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Kaabil Total Box Office Collection & Verdict

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Kaabil Total Box Office Collection & Verdict: Kaabil has now almost completed its box office journey after three weeks. The film is a profitable venture for producers but overall it is an average at the box office distributors.

The clash with Shahrukh Khan’s Raees affected the film big time in the opening weekend. Filmkraft has definitely missed a trick by clashing the film. As a solo release, it would have done better as the word of mouth was positive. Eventually, Kaabil did beat Raees in the second and third week but that was too late.

Here is the box office analysis of Kaabil.


  • Satellite Rights: 45 Cr
  • Music Rights: 8 Cr
  • Overseas Rights: 16 Cr
  • Distributing Price: 50 Cr
  • Total: 119 Cr

Thus producers will be able to earn good profits. However, some of the distributors have faced losses. The film was sold to individual distributors in 50 crore.



Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam
Sanjay Gupta
85 Cr
Distributing Price
50 Cr
India Collection
100.65 Cr
Overseas Collection
28.46 Cr
Worldwide Collection
167.35 Cr
Above Average

Also, check out day wise box office collection of Kaabil.

Total101.30 Cr
Day 18.75
Day 216.50
Day 38.50
Day 411.50
Day 515.0
Day 65.50
Day 74.75
Day 84.50
Day 93.50
Day 102.75
Day 114.25
Day 125.50
Day 131.50
Day 141.40
Day 151.30
Day 161.25
Day 170.65
Day 181.05
Day 191.25
Day 20-231.25
4th Week0.48
5th Week0.12
6th Week0.05

Tell us your views on Kaabil total box office collection and verdict in the comments section.


    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      this is epic lines…

      The clash with Shahrukh Khan’s Raees affected the film big time in the opening weekend. Filmkraft has definitely missed a trick by clashing the film

      movie kina bhi businees kare koi farak nahi padte …mai is bat se khush hu…i can assume Raees is 400cr…

      • Khan sahab ye king khan ke Nashe se bahar Niklo, kabil is much better than Raees.

      • Sahil Sharma Reply

        Ary bhai,,,, Bollywood arena bana raha hai,,, how can the miss gaid audience? Stop making foll to the audience,,, KAABIL is bluckbester of the year till date collection of kaabil is 231 Cr 17 lakh ,,,so pls stop making to people,

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      clash with king khan bhari pad gaya…

      so SRK stardom is now go higher and higher……

      Waitaing for Rehnuma…please clash with thugs of Hinustan…DHOOM/BUNTY BUBLY PLOT…

    • Ajay sinha Reply

      I don’t know why u guys not calling Kabil a hit movie….its gained double than cost but u r not calling hit….India collection is more than 122cr…but u r showing only 100cr…if this is true then again it’s double than cost that is 50cr….so please call this movie hit not above average…

  1. Kaabil Movie

    Koimoi – Super hit
    Boxofficeindia – Hit
    Addatoday – Hit

    • Prashant boi have declared kaabil below average so can u stop lying plz.

      • sumit sinha Reply

        BOI is the worst website.All the figures they show are false.When everybody was saying kaabil crossed 100 crores ..BOI was showing 80-85 crore what crap?

        • Good That The Real Box Office
          You can See That in my Channel

      • Sufisaab ek baar ache se check kar ke dekh lo BOI par Hit hi likha h…….so can u stop lying plz……..bade aaye sach bolne bale

        • Parshant boi pe below average likha hai i read all they articles and boi do not report fake collections.

          • Screen shot nahi bhej sakta varna dikhta tumhe kese Hit likha h……..jada hosiyar ban raha jab se

        • Sameer_real Reply


          Box office India

          Raees And Kaabil Box Office Verdicts
          Thursday 09 February 2017 13.30 IST
          Box Office India Trade Network
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          The big clash between Kaabil and Raees is another clash where the films have not lived upto expectations with both films under performing. Raees has got away with it due to an excellent start and is a SEMI HIT while Kaabil is a failure and will be BELOW AVERAGE / FLOP depending on final share. Either way it makes little difference as its not a success…

          Dekh lo prashant bhai Kaabil verdict as per

  2. Why Dangal Bughet was not Increased from 90 Crores
    why amir fees not included -in –then bughet would be 160 crores
    then hits a superhit not Blockbuster .

