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Judwaa 2 Reviews by Critics

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Judwaa 2 Reviews by Critics: Varun Dhawan starrer has received mostly negative reviews from critics though it was expected. The average rating is 2.14 which is the lowest for a big film released in 2017.

  • Postive: 3
  • Neutral: 1
  • Negative: 10
  • Avg Rating: 2.14/5

Gulf News

Rating: 2/5

Everybody in Judwaa 2 overacts, and the dialogues feel like they were written by an adolescent for his high school drama. “You [expletive] me, I [expletive] you,” snarls the smuggler to Malhotra. Watch this at your own risk.


Rating: 1.5/5

Salman isn’t the only one Varun tries to borrow from. He keeps falling back on a hastily mimicked Shah Rukh line and stutter, and there are times where he tries to make a blank face like Govinda used to, so memorably, only to look unfunnily vacant. The other problem Varun and this film face, of course, is that the Khans are still very much around. Salman shows up in Judwaa 2 as well, tight tee-shirt and everything, and, even twenty years later, puts this unnecessary remake in its place. All we have here is a weak cover version.


Rating: 0/5

Judwaa 2 is also your guide for dummies in writing fun lines for a film. The hard work is evident. It takes a great deal of labour to go through whatsapp jokes and string them into dialogues. Plagiarism is overrated as long as it’s anonymous, we all must remember! An old man on a wheelchair has an oxygen mask. Raja feels choked and gasps for breath. He snatches the poor man’s mask and helps himself. The old man starts jumping in his seat. If you did not find that funny, stay away from Judwaa 2. If you found that hilarious, then consult a doctor.


Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 3.5/5

On the whole, JUDWAA 2, despite all the goofs, flaws and clichés, comes across as a decent paisa-vasool entertainer. At the box office, it has the potential to keep the cinegoers happy as it is quite massy and audiences have been deprived of quality content since a long time.


Rating: 2.5/5

For all those who live, breathe and eat David Dhawan’s style of filmmaking, Judwaa 2 will surely make you happy and feel proud about your idol. Secondly, the film is a must watch for all the zillion plus fans (mostly Gen-Next) of Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2 surely has the potential to grow big majorly through the word of mouth publicity, whose catalysts will be the college going crowd, for whom, missing a Varun Dhawan film is an unpardonable sin! But, for the rest of the gang, watching the original Judwaa a thousand times over will serve you more good.

 Bollywood Life

Rating: 3.5/5

Judwaa 2 is super entertaining for fans of the original as well as for those who are coming in to watch Varun Dhawan. The film is a perfect tribute to Salman’s superstardom and Varun’s own stratospheric mass appeal. Make this your weekend watch.

Hindustan Times

Rating: 2/5

Judwaa 2, like the original, isn’t a piece of art, in fact it’s mediocre, but it’s that one film which may lift your mood. At 149-minutes, this slapstick comedy has some really laugh-worthy moments.

Indian Express

Rating: 2/5

Want to see what David Dhawan was capable of when he was on point? Watch the rollicking ‘Aankhen’, and while you’re at it, even the earlier ‘Judwaa’, when asking a girl out for a ‘nau se baarah’ show had real sting. This one is strictly the Multiplex Millennial Two Point Oh version.

 Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 3/5

Judwaa 2 might be your perfect weekend getaway but don’t expect a great story or logic in it. Just go and have a ball with your entire family over this long weekend.


Rating: 2/5

Given that this is the premise, obviously Judwaa 2, like Judwaa, is not an intellectual enterprise. Fair enough. We all need to occasionally let our hair down with a dose of old-fashioned stupidity, and large parts of Judwaa 2 offer silly, mindless laughs.

India Today

Rating: 2/5

As the villain in the film keeps saying, “Let’s come straight to the point.” And the point is this: Judwaa 2 is meant to be old wine in a new bottle. But this is no ageless wine, and maybe, David Dhawan should have checked the expiry date before making the film.

Zee News

Rating: 2/5

You can go to the ticket counter only if you are a hardcore Varun Dhawan fan. The flick appeals to the youth and young audience. It might work at the Box Office and, out of which, a huge share will come from single screens. In the end, I would just like to say that a finer film was expected from David Dhawan.


Rating: 2/5

So, is David Dhwan losing his mojo? It’s time for reinvention. Laughs can’t anymore be about eve-teasing. Harmless, you say? But why perpetuate the idea that something like that is all right at all? There’s a statement on consent that the film acknowledges, but overall the narrative is in poor taste. If you laugh at the stuff in this, the joke is on you.

Anupama Chopra

Rating: 2/5


  1. Salman ki film ki remake karega to aisa hi hal hoga…
    kyunki sallu ke filmo me koi logic nahi hota…only copy remake hota hai..


  2. prince sharma Reply

    judwaa was also a remake of south movie that was remake of jackie chan movie.
    taran chachu hungama always give 3,4 star to crap hny,dilwale,prdp etc.

    • @prince sharma
      yes Salmans Judwaa was also a remake.

      sallu audience ko ullu banata hai remake karke.

      • SRK, SK and VD U.K Fans Base Reply

        Ghajini was also a remake!
        3 idiots was also a book!
        Dhoom 3 franchise!
        Dangal a biopic!

