Katti Batti is releasing this Friday starring Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan in the lead roles.

Katti Batti Budget:

The cost of production is around 22 crore while further 10 crore have been spent on marketing. So Katti Batti budget is around 32 crore.

Katti Batti Screen Count:

Katti Batti is expected to release in around 1800 screens mostly in multiplexes. The screen count is good considering the genre.

Katti Batti Runtime:

Katti Batti has been certified 12A by British censors on 14 September 2015. The approved run time is 138 min 22 sec.

Katti Batti Economics:

Katti Batti should collect over 35 crore to recover its investment because satellite rights will not help it much. While anything over 50 crore will take it to the hit zone.

Katti Batti Expectations:

The early reports are mixed for Katti Batti. Though the film have a decent start in multiplexes. We expect the film to open around 30% and then grow depending upon word of mouth.

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