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Jolly LLB 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

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Jolly LLB 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection: The early trends suggest that JLLB 2 has an excellent start on its 3rd day. There is a very good jump as compared to Friday or Saturday. It is all set for a huge day at the box office. Check Jolly LLB 2 3rd day collection update.

Jolly LLB 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

Jolly LLB 2 has a rocking start in the morning shows. The overall occupancy was 60% which is way higher than Saturday or Friday. The most significant change is the jump in single screens. Mulitplexes were already rocking and now single screens have also come on board which will ensure that Jolly LLB 2 3rd day collection will be huge. North India continues to do great and many shows in the morning has gone housefull.

Jolly LLB 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection

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Jolly LLB 2 will continue to grow from here as the advance is terrific for the later half of the day. It is sold out in noon shows at many places.

Noon Shows Update:

As expected, JLLB2 is showing a big jump in the noon shows. The film has set the box office on fire in North India in both multiplexes and single screens as it is housefull. It is also gaining good growth in Mumbai. Though other places like East India and South India are still below the mark but that does not matter if Mumbai and North are on board. If it sustains in the evening, then a big day over 20 cr is on cards.





End of Updates

Jolly LLB 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Jolly LLB 2 3rd day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link given here => Jolly LLB 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Jolly LLB 2 has collected over 30 crores in the first two days. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Jolly LLB 2 day 3 box office collection (Sunday) update in the comments section.


    • Today (Sunday) Occupancyi is very high BookMyShow change its colour to only Orange and Gray.
      Today collection is looks like more than 21cr.
      Nice to see a grate response for a good cinema in india. Very funny film with a great message and what a performance by all actors. Heena ne to aansu hi niklva diye yaar.

      • Sorry friends i change my Sunday 21cr prediction because today is really a jolly day… 23 plus on card

  1. Movie is very good and for family… Annu Kapoor is simply best… His dialog delivery is very good… He is a hero of the movie…. Superb film.

    • On word From 10 February 2017 a Ridiculous and Cheap dialogue and thought*Ishq Aur Jung Mein Sab Kuch Jayaz Hai * officially banned by Jagdishwar Mishra B.A.LLB. 😁😁😂

  2. Prince charm Reply

    Thank you..
    Your site is terrific..
    Much better than indicine…
    Indicine does not tell us m0rning & evening shows occupancy etc..
    Thank you very much…

  3. classymovieslover Reply

    @bollyarena , u guys r doing really awesome job much faster updates than indicine , by this it seems u guys gonna soon overtake indicine . Congrats n best luck

  4. Binoy Antony Reply

    Jolly truly deserves the success it is receiving…movie working watching and loving…cheers to the makers and Akki ,Anu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla for a combined power packed performance..

    I don’t know how to present reviews but I will try,
    The film is Court room drama and depicts the struggle of a new lawyer with a smile on his face everyday. This lawyer has a special acumen of his own (sitaram case was solved by deliberate FIR on his name).
    There are occasions on masti, dance, humour in STEEL BUCKET helmet song, GO PAGAL, the appearance of Akki is so natural in this song. He respects his guide too great extent that he don’t even look into eyes of his and obeys whatever is ordered.
    The twist in the film comes when Jolly takes the case of a Muslim lady (himself is the reason for all the injustice happened to her)
    The PIL filed by Jolly unfolds the many layers of crime committed by police department. He even travels to banaras and then to Kashmir to successfully find evidences of the case.
    The climax of the film is very much an ITTEFAAK and is superb and appreciable by every movie goers.
    Akki is stood and delivered his best performance. He was very natural to a lawyer.
    Huma Qureshi didn’t even tried hard to act, her weak role is ignorable due to AKki’s screen time with her,
    Suarabh Shukla is top notch in judge’s role, he enjoyed his role like no other, he will make you laugh with his every dance move and his dialogue. Whistle blowing performance indeed,
    Annu Kapoor’s role is as powerful as his rich and biggest lawyer in the city,
    Kumud Mishra has done JAAYAZ performance to his NAA-JAAYAZ role.
    The character of FAHIM BUTT is very very important to the case the he just gave 100% performance.
    You will also the love Cute Boy of Akki.
    Overall all the side characters have given very good performances.
    OVERALL the sequel is nice blend of all ingredients of cinema, it has presented the though provoking theme of Fake Encounter in an understandable and commercial manner.
    I would give 4 stars out off 5 to this film.
    Everyone must Watch it to experience a different kind of a cinema.


