Is Kaabil Box Office Collection manipulated?

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The alleged manipulation in Kaabil box office numbers has become a hot topic on social media and also in the industry. It has also divided the trade into two groups. One is posting producer figures and other is mentioning trade figures (from box office India). Here is our take on alleged manipulation in Kaabil.

As you know that we track daily collections by collecting samples and then post early estimates. For most of the films, it turns out to be accurate. However, for Kaabil, it is lower than actual. Another thing is that our estimates were in between actual and BOI figures. It shows that the manipulation is done from both sides. You all know that we follow Box Office India, but in the case of Kaabil, they have gone wrong. This shows that the real figures should be in between these figures.

Here is the comparison between out estimates and the actual collection.


Our Estimate


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
60.25 Cr
67.46 Cr


There is around 7 crore inflation between actual and producer figures which is a small number. However it has made a big difference as the average trend looks very good now. So now there is no doubt that Kaabil makers have done manipulation and it should be pointed out. But then these so called trade analysts should also point out the manipulation in many other biggies. They will not do so because it is easy to target a small film rather than questioning other big production houses.

The manipulation is done for most of the films and trade knows it. A reliable source informed us that in reality, Chennai Express did not break Ekk Tha Tiger opening day record and fell short of by a small margin. But they manipulate the figure a bit so that it can make headlines.

There is another hypocrisy that people tend to switch between official and trade figures depending on the situation. Along with fans, it even applies to producers. For example, Box Office India declared Prem Ratan Dhan Payo as the highest opener and the producers referred BOI and released an official statement. However, producers claimed that it crossed 200 cr but as per BOI, it did not.

It’s high time that we get a reliable source for tracking box office numbers so that no one can manipulate.


  1. When you predict 40 cr for sultan opening day producer gave 36 cr what your opinion about this

    • hahahahaha….but what about sultan 300.45cr? Prem ratan bartan dhoke jao Manipulation..
      sallu did manipulation for PRBDJ and srk did for HNY..ONLY Aamir has given real collection.

      • Hey filthy lady @parshya, don’t you remember Dhoom 3???
        Producer- 286cr.
        Trade- 260cr.
        Huge 26cr manipulation was there. In fact, aftsr srk & hrithik your idol is the biggest manipulator of the industry.

        • Hey billy. Kick,prbdj,flop ho,ETT
          All were manipulated.
          Check trade fig.sallu is the biggest manipulater in the industry after srk.

      • sahil shaikh Reply

        Bro aamir ne bhi 3 idiots ke bo me gadbad ki hai krrish 3 ka collection 3 idiot se zyada hai india me

    • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

      thanks bollywood arena…aaone aankhe kho di….
      maine first day hi bola tha. na calculator…is working properly….Rakesh unlce including Car parking, samosa,popcorn collections also….

      now doodh ka doodha pani ka pani….Ammi jaan kehthi thi sach sach hota hai or jhot jhot….
      haters burnol lagaw…kilo kilo burnol for SRK haters.

      • what about this dr sahab? A reliable source informed us that in reality, Chennai Express did not break Ekk Tha Tiger opening day record and fell short of by a small margin. But they manipulate the figure a bit so that it can make headlines

  2. Anil Kumar Reply

    What About Happy New Year?? around 40 crore manipulation done by Red Chilies SRK

    • RealvsNaareal Reply

      No one is talking about so called biggies like krrish 3 n bang bang.

      • Realvsnareal boi exposed krrish 3 discrepancy of 244cr as film only did 187cr same with bang bang same with hny opening day. Pk and dangal were tracked by rentrack but boi has dangal at 371cr and Pk at 337 rentrack has dangal at 383cr and Pk at 340cr.

    • RealvsNaareal Reply

      Noone is talking about so called biggies like krrish3 n bang bang.

  3. If u trust that site then ur fool that site will provide a stupid figure in present to create negatives for the movie which they don’t support (kaabil) but watch carefully in future they will change their figures.

    One more thing boxofficeindia ka jo admin he woh apne baap ko dhundh raha he because uski ammi three khans ke sath…………..so his asking ammi kon he mera abbu….toh ammi kehti he beta meine koi galat kam nahi kiya kyoun ki Koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota…dhandha krva liya teri ammi ne boxofficeindia….

    Bhai saab jis site ki tu baat kr raha he uska abbu in khan mein se ek he….are bhai usko apna asli abbu jaldi bata do barna vo aage yahi krta rahega…ab dekho jolly llb 15cr+ kamayegi pr apne abbu ko dhund ne wali site ko woh 10cr dikhay degi…abbu ki pehchan me andha hogya he boxofficeindia

  4. Excellent work Arena
    U are much better than Chindi-cine who gave 4.5 * to Kaabil and also say that those producers figs were actual. They did that to defend Hritik,

    Before they were saying Kaabil 2nd trailer promos were terrific, but jab 7 cr ki opening lagi to they were saying promos didnt click!!! Same excuse during Moenjo daro!!!!!

    • Opening is not 7cr… and kaabil fig is not what boi says.. its more… so keep that in mind…and kaabil is better than raees… anyone who watched the both film except diehard srkians will tell the same..

