Live QnA Session (Ask Me)

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For the first time ever, we will be having real-time QnA session. You can ask anything about movies. You can also ask questions about the website and admins.

Thats the end of our Live QnA session. We have answered more than 60 questions. Do write your feedback in the comments section.



  1. Bollywood Fannyboy Reply

    Sensirly Respected Bollyarena.net: I have Two Questions First How Did u Rate John Abraham a this Generation in To the Action Hero Arena ? 2: He Has Great Line’up and upcomind High Voltage Action Movies in 2016 Like Rocky-handsome ‘ Force 2 and Dhishoom Flicks so can ee Call him Completely Survives and Saleble Action Hero ?

  2. Ghayal once again and jai gangaajal satellite rights were sold for how much amount ?

  3. Sorry I was late here so can you please answer my question? How much do expect Race 3 to collect of it releases on a holiday season with good hype and positive wom? (Saif Ali khan as the lead actor)

  4. Bollywood Arena team please give answer my question:- Fan movie overseas collection can cross 200 crore.

  5. Balika Bad-hu Reply


    Not Dabbang 2 its Dabbang 3 which will release EID 2017.

    Thank You…………

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