This Friday Jazbaa starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan is releasing.

Jazbaa Budget:

The production cost of the film is 22 crore while further 8 crore have been spent on P & A. So Jazbaa budget is around 30 crore.

Jazbaa Screen Count:

Jazbaa screen count in India is around 1600 while it will also be released in a good amount of screens in overseas.

Jazbaa Run Time:

Jazbaa has been certified 12A by British censors. The approved run time is 119 min 2 sec.

Jazbaa Economics:

The film should do around 36 crore business to recover the cost while anything over 45 crore will make it a success.

Jazbaa Expectations:

So far the trade reports are not positive for the film. But the scenario can change with positive reviews and word of mouth. We expect the film to open around 15% and then grow depending upon audience response.

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