Jai Gangajal Box Office Prediction

Jai Gangajal Box Office Prediction

Jai Gangajal Box Office Prediction

The film is an action drama directed by Prakash Jha. It stars Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles. Jai Gangajal is produced by Prakash Jha and will hit the screens on 4 March 2016.

What's Hot:

♦ Sequel Factor
♦ Solid Promos
♦ Free Run at Box Office

What's Not:

♦ Low Buzz
♦ Music


Jai Gangajal Box Office Prediction:

It is expected to have a solid opening in mass circuits. Prakash Jha films tend to do well in Central India and Maharashtra. But the problem could be in North India. Its prequel Gangajal was a hit at the box office and later on became popular after its TV premier. But recently sequel factor is not working e.g Ghayal Once Again, Tere Bin Laden.

We expect the film to open at 25% and then to grow if the word of mouth is positive. The film is made on a controlled budget. So the recovery will not be any issue if the film gets an initial.


Jai Gangajal Box Office Collection Prediction:

Opening Day: 4.10 Crore


If very good (Excellent word of mouth)

Weekend: 18+ Cr
Lifetime: 50+ Cr
Verdict: Hit/Super Hit


If Mixed (Average)

Weekend: 15 Cr
Lifetime: 25-30 Cr
Verdict: Semit Hit


If Bad (Worst Case)

Weekend: <12 Cr
Lifetime: <25 Cr
Verdict: Flop


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23 comments on “Jai Gangajal Box Office Prediction”

  1. Film Has actually very very Low Buzz & Priyanka not Promoting it.
    For Good Mass opening you need solid TV Promotion & City Tour.
    But they did not promote it well & for Mass opening you need Super hit Album which JG don't have.
    Film will not open well at Mass areas,only WOM is the Hope for JG.
    My Prediction for Day 1= 4.25cr

  2. PC is busy in Hollywood...Getting harder harder Thr.....F..k....She is enjoying thr....No time for Bollywood....Who made her what she is now...

    1. You are totally Wrong.
      Priyanka Always give Respect to Bollywood & Bollywood Films.
      She is one of the best Professional Actors in India.
      She Did Quantico,BM & Jai Gangaajaal together & continuously traveled from India to US.
      After finishing Quantico Shooting she came back to India & join the promotion Camp Of BM & promote it for 1Week & then Finished Jai Gangaajaal final schedule & again she went back to US.
      Now she is in Baywatch's Shooting.
      She has to attend the shoot otherwise makers can replace her because in Hollywood they make films with tight Schedule.
      If she can finish Baywatch then may she will promote
      Jai Gangaajaal.

      We should proud to Priyanka Chopra as she is the first Indian Bollywood Actress Who is hugely popular in US due to her outstanding work in Quantico which any Indian actress did not get in Past.

  3. @Bollyarena
    This is totally wrong.......
    On 1st March you predict 5cr+ opening day & today 4.1cr
    Why so much decreasing within 2day????

      1. @Bollyarena
        I don't get my answer because most of the time the difference between your final Prediction on Thursday night & Tuesday's Prediction were below 1cr.
        But For Jai Gangaajaal the difference is around 1.5cr.
        Your Thursday Prediction 4.1cr
        & Tuesday Prediction was around 5.6cr(if I'm not wrong as I don't remember the actual figure)

        Why 1.5cr decreasing within 2days???

          1. @Bollyarena
            Thanks for your Back 2 back support.
            I love your Site & open your site many times a day,I think you know that.

            But I have another Question,
            Whenever I put any comment the time of the comment always shows 30minutes less than Indian Standard Time.
            Example: I put a comment at 10:59PM but the time is showing 10:29PM.
            So,Why this happening???

  4. Coz its priyanka's movie who gave back to back hits with woman centric films such as fashion and marikom... and much talked about recently due to her exposure to hollywood cinema i guess jai gangajal will be a super hit and cross 50 crores easily...

    As for opening day i think the collection will be over 5 crores

  5. Balika Bad Hu....The comment In which U r telling about PC and her Love for Bollywood...

  6. Hehehe....BollywoodArena team Aapne q bich me taang adaayi ha....But it's OK Mahima K...Aap Ka Pehle wala naam hi accha he...Balika Bad Hu....Or ha Good hojao to batana jarur

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