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Kahaani 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

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Kahaani 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Kahaani 2 has shown growth on Sunday as it will gross around 6.92 crore. But the trend is not strong considering the sequel factor. Kahaani 2 1st weekend collection is 16.97 crore.

The film has fared well in West Bengal and Mysore. It is average in North India and poor in CI, Gujarat and Maharashtra belt. Even it has not performed to its full potential in the metros like Delhi or Mumbai which were the target audience of the film. Kahaani 2 1st weekend collection are better than last Kahaani which grossed 14 crore but it does not indicate any growth as the later had a wider release.

Kahaani 2 needs an extraordinary hold and should drop by only 25% on Monday. But looking at the trend, it looks very tough as West Bengal and Mysore do not hold that well on weekdays.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
16.97 Cr


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  1. ️Ranveer fan Reply

    Yupiiiii finally it’s a Monday)) andddd We are Waiting ” Befikre prediction, Opening day , screens etc ” <3 . I hope it's 80+ cr :p ))))))

  2. Tum bin2, Rock on 2 ,Force2 and now Kahani 2 Sabhi demonetization k Bali chad rha
    It’s not a good time to release a movie if you are a superstar.

    • Maybe the effect is still on, but Dear Zindagi proved that audiance was ready to pay if the film is good. I think Rock On 2 and Force 2 were those who suffured the most, but nobody cared about Tum Bin 2 and also even if she’s one of the best actress, Vidya isn’t a powerful at the box-office as she used to be.

  3. Kahaani 2 is success. And that he gross worldwide 30 crore in 1weekend. Budget 27

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