Jolly LL.B 2 New Trailer

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Inspired by true events that has happened in India, the sequel to the national award winning film Jolly LLB will see Jolly (Akshay Kumar) take up a huge case where he will fight against the corrupt and the powerful. The fight for what is right will not be an easy one for Jolly as he will realise he will be the last man standing up for justice against injustice. Here’s the new trailer of Jolly LL.B 2

Watch the trailer and tell us if you like it.


  1. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    Superbbbbb trailer yaar and far better than first trailer
    An toh 150-160 crore pakka
    But worried about plot luks like this sequel has also same plot like first one just case is different
    But leave it best wishes to akshay and his fans

  2. Wow …… It can surprise at BO …
    Now 160 Crores is very much on cards.
    Waiting for Feb 10

  3. Rajesh Kulkarni Reply

    This second trailer is just superb no words to describe . Akki hame insaaf chahiye nyay chahiye . We know u will give justice .

  4. Disaster khans Reply

    Trailer is mind blowing. It will definitely set the box office on fire.
    Jolly LLB 2 – 200 cr
    Verdict – Blockbuster

    • Rajesh Kulkarni Reply

      No brother its difficult to collect 200 crore on non holiday . If anything above 130 it will be fabulous & great achievement .

  5. Epic ye movie aag laga degi aag akshay kumar is the best in the business ham karenge insaf 10 feb se theatres me

  6. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Mujhe Trailer tou acha laga hai mujhe lagta hai Akshay kumar kisi muslim ka case laare ge or movie ke trailer mein ek cheiz yeh bhi hai ke ek msg may be state or country ko dia jaye

  7. I hope this film does well great dialogues and superb trailers can’t wait.

  8. Good trailor… faar better then 1st one…1st one was avg..

    seems good message in movie…

    akki…is improving day by day…

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