My Father. Salman will choose one of them.


Q. Currently, who are the top 10 crowd pullers in India? Atleast answer once in a month.


Ans. This question has been answered many times.

  1. Salman Khan
  2. Aamir Khan
  3. Shahrukh Khan
  4. Hrithik Roshan
  5. Akshay Kumar
  6. Ajay Devgn
  7. Ranbir Kapoor
  8. Ranveer Singh
  9. Varun Dhawan
  10. Sidharth Malhotra

Q. According to you if the clash between Mohenjo Daro and Rustom occurs, then what is the ratio of the hype around the movies and if Housefull3 earns big then can Rustom and Mohenjodaro become equal?


Ans. It would be 70:30 in favour of Mohenjodaro. Even if Housefull 3 emerge blockbuster, it will have limited effect on the later clash. Only one thing can let down Mohenjodaro and that is poor trailer and promos. It has nothing to do with the star power of both actor but the major difference is the genre. Mohenjodaro is a historical adventure film, a genre which is doing wonders at the box office recently. On the other hand Rustom is more looking like a niche film and Akk’s biggest fan following is in masses.


Q. What are next year releases for Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Republic and Independence day?



Republic Day – Baadshaho, Kaabil, Raees

Eid – Salman-Kabir’s next

Independence Day – No official announcement

Diwali – Sons of Sardar, Robot 2

Christmas – Aanand’s next (SRK), Bhansali’s next, Sanjay Dutt Biopic (Ranbir Kapoor)


Q. Suppose if Raees release on this Bakri Eid and collects 200-250 cr then can it become a good release date like what Eid became after Wanted and Dabang?


Ans. No, because there are many holidays in the next days of Eid-ul-Fitar. It has become a tradition for Salman to release his films on Eid. For most of the poeple, Eid means Bhai’s film so it does not need massive promotions as there is already awareness.

PS, you may see SRK’s film this year but not Raees.


Q. Why is sultan releasing before Eid day that is not a Friday? If it releases on Eid day what will be your opening day prediction now?

Ans. Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick were also released before Eid. By doing so the makers first want to cash out star power of Salman and then boost of Eid holiday. For example Ekk, Tha Tiger collected 33 crores on its opening day but its collection was down to 12 crores next day. In today’s time, this will result in negative reports unless it has extra ordinary content.


Q. Whats’ the budget for Raees? Will delaying the movie release increase the budget?


Ans. The delay will result in increasing the budget for obvious reasons. But it is not the budget that we are concerned about. It is the buzz and hype which is dying out after the delay and the negativity created by the delay.


Q. Has buzz of Housefull 3 increased in last few days and can it take 20cr opening?


Ans. The buzz has picked up but the promotions are not on a grand scale. We were informed that the film will be promoted big time in last 15 days, especially in IPL. If the marketing and music could have been better, it should have crossed 20 crores. Currently, we are expecting the film to collect in the range of 19 crores.


Q. What are the verdicts of Aashiqui 2, CE and K3?


Ans. Aashiqui 2 Blockbuster, CE All Time Blockbuster, Krrish 3 All Time Blockbuster


Q. What will be the fate of Udta Punjab after 40 cuts?


Ans. The makers have to release the film even if there were be cuts. Udta Punjab is produced by Anurag Kashyap and Balaji Films and both of them having financial issues lately. If they halt the release they have to suffer from huge losses. With the release, they would have some kind of recovery. Though controversy can help the film to get better initial.


Q. Compare the buzz of Sultan after promo release with biggies like D3, HNY,CE,BB,KICK,PK etc.


Ans. The buzz for Sultan is higher than all films except Ekk Tha Tiger and Happy New Year. It may not be possible to come close to the craze for Ekk Tha Tiger. But with chartbuster music, it will overtake Happy New Year. Just to clear PK has good buzz only and took the opening entirely on the star power of Aamir Khan. Dhoom 3 did so because of franchise value.


Q. Can Son of Sardar 2 release on Diwali 2017?


Ans. It looks in doubt now. The film will be a historical war drama and needs a lot of researching for the script. Then the shooting will also take longer than usual. Ajay Devgn will be free only after Diwali and then has to promote Baadshaho (which can also delay). We don’t think there will be enough time for Ajay to complete Sons of Sardar. Anyway, it will not clash with Salman-Rantoshi’s film as both enjoys a strong bond.



  1. bollyarena thats is why i called u shahrukh family member hahahaha happy new year craze ? friends bollyarena always seems biased specially when they talk about shahrukh

    • There was a big craze sahill before the movie released because it was srk and Farrah’s next after MHN and OMO, but well we know how it ended, the movie felt flat

  2. I m 100% sure that bahubali 2 will easily broke all Bollywood records and will beat pk collections and also will become top movie of India…proud of you bahubali makers….

  3. I don’t think housefull3 will cross 150cr in India and it will be difficult to beat even airlift

  4. Flaying jatt may be the tiger 1st movie to cross 100cr and it can even cross 150cr with good script and this movie will be converted in franchise

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