  7. Haters are burning n they are running away from commenting so enjoy the success an fans n don’t fight with other fans

  8. Watched it yesterday awesome movie, good for family. Superhit pakka. Promos on television dint created excitement as it did with rustom or airlift but movie is perfect blend of humor n seriousness. 5 stars. Akshay annu kapoor huma saurabh shulka all rocked. Terrific performances. Great direction. N bolly arena u r way better than indicine.

  9. Today Occupancyi is very high BookMyShow change its colour to only Orange and Gray.
    Today collection is looks like more than 21cr.
    Nice to see a grate response for a good cinema in india. Very funny film with a great message and what a performance by all actors. Heena ne to aansu hi niklva diye yaar.

  10. Today collection will be 20+. It can touch 150 crore due to positive word of mouth. Another superb movie by Khiladi. The shooting of movie completed within 35 days. Only akshay sir can do this. Thanks akshay sir giving us
    too much entertainment. Proud to be fan of akshay sir.

  11. 23+ akshay, saurabh and annu kapur r superb…akshay is rocking throughout the movie.

  12. It’s THOUGHT PROVOKING THEME in my review…
    apology for spelling mistake.
    Any replies for the review are most welcome….

  13. Now bollyarena is one of my favorite sites along with indicine.u are doing great job guys.keep it up.

  14. Looking at the early trends,it will cross 23cr on Sunday and if single screens continues to perform well,jolly llb2 should get at least 25cr.and gonna be highest 1 day collection ever for akshay

  15. On word From 10 February 2017 a Ridiculous and Cheap dialogue and thought*Ishq Aur Jung Mein Sab Kuch Jayaz Hai * officially banned by Jagdishwar Mishra B.A.LLB. 😁😁😂
    #Wah Maza aa gaya movie dekh ke

  16. I think noon show occupancy 80% and evening 90% night show was affected by monday working day FainAl collection today 21- 21.5 cr..

  17. Jolly llb2 is a good film with superb performances all the characters in the sequel have outperformed the characters is the first one even saurabh shukla has bested his performance from the original this is a solid movie this film should beat rowdy rathore 4/5

  18. Dipu singh Reply

    jolly llb perfect for sharkuh and. aamir today 21.50 crore earn

  19. Ye film bacho k liye or anpad logo k liye achi hai. Jo ye smjh ni skte ki narco test ko court proof ni manta hai.
    Agar narco test se he sab kuch ho jata to court ko kuch krne ki jrurat ni pdti. Fuddu log he is film ko psnd krenge. Entertainment bhi ni hai. Bit logo k pas koi choice ni. Sunday ko kuch to krna he hai. Isliye chle jate h muvi dekhne. Tbhi aisi filme Monday ko khtm ho jati h. Is film or akshay ki dusri films ki quality me koi fark ni. To akshay ko 30 din me he film bna deni chaheye. Jab uska level he yhi h to jyda mehnat krne ki jrurat ni.

      • Piyush Gala Reply

        sahi bola….go and enjoy the movie instead of pointing mistakes…true entertainer…

    • Agar is film ne Monday ko Raees se zyada collection karega to kya tu yaha apologise karega open challenge to you

    • Agar Narco test ko court proff bhi manta to court Narco test karvata kyo he bahot intelligent ho to answer do.

    • yeh mehnat ka hi natija h bhai jo 30 din mei movie bana dali. …kisi mei h aisa dmmmm jo khiladi se km dino mei movie banale….yeh sirf akki hi kr skta h….30 dino mei bluck buster movie bana dali…..Jiyooooo akki boss…..gud luck. ….

  20. Nikhil 1 kam kar tu 1 film bana mehnut se phir dekie h kitte kamaegi murkh ye film entertaining nhi h to tu geliya h tum jai so ko chummachati cha hiye sale cheap insan

    • Kuch bhi??? Ab nai hai entertaining ti nai hai. Sach kadva kyu lag rha hai. Tum jaise logo ki wjah se dhanak, nill bate sanata, udaan jaisi achi or beautiful film nai chal pati. Or tum jaise log ki wjah se ye salman akshay jaise log bina mehnat k paisa bhi k mate h or ache cinema ko bnne se bhi route hai

      • classymovieslover Reply

        Bhai Nikhil tu jake raees, fan , dilwale , hny , kick , houseful3 , dabang2 jaisi crap movies dekh wahi Tere sense ke layak hai

        • Jolly llb2 bhi isi category me ati hai. Salman sharukh akshay or jo bhi ye bina sir pair ki movies bnate h . Wo sab tum jaise logo k karan star bne bethe h. Hum kbhi inception or gravity jaisi movies bollywood me nai dekh paenge tum jaise idiots ki wajah se