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Housefull 3 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

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Housefull 3 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

This Friday some small Bollywood films were released. However, Housefull 3 seems to have a good hold on its second Friday. The film is all set to cross 100 crores in the second week.

Housefull 3 2nd Friday Screen Count:

Housefull 3 has retained a good amount of screens in the second week. The screen count will be in the range of 1600. The number is higher than combined screens of all new Hindi films.

Box Office Report:

Housefull 3 has a good start on its second Friday. The occupancy in the morning shows was around 25-30%. It may look high than the first week but also remember that the screen count is less which means that Housefull 3 8th day collection will be affected. In the noon shows, the film showed improvement mainly at multiplexes.

It is good going for Housefull 3 but the main target will be the jump in the evening. Because if that happens then there can be a huge growth on Saturday and Sunday. The new release has no effect at Housefull 3 as it is mainly doing its business in North India. TE3N has more chances in West Bengal while Conjuring 2 is doing well in Mumbai. If all goes well the Housefull 3 2nd Friday collection will be higher than all new releases.



Housefull 3 has collected 80 crores in the first week. The film is the second highest first week grosser of 2016. Tell us what are your views about Housefull 3 2nd Friday box office collection update in the comments section.


  1. Love Bollywood Reply

    This is more like running Commentary. Plz confirm the expected Collections for today going by current occupancies & trend…

  2. Ankush Dutta Reply

    My prediction another 5 .. Lets see…

    But Arena You never ansered my question ? How is your Ill friend who was suffering… ? All Ok… Bhai Yeh sab to chalti rahegi…

  3. Dashing RJ Reply

    @bollywood arena you guys are awesome…
    you are providing 8th day update for a movie that is amazing….. none of the sites provide box office update for a movie for more than 5 days….
    Thanks bollywood arena for providing such an update……

    • You first dash bollyarena for days and be very rude and now looking for some compliments? Go wash your mouth first, then apologize to bollyarena, then come back.

      • Dashing RJ Reply

        someone gets compliment for their works…..
        when bollywood arena was thrashing housefull3 and later saying it is a good movie because it was doing well in the box office……
        suddenly a site cannot change their mind because of opposite reaction of the viewers…..
        i has praised bollywood arena for their updates lollll…..

        i think you should go and wash your whole body and then apologize to me lolll……

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          beta the one jitna mein ho utna mein hi rho…..
          nhi to the one se late the one ban jaawoge jald hi…. lolll

  4. Love Bollywood Reply

    25-30% morning is around 1.5 times of 18% yesterday.
    Expecting same trend it should be 5.22 * 1.5 / 3700 * 1600 = 3.38
    But considering Weekend price change of around 20% it should cross 4 which will still be good.
    Fri: 4, Sat: 5, Sun: 7 would be good result I guess.

  5. dean ambrose Reply

    Dashing RJ tu toh bark kar raha tha ki HF3 flop ho jayegi aur FAN ka worldwide collection nhi tod payegi,ab kyu girgit ki tarah rang badal raha h, Pehle to BOLLYARENA ko galat btata tha,ab kya hua, bache itna jaan le me is site ko lagbhag 1saal se follow kar rha hu aur ye har angle se no.1 site h. Luv u BOLLyARENA

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      abe oo ladchat…..
      first of all maine bollywood arena ko galat nhi bola(see my above all comment)
      aur raha baat housefull3 ka to movie abhi bhi average bhi kehlane ke layak nhi hui. hai….. kyuki uska total investment 85cr ka hai to utna kamaya kya abhi tak(one week mein ) nhi to tu bark krna chord… loll

      • dean ambrose Reply

        Abe oye srk ke chamchey DASHING RAJ kya ukhad lega to mera salla GIRGIT kahi ka,

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          beta pehle baap ka. name likhna to sikh jaa #dean phir baap se lad lena

  6. How sick of u…..u didn’t review of TE3N yet. A fav movie..u hv only time for shit of updating bo of hf3

  7. Dashing RJ Reply

    if akshay is called the king of non-holiday in box office then why he doesnt have any highest collection single movie….
    even akshay hasnt cross 150cr in non holiday….

    do you know which movie has this record yeh jawani hai deewani(it is not akshay stareer movie it is ranbir movie)…..

