I had to dance at wedding to make money: Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan is considered among the top 3 richest actors in the world. However the actor does not feel the same. At the trailer launch of Raees, he said.

“In order to complete the shooting of Happy New Year, I had to earn money by dancing at a wedding. It’s not because I’m rich, I named the film Raees. God forbid if I suffered loss, would I have called the film garib. Money doesn’t make me feel rich, it is when I hear my little one say ‘Papa I like you, I feel raees (rich),” he adds.

“If the doctor has advised me to take bed rest for six weeks, but if I feel better after six days, I’ll go on the sets — aptly suits the dialogue in the film — dhande ke liye jo sahi hai,” said Shah Rukh.

Adding further, he says, “Having said that, if any aspect of the business turns out to be hurtful, wrong and unethical, then I will readily sacrifice it. I will always stick to my guns, it gives some sort of relief. There is a lot of money in our profession and at times there is a lot of cut throat completion too. As actors, we mustn’t treat our careers as business, one needs to have the attitude of giving too”.

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  1. Travel Frame Australia Reply

    Thats absolutely correct. I would say its the rich Man Theory .
    what you have already earned not to be reinvested initially.
    Use your own resource first and cleverly Mr Khan used his own resource to cover the cost.

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