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Kalank Reviews by Critics

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Kalank Reviews by Critics: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer Kalank has received negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 2.34 which is low for a grand film like this.

  • Positive: 4
  • Neutral: 2
  • Negative: 5
  • Avg Rating: 2.34/5

Taran Adarsh

Rating: 2/5

On the whole, KALANK is a visual spectacle that lacks soul and falters big time on account of its writing, length as well as music. At the box office, the film will suffer due to negative word of mouth and therefore the collections will drop after the initial euphoria subsides. DISAPPOINTING!


Rating: 1/5

All said and done, Kalank is surely not from those “kuch daag” which are good. It’s a skid mark on every actor’s filmography associated with the movie. Stuns visually & that’s about it! Me to Karan Johar after this: Peeche dekho, peeche toh dekho (Baahubali).


Indian Express

Rating: 1.5/5

Kalank doesn’t really lift off the screen. The whole feels like a giant set, stately and ponderous and minus impact; the characters all costumed and perfumed and largely life-less, sparking only in bits and pieces.



Rating: 1.75/5

It is tempting to not think of the troubling, damaging politics of Kalank because it is fronted by such a likeable cast and comes in such pretty packaging. There is nothing pretty though about the lack of nuance in its portrayal of Hindu-Muslim equations and the lasting image from this film of the ferocious Muslim who destroys not just the other but also his own in pursuit of a cause.



Rating: 2.5/5

I was reminded of Deepa Mehta’s masterpiece – 1947, Earth, rightly melodramatic, potently emotional which walked the tightrope of a love triangle in stormy times in a balanced way. Kalank doesn’t aim for that depth. It’s content in being pretty even when it has the potential of so much more.


Hindustan Times

Rating: 2.5/5

From verbose lines to obscene opulence, Kalank is too theatrical and stage-y to feel current, which is where the old-world setup works… until it doesn’t. More attention is paid to the chikan embroidery on the husband’s kurtas than to the climactic revolution, and the third act exposes the story’s hollowness while the film flits inconsequentially between timelines. The end asks the audience a question, but it means little.



Rating: 3.5/5

The lead cast — Aditya, Sonakshi, Kunal, Sanjay and Madhuri – are good. But it is the young ones — Alia and Varun — who shine. Also, since the novelty of their acting is still there, these two leave a deeper impact than their seniors.



Rating: 2/5

The background score for the movie is one of the biggest highlights with the title track making you feel each emotion, but the flawed script disappoints. After all, only superlative performances and poor writing cannot elevate a movie, but a superlative script and average performance might still do the job. Give Kalank a chance if you are a hopeless romantic, but enter without any expectations!


Rating: 3/5

Kalank has unmistakable contemporary resonance because it celebrates the transformative power of love and reconciliation in a time of rampant discord. It is worth a viewing not only for what it says, but also for how it says it.


Bollywood Life

Rating: 3/5

Kalank is a fabulously mounted film with great performances. If you can overlook the length, it will be a good watch. This has to be one of Varun Dhawan’s best.


Anupama Chopra

Rating: 3/5


  1. I thought Kalank was a good film I was impressed by the acting visuals and the story after reading audience feedback and reviews I feel films like hum dil de chuke sanam, mughl e Azam , raaj kumar’s heer ranjha which the dialogue was done in a poetic style would not be successful in this day and age as people find crap like 2.0 and padmavat brilliant yet a film that comments on relationships as boring and fickle really shows how we as a society have become

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