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Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Day Box Office Collection

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Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Day Box Office Collection: Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s Jab Harry Met Sejal released today with a lot of fanfare. However, the hype and buzz among the general audience were missing. Still, a reasonable opening day was expected due to the star power of Shahrukh Khan. Check out Jab Harry Met Sejal collection report for the opening day.

Looking at the early trade trends, Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st day collection will be in the range of 16-17 crores. The morning shows suggested a 15 cr opening day but the film witnessed really good growth in the evening shows. Stay tuned for more updates.

JHMS started the day with a decent opening. The overall occupancy in the morning shows was in the range of 35%. As expected the opening was better in Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Multiplexes opened good and picked up really well especially in the evening shows as the occupancy was 60-65%. But it could not maintain the momentum in masses. Most of the major circuits like Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan underperformed.

Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Day Box Office Collection

The film was super strong in West Bengal which is Shahrukh Khan’s strongest hold. Almost all of his recent films have opened good here irrespective of the genre. The lack of competition has helped Jab Harry Met Sejal collection in South belts. It is an urban romantic-comedy film so it was never going to open well in mass belts. Whatever the opening it has got is due to SRK. Otherwise, it could have been a washout in masses on the day 1 itself. The makers also played it smart by releasing the film in 3400 screens.

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Jab the Harry Met Sejal 1st day collection is the 4th highest opening day of 2017. It is behind Bahubali 2, Raees and Tubelight. Overall this is a good opening for an urban film but not up to the standards of Shahrukh Khan. In fact, it is his lowest opener in recent years as the opening day will be lower than Raees, Fan and Dilwale.

The good news is that JHMS has shown good growth in the evening in multiplexes which is generally associated with such films. Now it has become a content driven film and will heavily rely on word of mouth. But the general response and reports are not encouraging. A big drop is expected in masses though the film was never meant for them. It will be the urban audience which will decide the fate of the film.

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st day box office collection in the comments section.


  1. Navneet Tiwari Reply

    Fill will start falling on weekdays as reviews were not good

    • Ab toh gayi movie
      And big fall down
      And I think it is impossible to cross 100 now
      Lifetime will be atmax90

    • 90cr karle to bahut Hai .
      today -16cr
      str— 15-16cr
      sun — 16-17cr
      tues- 5
      total first week —-66-70cr
      rmng week — 15cr
      lifetime —– 80-90cr
      verdict — disaster

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      Why the hell does this idiot imtiaz ali make such complicated love stories… gosh man the 90’s were so better, watching raja Hindustani that’s what you call the perfect love story everything perfect even the music!

      Ddlj, dil to pagal hai, raja Hindustani, sajan, HAHK, KKHH these were real love stories! Miss them days!

    • i have seen the movie today-
      first half is good..
      second half maha bakwas..
      no story line…
      faltu ka songs jinki jaroorat nahi thi….
      no emotion in love story…
      no other actor role…every frame srk and anushka
      srk ki maha bakwas acting…..
      srk was looking old not fit for this role….
      nothing new jabardasti ka scene….
      bina kisi story ka movie kaise banai jati hai yah sirf bollywood wale hi kar sakte hai…
      ….only one plus point anushka ki acting par uska role complicated hai….

    • if word of mouth not play so earilier(tomorrow) than my prediction is
      –weekend 50cr
      monday 10 cr
      rest-30 cr
      —-if word of mouth play from tomorrow than
      final lifetime total is 75cr

    • JHMS first day collection is highest ever for imtiaz ali but average for SRK 15.5cr first day collections and that’s coz of srk star power. I thought film could to 25cr plus on first day and make lifetime 130cr but Saturday needs to be atleast 18cr to show film will breach 100cr as TEPK will release next week and collections will go down 3 fold and film will lose a lot of screens.

  2. 3 out of 4 movies feature Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. True Kings of openings.

    • 🚬Gangs of Ajay Devgn🔫🔪 Reply

      @Bollywood Arena can it be possible for Critics to review movies some days after its released? I mean a group of 9 people decide which movies public should be watched which shouldn’t indirectly I mean over 1 billion rupees being at risk over 9-10 people?
      Critics review esp 2016 to date has almost 70% effect on box office turnovers. I am not trying to Defend JHMS no, if its not a good movie something is wrong then but i think its fair let External reviersers role to be limited and let audiences decides which movie to watch and not watch.

      • Word of mouth nd critics review r two different things..

        actual power is public power nd word of mouth. There r lots of critics who gave 3.5 or 3 ratings to bahubali but still bahubali is highest grossing movie just bcz wom was so strong.

        For some point i agree that critics reviews has its own impact but that is only 5-10%. Or some extend 20-30% like hindi medium. But still wom of hindi medium was so strong.

        • 🚬Gangs of Ajay Devgn🔫🔪 Reply

          That 3.5 rating they gave Bahubali is like a Jackpot for any movie now. Tell me any movie of recent slammed by critics and attained Hit verdict?

          • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

            @gangs ajay

            bhai , 2.5 * diye the indian express ne Dangal ko

            fir b ATBB😇

            @Austin ek or chij h…

            movie ka trailer

            acter ki ab tk ki kul Izzat or Respect .