  8. many factor behind not collecting 150+cr….
    1.akshay has minimum 3-4 release that means he brings crowd thrice in a year to cinema hall….Ranvir go for hardly 1 or 2 release…in a year…..that means he bring crowd once a year …..if akki will do 1 movie a year than thinkk……???
    2.always work with new talent give them more opportynities……like umesh shukla,sajid khan,neeraj pandey,…..n rest actors always go for big banners ……ranvir-imtiaz

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      excuses excuses excuses….. akshay fan kabhi nhi sudhrenge… aaj tak usne 150cr+ movie diya nhi to uske etne saare excuses…..

      1. when yeh jawani hai deewani was released at that time in 13 months ranbir had 3 releases(two blockbuster and one average)
      means almost one year. 3 releases and two were blockbuster so he pulled crowd thrice at that time and one of his movie crossed 180cr+ in domestic collection….

      2. director of yjhd was ayaan mukherjee and before movie he has hardly done 2-3 movies so he is not called a buddha director then how could you say that he is a big banner director…..
      aur raha baat naya director ka to salman ne ek debutant director ke saath 230cr+ ka collection kiya tha kick mein(sajid nadiawala was the director)

      3. akshay ne aaj tak big projects kyu nhi ki akele lead mein kyuki wo jaanta hai agar movie ka budget hi 100-150cr hoga aur uski movie to 150cr+ kr nhi paayegi to pakka flop hoga phir koi aur producer usse big ptojects to dur ki baat hai short projects ke liye bhi approach nhi krega….

  9. simple…….haters not allowed here…..this is AKSHAY’S fan column

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      I have not written any of the comments that i am a hater of akshay even in some of my comments i praised him as he is a very good actor and a good citizen of india….
      The reason that some started to hate akshay due to some of the fools who always used to compare akshay with all three. khans and hrithik(as usual holiday and non holiday release )…

      • Bloody asshole jst keep ur mouth shut bcd fan ka budget dekho aur vo flop hui to bhi flop nai maan rae abe house3 chd airlift ke bare me bol tere liye vo bhi flop hogi haina

        • Dashing RJ Reply

          F*c* you man…..
          The people like you is burden in this country or in the whole world…
          I have never said fan was hit and airlift was flop but you morons and some of your moron brothers are suppressing me for the thing which I have not said yet…..

          Aur agar baat raha collections Ka ek baat jaan le big clash mein srk 149cr India aur 180cr+ overseas mein kama sakta hai jo sayad, sayad nhi akshay apne sapne mein bhi nhi Kr sakta hai….kyuki usko sirf 100cr krne mein 2 week late hai aur srk jo 100cr+ krne ke liye one weekend bas….

  10. Dashing rj iska mtlab ranbir. .Akki se bada actor h…. Aese to rohit ne odi m 264 run bnaye vo Sachin se bada player h kya. …. Akki ki overall india m collection 3000 k aas pass h..or vo sbse jyada h…. Baki fan..m srk. .talash m aamir. .or jai ho m sallu ko pta chal gya ki non holiday m 200 to kya. ..100 m bhi pasine aate h

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Are you insane?????
      Jai ho ne India mein 100cr+ Ka collection kiya hai….aur WO big holiday mein release Hui this loll…..
      Srk ki worldwide collection dekh le 5000cr ke ass pass hai….mega star WO hota hai jo worldwide collection dikhaye…..

      Worldwide ki baat kre to aamir ki pichli 4 movies ne hi 2000cr+ Ka collection kiya hua hai jisme ek flop this lolll…..but I am only referring this and not at all a fan of aamir and salman…

  11. Dashing RJ Reply

    one thing i must say there is nothing in fighting that which indian actor is good instead we support all indian actors and fight against the things which are destroying the quality of indian movies and hollywood movies are becoming more successful in india….
    ab ess comments pe bhi kuch log arrogant ban kr reply krenge… ..