    • Chal add karde sabki fees srk,salman,Aamir fir to
      Ganvar kahi ka..

      • ullu Raees main to already inhone add kar di hai fees tabhi to semi hit likh rahe hai
        Dangal main add nehi ki thi
        to ab woh sirf – Superhit ho gaye hai .

        • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

          vishal bhai ye parshaya rani abhi mature nahi hai isko women empowerment ki movie pasand aati hai….Mardo wali Raees nahi…HAHAHAH

        • on an average sabhi khanoke film ka budget 90cr hota hein plus 50cr fees

  3. hrithik days has gone
    he is doing Very few film this is the reason
    yadi wah fir se top 5 aana chahta hai toh jyada se jyada film karna hoga

    • sumit sinha Reply

      Hrithik do quality subjects not like thug and gangster films like SRK and Sallu.

  4. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    That’s why tera global hero 100 crore bhi nahi kar paya tha fan ke time

  5. I don’t understand why sell a film made on a medium budget (which is small for a star like hrithik) and then sell it to distributors for a big price even when the clash was announced he should have discounted the price as his other movies apart from brand krrish’s market value will fall.

  6. tubeligaht Reply

    Bollyreview trade site hit Koi moi superhit bollyarena above average why please reply my question bollyarena

  7. Bada sukoon mila hai aaj. Taklu ki jitni jali hogi is baar shayad hi kabhi jali ho. Supersticious tha na kahan gaya g… me?

    • Terrorist ko faad ke rakh di kaabil ne , terrorist actor terrorist movie fat gai shalon terrorist harami ke…

  8. Look if distributors lose money than a film cannot be a clean hit the film did well in Delhi Mumbai but distributors lost money in small centres hence average at best.

  9. @ Bollywood arena:

    Is there any logic?

    Raess – 125 cr budget – 133 crores net collection – Difference between budget and collection:8 crs -Semi hit.
    Kaabil – 85 cr budget – 100.65 crores net collection – Difference between budget and collection:16 crs and you say Above Avg?

    If hit/flop is decided only by distributor’s profit or loss then in above case even Raess distributor’s would have been in loss.

    Please bring some sense to this.

    • Raees has bigher non-theatrical recovery and overseas share is also very good. These factors are also considered while deciding verdict

      • Bollyarena, pls don’t be bias domestic distributor of raees will lose more as it is sold at 70cr. So if you mentioned kaabil as average raees should also be average. Please don’t fool by bringing Overseas collections in picture. Their are many good films which do good at domestic box but flop in Overseas as Overseas collections depends on starpower.

      • However from the time i am following Bollywood, movies verdicts are given based on their theatre collections in India rather then non theatrical collections or overseas collections.

        When you talk about non theatrical collections – you should not consider Actor’s fees for their home production. Take Kaabil & Jolly LLB for example. Non theatrical collections go to prodcuers.

        Jolly LLB – budget 78 crores – producer recovery 92 crors – Hit
        Kaabil – budget 85 crores – producer recovery -119 crores – Above average?

        Above the difference is 14 crores for Jolly and 30 crores for Kaabil. Moreover for Kaabil Rakesh Roshan will not pay any amount to Hrithik. Thus saving 35 crores. This helps recovery. whereas Jolly team does not save anything in terms of actor fees.

  10. Whatever may be the case….Salman, Amir and Sarukh are not helping the new comers are other uprising stars. This is the reason why they are still dominating the bollywood world. They should think for the future and work otherwise they will face the samething in near future. Afterall they are not immortal. Turn comes for all in a sequence.

  11. imran khan