Kangana Ranaut was riding high on the success of Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns. But she has received a huge setback with the failure of Katti Batti.

Trade analyst Akshaye Rathi spoke to Bollywoodlife and said, “One failure doesn’t hamper the market value of a genuine star. But the problem is media has been busy calling her Lady Salman Khan for her success. People don’t get it that Salman Khan has delivered more than 20 hits in his career and then became this unflinching superstar. Our lady only has few to her credit. She will at least has to deliver more hits to get that kind of market standing. It’s all a phenomenal PR job.”

“For her to demand 11 crore, the film will have to have a total budget of nearly 27 crore and that film will have to do a box office net of 50 crore. Apart from Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, which other Kangana Ranaut film managed such a number? I feel actresses like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra should get that kind of a remuneration because the amount of hits that the have delivered far exceeds Kangana’s. Like Salman Khan said in an interview, you have to command it and not demand it.”

I personally feel that Kangana Ranaut get carried away with the success of Queen and TWMR. She openly gave statements against other actresses especially targeted Deepika for no reason. She called herself number one and said other actresses have no growth. She also rejected a film opposite Salman Khan. All this did not go well with the fans.

Having said so, the other actresses may not be happy with the failure of Katti Batti, but their fans are surely jubilant as they thought that this was required for Kangana to get her back on Earth.

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  1. She is very talented actress Queen of bollybood..Before 2010 Salman was flop king , but today he is superstar….So we can't say that She is back to earth after katti batti failure

  2. Hello sir, you are taking about salman Khan ohh! Yeah salman bhaijaan has ruled bollywood for over 27 year's salman movie budget about 60 to 90 crores and he had delivered 100 crores 200 crores and 300 crores and his fee per movie is around 55 to 60 crores what film had done on box office.

    but he never ever to he is bollywood king he said Srk is bollywood king the real being human…..


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