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Highest Non-Holiday Openers: Aamir Khan rules

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Highest Non-Holiday Openers: Aamir Khan rules

There is often debate that Khans who are the biggest crowd puller in Bollywood, can only give opening on festivals. However the stats suggest something else.

The festivals definitaly give a huge boost to a film’s collection especially on the opening day. The top 3 highest openers of all time were released on holiday. (Though Sultan had a partial holiday but it was also pre-Eid).

But when it comes it non-holiday openers, it is Aamir Khan who is leading the charts. Dhoom 3 remains the highest non-holiday opener till date. It is followed by recently release Dangal which did not have any big director, herioner or music. Yet the film opened due to the trust that audience has on Aamir Khan.

Salman has two films Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick which were released on pre-Eid which makes it even more commendable as Muslims stay away from theaters in Ramadan period. SRK’s Dilwale is also there despite having a big clash with Bajirao Mastani.

However there is not a single film of Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn in the list. There is also Ranbir Kapoor in the top 10 who gave opening on a normal release. It clearly shows that Khans stands way above than the rest of the actors when it comes to box office pull.

Check out the list.




Dhoom 3
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Krrish 3
MSD The Untold Story
Dabaang 2
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani



  1. salman k fans srk ki movie nahi dekhte… Or srk k fans salman ki movie nahi dekht. . . agar dekhte bhi hai to one time…
    But srk or salman dono k fans aamir ki movie zaroor dekhte hai wo bhi more than one time… Is ley aamir always top…

  2. Usman Solo Reply

    Still d opening is favored by free Holiday… Everyone knows free holiday is doing well also.

  3. Among top 10 highest single days of all time Salman has 7 Amir 2 and Srk 1.

  4. Among top 35 single days of all time Salman has 18 and rest have 17.

  5. For Dangal to enter top 10 of highest single days it has beat Sultan’s opening day 36.54 either on Saturday ir Sunday. Sunday is definitely going to be more if Saturday is more than 36.6(BB 2nd day) then there will be 5 of Salman and 4 of Amir in top 10.

  6. Good news for aamir fans…
    I think only fans can’t help a film to get a good opening ,its all about world of mouth…
    Amir khan is a good actor,his stories always attract the odiance…….so it happens.

  7. wow….
    SRK,Salman and Aamir stardom mein same hein only difference srk and salman releses theire film on
    holiday whereas Aamir on non holiday…..but at the end Aamir thrashes each n every record of Both srk n Salman but they could not……thats why 5th ATHG is comming ….out of 5……
    5 christmas …5 ATHG ……….What a achivement……

    • Bajrangi Bhaijaan non holiday pre Eid and still 27.5 cr.
      Dangal after a year means with 5% higher ticket rates and on normal day with winter holidays going on did only 29.8 cr. Let’s see what it should have done to prove Amir anywhere near to Salman.
      5% higher due to ticket prices means 29 cr. 15-20% higher due to no Ramdan period means 34 cr. 5-10% higher due to winter holidays means 36 cr. But it us around 20% lower than that.
      Now don’t say no songs, heroine and blah blah cause Amir was in his comfort zone and Salman in his comfort zone. Even if Dangal was commercial, had good songs and popular heroine then it is not necessary that it would have collected more cause that is not what people expect from Amir.

    • Couldn’t beat baahubali a big margin difference…this didn’t provide info atleast from today festival season,holiday starts but baahubali being complete non holiday did 50cr while dangal 29 while in Hindi baahubali did 5 cr dangal in Telugu,Tamil 50 lakhs soooooo much difference baahubali still rocking

    • Abe Lallu Asha dream dekhta hai

      Dabang dabang 2 kick BB all are non festival

      And ready got blockbuster tag even without festival

      Have Aamir got blockbuster tag without festival in last 10 year

      Answer everyone know that’s no

      But still you bark here like don

      Aamir I like too much but not like dumb fan like you

      So trolling only parashya

  8. My calculations tell that Dangal’s lifetime collection will be
    At most 325 cr.
    At least 265 cr.
    Most probably 290 cr.
    This is an honest opinion based on calculations considering Christmas and New Year on Sunday and 3 open weeks.

    • It will b in most 450 cr,atleast 380 cr,most probably 425 cr because amir had little China advantage..n this wrestling drama may go well there

      • Are main India nett ki baat kar raha hoon worldwide gross ki nahi.

        • ohhh in such case its highly a miracle if it collects 300cr in india ….already demonetation affect will b there n in telugu,tamil versions its heading towards flop due to local films competing with dangal n it cant defeat local movies with dubbed version….so to collect 300 a miracle to b happened in such case mostly 302,probably 280,atleast 260 may be sound proper

  9. Monday will give clear picture.
    22 cr. Monday means 330 cr. lifetime.
    20 cr. Monday means 300 cr. lifetime.
    18 cr. Monday means 270 cr. lifetime.

    • pk collected 21cr on monday
      so Dangal definitely 23 on monday…..
      that means 370cr is on cards…..