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Kaabil holds well on third day

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Kaabil has a good hold on its third day as it has grossed around 9.77 crore as per the producer figures. It has faced only limited drop from the opening day.

There was huge growth on Thursday which was a national holiday so it was bound to drop. Though it was pretty average on its first day so ideally it should have grown. Now the performance on Saturday and Sunday is very crucial as Raees has taken a big lead over Kaabil.

City oriented films tend to grow on Saturday and family audience will come on Sunday. It needs to turn the tables in these two days.

Day 18.75
Day 216.50
Day 38.50
Day 411.50
Day 515.0
Day 65.50
Day 74.75
Day 84.50
Day 93.50
Day 102.75
Day 114.25
Day 125.50
Day 131.50
Day 141.40
Day 151.30
Day 161.25
Day 170.65
Day 181.05
Day 191.25
Day 20-231.25
4th Week0.48
5th Week0.12
6th Week0.05
Total101.30 Cr


  1. Disaster Khans Reply

    dekhlo srgays only limited drop for kaabil, srgay ka kaam khatam, kaabil ka zamana hota hai battery ka nahin.

    • Zamana sirf sheron ka hota hai… Wait for todays post of Raees !

    • @Bollyarena

      Plzz block this type of users, who are abusing or saying offensive words.

      U should take action against them

  2. Phir manipulated figures . Yrr please koi Rakesh Roshan ko samjhao ki sharam kr le .
    7.5 cr ko 9.77 bta raha hai

  3. itna badiya bhii hold nhi h kyunki opening phele se hii bht kaam thii

  4. kaabil shown good collection so far. at the end both film doing well.

  5. Akki all time disaster king of flop Reply

    Taklu ka calculator chalu ho Gya.. 2 day 17 se 18+ ho gya aur.. 3rd day 8.5 se 9.5+ kr diya..

  6. again producers figures — Roshan calculator …..

    Bollywarena — Can u also give trade figures …

    common guys….use trade calculators and not Rakesh calculator — which auto adds 2 cr to the total.

  7. disaster khan jada bol mat …. Bollywood hai bcoz 3 khan hai samjha …. Bollywood = Salman + amir + srk …….
    ha ha jada bolraha… tera naam hi to disaster Hai tu kiya bolega ha ha ha

  8. Now srk fans again will bark…nd will follow boi collection..acc to boi kaabil collection 32.5 including dubbed versions…but they will say 31 crore…..but they follow 45 crores opening day collection for happy new year (acc to boi 36 ) agar problem hai toh hny ka 36 accept karna hoga hamesha ke liye…

  9. @bollyarena why only filmkrafts figure is so manipulated? In 3 days around 8cr. And for krissh 3 also NBOC figure was below 200 and Rakesh Roshan showed 244cr. Why they take help of manipulated figures?

  10. How much more manipulation will the producers do and how much more they would put themselves down…..and this people talk about ethics..

  11. jali kuch bakratards ki ,even Bollyarena gave their early estimate in the range of 9 cr
    Who the fuck is BOI ?? Have they any certificate that they r right ,rest all r Wrong
    and they gave their collections before night shows 😂😂😂 ,So we all know how honest they r and
    Bakratards suddenly forget their anti -trends against BOI during JTHJ ,CE ,RA ONE ,HNY but now BOI is their maa baap sb kuch ,Hypocrites for a reason 😏

  12. Raees jyada screen jyda occupancy k baad v 13.11 cr
    Aur Kabil 40% screen aur less occupancy k baad v 9.77cr ..ekdam chutiye wali logic laga rhe ho bollyarena

  13. s. n. love Reply

    bhai rakesh roshan darr gaye hai
    isliye figure jyada dikha rahe hai…
    trade figures on friday…. 7.5 aur producer figure 9.77..
    darr gaya

  14. Bhai jab tum raees ka drop % 2day se jod rahe matlab 2nd day se 50% kam. To kabil ka drop% 1st din se kyo. Agar 2nd se dekho to kabil bhi 50%drop hue he. Aap raees ko neecha dekhane ki koshish me apna naam kharab kar rahe ho.

  15. Only box office India is providing correct figures of Kaabil i.e 8cr day 1 , 15.5cr day 2 and 7.5cr day 3 . All other sites are providing wrong figures . So it is a request please visit box office India once .
    The truth will be in front of ur eyes .
    Reality is that Kaabil is flop.

  16. Well said @Daredevil
    Maine bhi check kiya hai box office india sahi figures bata raha hai .
    Kaabil k makers ne kam se kam 7-8cr ka ghotala kiya hai

  17. Dr.Jhangir khan Reply

    Only Raees trade figures or producer fighures are same…
    I dont want to talk ethicless Roshans…
    RAESS official hit# likh ke le lo
    Zandu kabil unofficial hit in Roshan Andheri office..publicly flop

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