Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor share an amazing chemistry with each other. Even in the tepid Gunday, its their bromance that gives the movie its watchable moments. Now they are all set to exploit their rapport on a grander scheme at the upcoming IIFA awards ceremony. At least, that’s what the trailer promises us…

In the promo, Arjun and Ranveer are dressed as sadhu babas, levitating under a peepal tree, with the background of the Himalayan mountains. They speak about finally getting repentance for their past sins – namely, Gunday and the internet kaand, which everyone knows is a wink towards the infamous AIB Roast, that had received divisive reactions over its objectionable humour and had political parties screaming for their arrests.

Now since they have got their forgiveness, they suggest to each other that it’s time for them to do something BIG. Now what’s that? Will they be crossing more limits than what they did in AIB Roast? With their brand of humour, will they make SRK and Saif Ali Khan, Bollywood’s most lethal hosting duo till now, look like a pair of innocent lambs? Only time and the upcoming IIFA awards event will tell…

Watch iifa awards 2015 promo here.





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