Hit and Run case: Opposition challenges Salman’s driver theory

Following Salman Khan's acquittal in the infamous 2002 hit-n-run case by the Bombay High Court in December, 2015, the Maharashtra Government had filed a fresh appeal against the actor in the Supreme Court. The first hearing of the same took place today morning on Monday, February 5, 2016, reported Times Now.

In the 40-minute long proceeding, several unresolved questions were brought up again. The Public Prosecutor, fighting the case on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra, challenged Salman's theory of his driver allegedly driving the car when the accident took place. He questioned as to how the driver came into the picture after as long as 13 years in 2015 and not in 2002.

He also specifically questioned the timing of the superstar's blood sample. He pointed out that the accident took place at 3 am but Salman's blood sample was taken as late as 10:30 am.

The matter will now be discussed on Monday February 8, 2016. Congress' Kapil Sibal is representing Salman in the case.

Via Times of India

2 comments on “Hit and Run case: Opposition challenges Salman’s driver theory”

  1. BA thanks for this report what your opiniun in this case how is going/how long going?

  2. I mean..seriously..maha govt has so much concern which was never shown before? What r they trying to prov? Instead of wasting time on these lawyers, why can't they involve themselves in resolving issues with farmers who have a poor suicide record????..waste fellows..

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