  12. dean ambrose Reply

    Abe tu gandu h saale Dashing raj,tere pas sirf vakchodi karne ka time h dum h to apna ph no de saale

  13. dean ambrose Reply

    Apni maa se puch le saale phir tujhe pata chal jayega ki tu kiska aulad h tu SRK ka aulad h , akshay se jal kar kya ukhad lega. Mera no 9199909468 dum h to call kar laudu

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Mujhe samjh nhi aata hai Maine tera kya bigada hai…..seriously I am not a hater of akshay ye baat apne kaan mein ghusa le….

      Waise tu beta Ka no. Baap ko mat de kyuki baap hi sim ko buy krke beta kp deta hai to chill mere pass tumhara no. Hai yaar…..

      Main kisi Ka bhi aulaad rho tu to mera ek single aulaad hai yaar….mere bete dean mujhse dur na jaana

  14. Ali Afshar Reply

    Why the Hell is all always said “Akshy Kumar’s HF3” !!!
    There is a big team of Actors in the movie not just him!
    Everyone contributed not just him!!!

    • krishnan Vardhan Reply

      Family ko BAAP ki wajah se jaante hain, Bacche ki wajah se nhi, tu lollypop chus.

  15. @Dashing. Really concur 100%. A superstar hardly does 4 movies a year even in Hollywood. If he does 4 movies then at least 3 should be Hit then 1 above average acceptable. His is greed and showing off he can do 4 movies. You have more intelligent superstars like Aamir Srk Salman Ajay Hrithik who play wiser and in one point in their career given earth shattering opening. Excuse excuse excuse. This guy ruined an anticipated 150-170 cr franchise. Same with Ouatimd. For me doing 100 films a year is useless I prefer my idol to release 2 movies at most a year! He is just a niche star buss! Wise decision to do patriotic movies with Neeraj Pandey was a bonus while Airlift even if Shahid or Ranveer had done it they would have atleast crossed 105 for sure meaning it was content > star power. Terms of starpower according to Koi moi he is behind Salman Aamir SRK Ajay Hrithik who for me are still much bigger stars that’s why trade pundits ensure only the 1st 4 are consistently been allocated with EDX with 100% success. That’s where the difference between men and boys sets.

    • Dashing RJ Reply

      Thanks brother I think there is someone who is intelligent……
      Agar akshay ko edx nhi milta to uska bhi reason hai that he doesn’t belong to release his movie on that period….
      Agar akshay mein dum hai to koi bhi big movie ke saath clash Kr ke dekh aur apne movie ko 100cr+ krde Mann lunga akshay se best koi nhi jo srk ne kiya hai(dilwale)…

      Dum hai akshay Ka to mahenjo daaro se takkar le aur rustom ko 100cr+ Kr de….

      Accha actor woh hota hai jo apne country ko overseas mein represent kre… srk jiske liye usko overseas mein award mila aur ajay ko bhi…

  16. Aabe dashing rj or SRK ke faltu chamche 1 khiladi ki barabari 3 khans aaj tak nahi kar paye akshay ke 2.5 crore and srk ke 1.8 crore fans hai akshay ne aaj tak sirf India ko special karneki film ki hai like airlift,holiday,baby,gabbar aur khan s ko comedy, action, and romance ek sath karna nahi aata. fitt hai BOSS! :-

  17. Dashing RJ Reply

    Abe oo prashant or akshay ka lota….
    Aamir aur salman ko maaro goli humko mtlb nhi hai…..
    Agar Etna hi jyada fan hai khiladi Ka to uske movie ko dekh Kr 150cr ke paar to Kr do yaar pehle phir bolna samjhe….
    Chak de India,my name is khan jaise films askhay ke sasur ne kiya tha….
    His name is khan and he is not a terrorist….

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