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Judwaa 2 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

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Judwaa 2 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection:ย Judwaa 2 has a good third weekend as it has grossed 7.19 cr. The growth on Sunday was limited due to the pre-Diwali period but still, the hold is good.

The total collection of the film is 133.03 crore after 17 days. It will now beat Raees and Toilet Ek Prem Katha to emerge the highest grosser of the year. The film only needs another 1 crore which it can achieve today or tomorrow.

Total133.03 cr
Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82


  1. 2017:
    4TH JUDWA 2 135 CRORE
    1ST RAEES 13.5 MLN
    3RD TIGER 12 MLN
    4TH JHMS 10 MLN

    • SRK, SK and VD U.K Fans Base Reply

      So sure about golmaal doing 145cr!

      TZH will do more than 12m, it’s Salman Khan at the end of the day!

      What will be the hgoty?

      TZH or Padmavati?

      My bets are on Padmavati!
      But worldwide it’ll TZH!

    • i think this man in his won imagination.
      win all the world with golmaal4.
      woke up

  2. amirSalman Reply

    It’s going to beat akshay kumar hgoty film and highest grosser akshay film TEPK soon.
    As per boi it takes time to beat or little fall.
    But thode aise log hai jo k boi k figur ko sahi mante TEPK aur judwaa k boi collection ko par ye hi log boi ko galat kahete tubelight k verdict ko below average ko.
    As per BOI Tubelight below average boi wrong and boi is Salman fan.
    But for TEPK boi figur correct and judwaa 2 figur less than producer figur boi accurate and trusted site
    What a biased ppl.

    • Utsav Rajput Reply

      Bhai now a days no one believe in producer fig because they manipulate a lot 90% of Bollywood movies lover follows boi

  3. Prashant abhishek Reply

    SRK ‘s classic Kuch kuch hota hai completed 19 years today.released on 16 October 1998.

  4. Ceiling khan Reply

    All 3 khans, akki will always ve remembered as superstars…cause it’s not easy to hold stardom for nearly 3 decades.. akki had given lot of bumper openings in last now he chooses to do low budget good films which have less openings bt collects well during weekends..this is good as it will ensure his khans have always been on the top except salman on he made up for it with unbelievable stardom after 2010..all are 50 up yet delivers big openings. ..stars like anil, sunny govinda, sanjay dutt faded even before they werr 45…so always the top 4superstars 3 khans akki will always be remembered. ..ajay is one of the best actors bt he never gave big openings except this decade with sr…his lifetime total and success ratio is also poor comparing to others…bt that does not take away anything that he is one of the best actors in india

    • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply


  5. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Trade fig 127 cr
    Producer fig 133cr
    Manipulation 6 cr
    Overseas collection trade 5.5 mil
    Producer 6mil
    Ye to t series se bhi aage Nikal Gaya manipulation me๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Question is could judwa to beat tepk
    According to boi
    3 biggest grosser this year
    Tepk 132.07 cr
    Raees 128.77 cr
    Judwa 2 127.30 cr still counting

    • SRK, SK, VD U.K Fans Base Reply

      @utsav rajput, you are just a hater! There’s no point being nice to an Akshay Kumar fan because they can’t take it! You are dropping the collections of Raees every time you comment on it lol!

      Raees – 139cr – Trade figure (producer figure is much higher than that)
      TEPK – 135cr (bollyarena says 134 but it’s 135)
      Judwaa 2 – 133cr ( trade figure, you can check it)

      Every movie in India not just Bollywood should all have to go through rentrack! It should be a law!
      Especially South they are kings when it comes to manipulation!

      I don’t care which movie makes the highest collections but they should just stick to one method all of them! RENTRACK!!!!!

      • Utsav Rajput Reply

        no one believe in fake producer fig this fig are just to satisfy the fans boi gives right collection

        • Utsav Rajput Reply

          Aur Jake boi pe check kar le raees trade 128+ cr judwa 2 127 cr trade

          • SRK, SK and VD U.K Fans Base Reply

            I’m not bothered about BOI, I’ll pick and choose according to my own taste like you and most people do. ,๐Ÿ˜

  7. Absolutely correct ceiling Khan you seem to be a sensible guy on bollyarena for a change

  8. Aamirian Shivang Reply

    Sad Moments For Akkian ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 25saal Hogaya Bichara Abhi Tak 1HGOTY na De Paya Lanat Hai Ese Stardum Pe

    #Secret_Superstar FDFS ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    #Aamir_Rules ๐Ÿ˜˜

    • SRK, SK and VD U.K Fans Base Reply

      Atleast he was never missing for years like Aamir Khan! Domestic issues I suppose!

      Aamir has only recently started ruling the box office like this before him it was only Shah rukh, Akshay and Hrithik!

      And BTW what has Aamir gave to the Indian box office this year! Nothing, Akshay gave 2 clean hits! And many more are coming next year overall his movies collections next year will be much more than TOH!

  9. amirSalman Reply

    If we follow BOI than Tubelight is not flop.
    This decade not a single flop from Salman.
    Let’s see can judwaa breaks tepk collection we go only for boi.
    And varun breaks akshay highest grosser of the film tepk?.
    Varun fan good news varun statue in madame Tussaud’s.
    Akshay not achieved this honor what varun is achieved.
    This year Akshay released two film one hit and another super hit.
    Varun released two film both super hit .
    Soon judwaa 2 >tepk.
    Who is more powerful this year only counting hit film not flop.
    Salman yet to come one more film.
    If TZH fail than varun better this year than Salman.

    • What a joke ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Distributer ki lashe bitch gayi bhaisab.

      Vaise toh aap log sallu ki marigold ko bhi ATBB bol denge.

      What a shame on these sallu fans.

  10. amirSalman Reply

    What about mela only amir fan destoy amir brother career.
    But still I love amir and Salman haters are really fool.

  11. amirSalman Reply

    I have huge list of amir disaster movies but I respect him lot.
    I just say Salman haters getting Salman phobia and only a person in this comment section already suffering Salman phobia he cannot sleep without take Salman name.

  12. amirSalman Reply

    Guys one person really suffering from Salman phobia please pray for him.
    He cannot sleep withut jupping Salman name.
    Ab mujhe raat din bas Salman se darr lagta

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