Katti Batti Review - Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan

Katti Batti Movie Review


Katti Batti Review:

Katti Batti is a romantic comedy film directed by Nikhil Advani. It stars Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. The film is produced by Siddharth Roy Kapoor’s UTV Motion Pictures. Katti Batti is scheduled to release on 18 September 2015.


The trailer of the film was received well but the music is a disappointment. The track record of director is also not good. Still there will be some expectations due to the presence of Kangana Ranaut.

Let’s move on to the Kangana Ranaut Katti Batti review to find out if it lives up to the expectations.

Katti Batti Review

Katti Batti revolvers around the story of Maddy (Imran Khan) who is an urban architect. His life is ruled by his sister, his best friend and a sufi musical group. He meets Payal (Kangana Ranaut) and fall in love with her. But apparently she does not believe in relationships and left him after spending 5 years. Maddy's bossy sister and his best friend forces him to forget him. Will he be able to get her back? Watch the film to find out.

Katti Batti Review: Direction. Editing, Screenplay

The first half starts off well but gets repetitive along the way. It, therefore, tends to get boring, also because the pace is a bit slow. Also the film tries too hard to be funny as many jokes fall flat.

The film suffers from the mythical second half bane. Unbelievable and quite unnecessarily over dramatic, it begins to dwindle after the duo break up, losing the film’s hold over the fabric. The climax doesn’t live up to the story’s theme at all and ends up turning out convoluted quite contrary to what the premise promises.

The screenplay is poor which has let down a good looking story. The music works well in the film. The editing is decent while cinematography and dialogues are good.

Katti Batti Review: Star Performances

Imran Khan is endearing and does well for a good part of the film. He is free and lovable in the light scenes. But he does need to improve in emotional scenes.

Kangana Ranaut is spontaneous and does excellent job. She gets into the skin of the character and shines in both, light as well as dramatic, scenes. Though there is no variety in her roles.


What's Hot:

♦ First Half
♦ Lead performances
♦ The Chemistry
♦ Dialogues



What's Not

♦ Screenplay
♦ Poor Climax
♦ Boring 2nd Half
♦ Supporting Cast


Katti Batti Movie Review: Last Word

Katti Batti is a well crafted film that misses the rightful rendering. A meandering screenplay turns it bland and messy. Though this is not a bad film but it is also not as good as it was projected.





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