        No original stories! Don’t make excuses, the movie will do whatever! But what’s this remake bullshit! The whole world does it

        • Mr. Bollywood (AK) Reply

          And your srk has a long list of copy paste movies so shut up and get lost. Aamir is still a class actor who has class fan following not gawaar fanbase like srk and bhojpuri pandu.

  3. Comment:@parshya logic nahi hota..phir bhi film itni chalti hai… imagine kr content strong ho to kya kya ho sakta hai…and pls u dont talk about logic…content made superstar….
    logic ke bina film chalale ke liye..Stardom chahiye…💪💪

    • bina logic k stardom are wah mtlb bina logic k hmlog bhi baar m udate h paisa apna😂

  4. Ajay-Salman fan Reply

    I watched judwa2… first half ok… second half not up2 mark…. couldn’t match Salman sirs charisma… The best part of movie was Golmaal again trailer…

  5. zuber shah Reply

    Who cares critics review….only public reviews are important

    • To public review konse ache hai. Aaj mere much friends Judwaa 2 dekh kr aaye hai. 9 friends mein se ek ko bhi nahi pasand aayi yeh movie. So said its a crap. One even said that A Gentleman was far better than this.

  6. Utsav Rajput Reply

    I want this movie to become flop so that directors will stop remaking old movies

  7. It collect more than jolly llb2.
    With negative reviews it will challenge collection of TEPK.
    Review does not matters for varun film.

  8. what opening man.. forget the reviews..
    All courtesy Salmans name attached to the film…. now that is superstardom!!!!
    Unlike some dumb idiotic acts in some stupid film named secret flopstar :D :D

    • Mr. Bollywood (AK) Reply

      @Jeet does your ahkaatless local bhojpuri flop Star have aukaat to make offbeat movie and act in it and take backseat? Aamir has billions of fans who love him and he is most achieved and respected megastar unlike your gawaar c grade 3rd class local bhojpuri actor. Secret superstar will earn much more than crappy judwaa 2 and thrash it badly. Liliput zinda hai will be another flop on big festival like Christmas. Kahan global megastar aamir khan aur Kahan chota mota flop hero Lallu?

    • JEET The Original Reply

      Your liliput’s eid released Tubelight became fuzed out on eid. Where was our flop star’s stardom then? You bastard your lallu is very tiny flop star compared to megastar aamir khan. Do kodi ke gawaar aukaat me reh.

      • ueukkk.. what filthy languages are used by tingu bahubali’s fans.. same crap like him only..
        We salman fans argue decently unlike tingus :D.. Ab difference samaj main aaya????
        Nobody liked tubelight including his fans… but see the mighty powerful salmans stardom took it over 120crs..
        Ab.. pandu ka film aaraha hai na.. dekte hai kitna kamayegi…
        pls dont give reasons like clash, aamir plays second fiddle.. etc etc

        • Mr. Bollywood (AK) Reply

          @Haar ha ha ha your last comment seems like you are talking in mirror. Yes you tingu baahubali fans are barking anything against global megastar aamir khan? Everyone knows that tingu baahubali (Salman) fans are the dumbest and most illiterate creature on this planet. Tubelight crossd 100 cr due to eid festival advantage not because of pandu. Your bhojpuri tingu can’t even cross 60 cr without big festivals or republic day and masala genre. SS can’t be compared to fuselight you idiot. It’s not out and out aamir movie. Let your aukaatless coward tingu come out of his safe zone and do a movie like SS and clash with a big franchise like golmaal or welcome and then we will see his aukaat. Pandu’s aukaat was already exposed whenever he clashed with anyone. Nobody spared our tingu bahubali in last decade. Ajay and Akki both crushed our tingu baahubali in 2009 Diwali clash. Poor pandu still yet to survive in any clash forget winning. Megastar aamir khan still has won 2 clashes against sunny Deol in 90s.

  9. @parshya … i am asking tis question to parshya from past 6 months …. he is not replying ..

    why did aamir made a copy of godfather … and he played iconic Al Pacino ..

    all these are unofficial copy – akele hum akele tum , qsqt, jo jeeta wahi sikander etc…

    • he wil not answer… dont worry abt jerks too much..
      add to list.. Raja Hindustani.. his biggest hit

    • Mr. Bollywood (AK) Reply

      And why your lallu has copied so many movies such as south movies and little boy? Biggest remake hero salman who rips off south movies and Hollywood movies. And hjs shamess fans bark against class actor and much bigger star like aamr khan. Aamir Baap hai 2 kodi ke tingu baahubali Ka.

      • @AK .. i mentioned “unofficial” word in my comment .. when i mentioned Salman doesnot do remakes but he has taken rights for most of the south movies, little boy was official remake…
        Mr perfectionist fans …hahahaha

    • When did aamir copy Godfather you jerk? Give me a single name of aamir movie which was a copy of Godfather you jerks? And when did he play Al Pacino? Ha ha ha. You fool don’t make up your own crap.

      • @Abhay that shows how much of a fan u r ..please google AATANK HI AATANK ….
        who is fool and lving in lala lad i can see. you are the biggest jerk….

        P.S. – am not against aamir , my comment was for @parshya only…. but if you the biggest jerk want to bark in between then take this back… khud ko fans bolte ho aur movies list bhi nahi pata….

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