            • 🚬Gangs of Ajay Devgn🔫🔪 Reply

              @Mahaveer i get your point bro but the overal critics review of Dangal was quite high ,you are talking about Indian express.
              @Ankit you have a point. Movies like Airlift was a movie that for its genre had an Excellent collection nobody thought it will topple biggies like Agneepath and Jai ho Massy movies.
              @Srk Varun fan base Imitiaz really should stop featuring the bigger superstars. He has totally lost it and believe the indian Audiences are all based in Havana Cuba and his SK(Skunk) intake should be reduced if not forget marijuana even ordinary stick of Benson he takes will make him Mad soon!

          • Because public itself is critics now. They are well aware of judging movies. No body wants to see repeated formula flicks.
            There are other sources of entertainment than get tortured in a movie Hall.
            Bahubali was loved by people coz it was something they never witnessed in Indian cinema history.

      • People who use twitter or other social sites read reviews or some people who want to know reviews before watching movie read those critics reviews.But general public decide to watch movie only after trailer or promos and to some extent star power.Many movies whose ratings are in between 4-5 stars,there collections are not same.DANGAL,Dear zindagi,airlift,Bahubali 2 this all are some good rated movies but collection differs (All have big names),Reason is simple people decide for movies by watching there first look or trailer.People are aware SRK’s movie is releasing.His fans & some people who loved the trailer or song want to catch it in first weekend & large no of public waits for reviews.Those reviews first comes from critics than wom(best critics for any movie success or failure).Not anything against SRK but his last few releases disappointed many.So people want to know more about his films whether to watch or avoid.

        • 🚬Gangs of Ajay Devgn🔫🔪 Reply

          @Ankit J i like your comment very honest and transparent.

      • I think critics doing s great job by saving us from watching any craps from Bollywood. Grow up. It’s 2017 in a democratic world.
        In stead of blaming them ask Bollywood to get inspired for good story and talents. Not craps like this. I watched it without seeing the reviews and deeply regret it for wasting my hard earned money.

      • Exactly Tubelight is an example of Critics bashed. People here even said Salman should not have say some words to Critics when the fiom was to release.

      • And how will external audience decide that which movie should they watch without watching the movie? Once you have watched the movie, then there is no point in deciding whether the movie is good or bad as noone expects you to watch any movie twice on theatre. Without reviews, you will be watching many bad movies and then getting frustrated for the money you lost and you may even miss many good movies which are low budget and whose marketing was poor…

  3. 1st day 19-20cr ..night shows sb jagah 80%+ hai …1st day 19 20cr dekh lena

  4. SRK Former SuperStar Reply

    Collection will fall trw itself
    will crash in week days
    out of theater in week 2
    less then 90 cr
    Too Much Fun

    • like srk’s other movie this movie has corporate booking….otherwise total was 3-4cr less.

  5. Opening was expected to be As Fan. But it failed in good FBO too.
    This is clear indication how bad the effect will be by bad trailer.
    This is not Bahubali2 effect. This Suicidal decision of SRK to sign this film.

  6. Flop talk all over the internet, paid reviews wont make any difference….Life time 60Cr max.

  7. Kitni baar bola Hai firse bolta hun.
    Aamir ko beat karna sallu aur srk ke liye mushkil hi nahi namumkin hain. 😂

    Chalo sab log Aamir the megastar ko salute Karo.

    Koi masala nahi tha, promotion nahi tha fir bhi non holiday 30cr opening
    Jo non holiday ko aaj tak kisine nahi di

    Aamir ne 2 bar Kar dikhaya Hai.
    D3 not Dangal.

    Sallu Srk Akshay Ajay Ritik all r equal now.

    Only Aamir is far ahead.

    • Don’t bark here we know pk opening which was behind kick pre Eid 😂😂😂😂

      Still opening day , weekend and first week Salman is ahead of tingu

      Don’t bark always go and live in China

      And with tza will slap you again and show you what called opening

      Too much fun

      • @bakwass
        tu pagal hua hai shayad Fusslight jab se disaster hue hain tabse.
        apne dimag ka ilaj kara.opening day holiday hai sultan ko and d3 non holiday hai

        aur weekend me Dangal 107cr hai jabki Fultan 105cr..hahahaha
        chala aya bakwas karne..aur life time collection ki to baat hi mat kar tere lallu se iss janma kya 10 janam bhi lega na tab bhi Aamir ka record nahi tod payega.

        Fussssssssssssslightttttt hahahahahaha

        • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


          kya paglo jesi baat krta h ,

          Logo ko koi mtlb nhi ,

          Chinkara jinda h ya mra….sivay jodhpur high court k😂

          or Chinkara 180 crore se jyada nhi kregi….

          …..log bor ho chuke h Chinkara , tiger , billi se…

          naam se to koi C grade South movie lgti h😂😂😂😂😂

          Chinkara Max 180 crore

        • Don’t include Telugu lallu check only Hindi

          Ha ha watching only dream

          Too much fun 😀

      • @bakwas
        TOH ane de fir dekh holiday ka dhamal..
        tere TZH ko hawa me uda degi TOH..

        i challenge u TOH will beat TZH atleast by 120cr whatever will be d collection of TZH.
        bol lagata hai bet.

        • Ankit j