Hollywood Box Office Collection 2017 in India and Verdict


Hollywood Box Office Collection 2017 in India and Verdict:

Hollywood films have performed very well at the domestic box office (North America) this year as the half year revenue could turn out to be the highest of all time. Though they have not fared up to the expectations in India as compared to the last year.

Still, the threat of Hollywood taking over Bollywood will be there. The biggies like Pirates of The Caribean 5, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man Homecoming, Justice League, The Mummy, Thor and many more are yet to come in 2017.

Note: These are gross numbers which should be the criteria for Hollywood films. Though nett collection is also available on the other verdictΒ page.

The Great Wall
John Wick 22.88Flop
Kong Skull Island32.36Average
Beauty and The Beast26.78Semi Hit
Power Rangers0.77Flop
The Boss Baby15.03Average
The Lost Village
Fate of The Furious126.24Super Hit
Guardians Of The Galaxy18.64Flop


  1. They performed “very well” ? Come on guys, some did perform very well but over 15 films 10 were flops and 3 were averages/semi-hits…. Only Fate of the Furious did really good business. Bollywood doesn’t have to be scared by Hollywood in India, as long as local films are good Hollywood won’t be able to do anything.

      • now logan is hit?? in all your verdicts it was average now it became a hit do what you want but xxx is the 2nd highest grosser & net this year so far so you can say flop forever but numbers doesn’t lie!!

        • We have revised verdicts and collections to give you a better idea about Hollywood films. xXx was bought at heavy prices (due to Deepika factor) and a lot of money was also spent on marketing in India. The minimum expectations were 70 cr plus but the film only did 38 cr nett.

          • who expected this?? 70 cr plus are u kidding me!!! look at the figures of the rest! ff8 which is the most highly awaited came with 125 cr /xxx brought almost 40% of ff8 collections this is fair & higher than the worldwide perception of it!! almost the same ratio in china 164/380 if you expected it to pass 50 cr it is your fault ! & how much did they sped on marketing?? it won’t pass 30 cr!! so at least it is an average!

  2. So its my expectation for Upcoming Hollywood films if it got decent promotion in India ..but in Bracket I included my prediction on the base of buzz , expected response and possible rls date etc.

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – 40cr- 90cr( 55cr)
    The Wonder Women – 10-15cr ( 10cr)
    The Mummy – 35cr – 85cr(40cr)
    Transformers 5 – 40cr-90cr (57cr)
    Spiderman Homecoming – 45 – 100(65cr)
    War For The planet of The Apes – 15 – 35(22cr)
    The Dunkirk – 15 – 35 ( 22cr)
    Annabelle 2 – 15 – 45cr (20cr)
    Geostorm – 10-20(12cr)
    Thor 3 – 20-45cr (30)
    Justice League – 40cr – 90cr (50cr)
    Star Wars 8 – 10 – 25( 17cr)
    Jumanji – 10-20cr ( 10cr)

  3. Deepika xxxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kya stardom h..!!

    Aab pirates of carribian super hit hoge..!!!! Johnny depp ki badiya fan following h india me..

    • are u stupid? xxx is second highest collections this year so far after the unbelievable worldwidely ff8!! even if it is a bad movie (which is not ! for me at least) but nothing even came close to it despite their huge budgets!! so that is stardom for you!

  4. Hollywood Films have great scope in India…

    But they don’t giving the much needed importance in the release …Release centers are very low compared to a Hindi film even when the demand is big… more than that the marketing is very poor for a big film…

    The biggest example is Kong Skull Island …The movie was simply superb but the bad release date(direct clash with BKD) and poor marketing made the film a huge underperformance in India.

    I am not saying every big Hollywood film can be a huge success in India like Fast & Furious/ Jungle book/ Avatar etc. …..But some of the big films have huge scope and they need to understand it carefully.

    In my opinion films like Pirates 5,The Mummy, Transformers5, Spiderman,Justice League, Dunkirk, War for the Planet of the Apes ,Thor 3 Annabelle 2 etc. can be successful films at the box office if the arrange the the release well and marketed the film well.

    • Well Said but they cant set a release date by checking india too
      they decide release date according to usa season
      also the marketing should be conducted be our own people thus we can make hollywood to success


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