  5. As per many who are saying that BOI cant track interior single screen collection and bcoz of this there is a difference. Fir toh raees ka jyada diff hona chahiye , kyonki single screen pe toh raees jyada kama rhi he kaabil se. all are bull shit ..saaf dikh rha he kaabil har din 2.5 cr jyada bata rha he

  6. @Bollywoodarena you have to check actual figures of Raees also. It is confirmed that SRK manipulated. And one thing more that BOI is not trustworthy.

  7. Well done Bollyarena. Clarification was indeed needed.
    For last so many years, BOI has been a reliable source for the trade figures (and the only one) but they have been biased in their reportings. Why they have done that is not clear? Money, favor or favoritism? Why don’t we have something like Rentrak?
    On the other hand, Roshans have flexed up the figures so they have not helped themselves with their reputation. If they think they have made a good film then why don’t fight the right way. That’s not the way to fight the unjust against the 60-40 split on screens. Fight it the right way.

    • hakla to gya Reply

      To hakla kyu party de rha haii raees k hit hone ki ??? Jab ki film avg. gai hai. Hakla is liye party de rha hai ki koi ye na Kahe ki film flop ho gai. Or public me ye message jaye ki film hit ho rhi hai. Or ek do din k liye either publicity Mil jaye. Bollyarena ne ye to saaf Jr diya ki boi or dusri sites kaabil k against thi, hrithik ne to apni film k liye jhut kaha maan liya. Per boi or dusri sites ne kis liye or kiske kehne per kaabil k fake figures dikhaye??? Kiska faida tha bhai. Hakle ki game over ho gai hai.

        • hakla to gya Reply

          To hrithik bhi apni film k fake figures dikhaye rha h hakle k fan . Tujhe kya

  8. Disaster Khans Reply

    hahaha hakle ke pol khul gayi
    ab toh manlo srgays ki budhha king of manipulation. good to mention chennai express manipulation.
    also chennai express trade figures : 206 cr
    srk calculator – 226 cr
    this is called manipulation

  9. claps for bollywood arena team
    it means kabil collection is 60 cr in 5 days and raees collection is 93.5 crores
    wow king won it again in a clash
    slap on haters

    • Bharat I don’t know why your happy for if clash was avoided raees could have done 200cr+ and kaabil 120cr+ as we know so many medium budget films from now till Dec will flop and these biggies at separate times could have helped.

  10. dhAakAd Anup Reply

    Good Article @BA Tean
    CE First day Manipulated
    JTHJ-Total Collection manipulted by 20 Cr.
    HNY-1st day(8 Cr)even Total Collection manipulated by 30+ Crore.
    But now Kaabil team only manipulated only 7/8 Cr so they are Cying.

  11. hakla to gya Reply

    Hakle ki bjaye daal I, agar boi hakle se paise kha kr choti film ko target kregi to choti film kya kregi? ??? Boi or dusri site first day se he kaabil ko flop sabit krne pe lge the. Jaise first day k baad film koi dekhne jata he ni. To hrithik k pas koi choice ni thi. Jaise ko taiga. Ab hakla bhi to apne avg. film ko hit sabit krne k liye party de rha hai. Raees 150 cr. krna bhi mushkil ho rha hai. 100 cr. Lga k agar 150 bhi nai nikal rha to kya hit hue???? Aaj k zamane me varun dhawan bhi 100 cr. kr leta hai. Aamir khan ne bhi dangal k baad party ni ki. Aamir ka dhyan work pe hai na ki hakle ki trah bus politics or paisa khila k apne aap ko king khan kehelwane me.

  12. If manupulate collection little more than its ok
    But day by day manupulated around 2.5-3 crore its wrong.i am saying for all film not individual

  13. Gud work bolly arena. From now we all trust u more than b4……..

  14. haroonn1986 Reply

    Shame on Roshans for manipulating figs again and again. There is always a big difference b/w trade figs and Roshan films more than any other films.

  15. Bold Decision & Brave acceptance by Bollyarena Team that Kaabil team manipulated & also Chennai express opening. anyway we were also expected details on impact of such manipulation — tax etc

    Appreciate your statement.

    Kaabil playing with 7-8 crores is huge as- this is 10% business value… tomorrow dangal manipulates then diff. will be of 40 cr…so just see impact…

  16. hakla to gya Reply

    Mujhe lagta hai raees ab bhi dangal ka record tod shakti hai. Let’s see. Raees se achi film india kya pure world me nai bani.

    Hahahaha rip hakla’s career.

  17. TUBELIGHT 400CR Reply

    Trand wrong q ni ho skty sultan k time sub kh rhy thy 40+ cr 1st day collection ho gi mgr 36+ cr hoi collection to wo kya tha tb mistake kis ki thi
    Manuplate kis ny kia tha sub ko ko erly estimate lga rhy thy clash howa ha RAEES sy to is ka ye matlb ni k KAABIL achi film ni ha KAABIL is great and RAEES also great

  18. 7cr small number nhi hai bollyarena.. 7 cr 50 Movie usse jada ka less than life time hai.. 2016 m hahaha..

  19. zuber shah Reply

    but zyada collection batane me producer ka kya faida….zyada batane se unko hi extra tax bharna padenga…boi is a fake web site…..

  20. Great article from your team Bollyarena, very brave ! If the Roshans trusted their film they wouldn’t need those cheap manipulations. So it’s confirmed that Raees won this clash, period.