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Highest Grossers of the Year from 1989-2016

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Highest Grossers of the Year from 1989-2016:

Dangal has become the highest grosser of the year and is Aamir Khan’s 7th film which has achieved this feat. In recent years, whenever Aamir Khan has delivered HGTY, it has also been highest grosser of all time (Ghajini, 3 Idiots and PK) and Dangal will also do the same.

Salman Khan still remains ahead of all its contemporaries as he has 9 HGOTY. Aamir Khan is at the second spot but he does few films and is unlikely to surpass Salman soon. SRK is at 3rd position but he has been searching for HGOTY since 9 years. In fact since 2007, only Salman Khan and Aamir Khan has delivered highest grosser of the year and that too by a big margin from other actors.

Also, check out some other key facts.

♦ Salman is the only actor to give 3 consecutive highest grosser of the year (2010-12)
♦ Hrithik and Salman are the only actors to deliver highest grosser on their debut
♦ Salman has delivered Top 2 grossers of the year 4 times (1999,2011,2012,2015)
♦ SRK has given top 2 grossers of the year twice (1995 and 2004).
♦ Hrithik has also done it once in 2006 (Krrish and Dhoom 2)


YearFilm ActorCollection Verdict
1989Maine Piyar KiaSalman15ATBB
1990DilAamir10Super Hit
1991SaajanSalman10Super Hit
1994Hum Aapke Hain KaunSalman69.75ATBB
1995Dilwale Dhulhania Le JayengeSRK61ATBB
1996Raja HindustaniAamir48ATBB
1998Kuch Kuch Hota HaiSRK45.25ATBB
1999Hum Sath Sath HaiSalman28Hit
2000Kaho Na Pyaar HaHrithik38Blockbuster
2003Koi Mil GayaHrithik42.5Blockbuster
2004Veer ZaraSRK40.0Super Hit
2005No EntrySalman43.0Super Hit
2006Dhoom 2Hrithik80.25Blockbuster
2007Om Shanti OmSRK79.4Blockbuster
20093 IdiotsAamir202.5ATBB
2012Ek Tha TigerSalman197.45Blockbuster
2013Dhoom 3Aamir285ATBB
2015Bajrangi BhaijaanSalman321ATBB
Salman Khan: 9
Aamir Khan: 7
Shahrukh Khan: 5
Hrithik Roshan: 3
Sunny Deol: 2
Govinda: 1
Anil Kapoor: 1


  1. Good analysis . Anil Kapoor has 2 Highest Grossers of the year as the entire credit of No Entry cannot go to Salman . Salman played the supporting role in NE . So Anil Kapoor should be credited for No Entry . Apart from this everything about this article is pitch perfect .

    • baap of all khans Reply

      not everything is perfect salman’s debut movie was biwi ho to aisi not maine pyar kiya

    • Aamir 5 as Dangal is also expected to cross pk record
      Salman 2 bro (HAHK and Maine pyaar kiya)

        Aamir Khan: 5 (Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, PK and Dangal (expected))
        Salman Khan:2 (Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun!)
        Shah Rukh Khan: 1 (Chennai Express)
        Sunny Deol: 1 (Gadar)
        Hrithik Roshan: 1 (Dhoom 2)

  2. ab bolo bhai salman is always ahead of srk

    srk is just media made star and his film doing son buiseness only because of promotion

  3. dhAakAd Anup Reply

    Overall 1950-2016
    As I said
    Dilip Sir -9
    Salman-8(ex.KKHH & No Entry)
    Dharmendra ,Raj Kapoor & SRK-5

  4. In Saajan too Salman played the supporting role. Hero was Sanjay dutt.

    Bollyarena, get your facts right.

  5. Disaster khans Reply

    Totally fake article. It is completely biased article. Bollyarena always writes good about khans over other bollywood actors

  6. In Saajan too, Salman was playing supporting actor to Sanjay Dutt.

  7. Salman has very important role in kuch kuch hota hai and Amitabh also has special appearance in pink but it is his movie so kuch kuch hota hai is also in the list of salman’s filmography

  8. Dadudh dadudh Reply

    Salman higest grosser 1994 hahk’s 69.75cr record amir beat after 14 long years in 2008 which was gajini & also hahk-1994 still biggest movie of indian cinema (hahk beat 5 times more recent all time higest grosser sholay/mpk 15cr)

    • Because you are copying articles and posting in the comments which are sent to trash due to plagiarism issue. Write your own comments

  9. Saksham — u r wrong —

    Though salman had lesser role in no entry –salman was always credited for no entry as due to his presence movie was such a big hit and also his role was comparatively smaller but not special appreance.

    This is called star power — in damini credit will always go to sunny and rishi.

    Darr credit always goes to srk not sunny though srk was villian.

    Welcomes – credit goes to Akshay, not Nana or anil.

    Also – salman in 2005 and anil 2005 has no comparission.. their is not comparission — anils role is like paresh rawals role in welcome.. more in qty but credit to akshay.

    Hope u go my point.

    What bolly areena has to say about this.

  10. my fav is sunny paaji…..gadar had shows in punjab even at 4:00 am in the morning!…..aamir khan my other fav made brilliant films like jo jeeta wohi sikandar and sarfarosh….both of which were ahead of their times..

  11. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    Dear Bolly how come you compare SRk before he debut…where Amir and Salman already gave HGTY..

    how come SRK fall under count with year 1989 analysis….???? correct it…

    either remove DIL and Maine pyar kiya from list…or make new analysis since 1992.

    Sallu 5
    SRK 5
    Amir 6.

  12. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    totally worng analysis…how come you count KKHH as sallu starring…

    in 1999 sallu career is totally down…he is doing almost b grade movies like …AUZAR,Hello brother,etc etc he even not a star…..

    he just appear in KKHH for 15 minutes role to revive his career…

    where is SRk were already prove he is king of romance …with KKHH, DTP hai…pardes..yes boss…so on…

    if you count Sallu as KKHH than count Akshay also in Dil to pagal hai…he has full title song with leading lady madhuri…..

    dear Reader please reply or likes

  13. 1992:jo jeeta wohi sikandar deserved to be biggest hit
    1993:khalnayak lost to aankhen by small margin
    2003:kal ho na ho was way better than koi mil gya
    2006:rang de basanti was far better than dhoom 2

  14. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    Dear Boolly,

    please reply to my earlier comment.

    sincere request how come you compare SRk with 1989 analysis…this is unfair…

    please please reply….

    • Ok, start comparison from 1992, makes no difference, srk will be still at no.3

      • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

        remove dil,from Amir….than 6
        remove…mnpk and kkhh…than 5…srk 5….

  15. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    Bollywood Arena..

    please remove Saajan and KKHH from Sallu list….

    make the comparison from 1992 than remove Dil from Amir khan…

    please please please

    Amir 6
    SRK 5
    Sallu 4

  16. akash deep Reply

    I think Saajan- Sanjay dutt and No entry- Anil kapoor’s movie… They were leading actor not salman…

    • Exactly SRK’s role in DZ> Salmans in NE, Salman had only 43 mins

  17. @bollyarena why didn’t you count kkhh in salman khan list he was paid more than leading actors source obviously karan johar contact him without salman khan kkhh was not possible

  18. Salman Fan Reply

    WOW, Salman is kicking of haters wrong again and again…..

    Love You Bhaijaan…..

  19. Salman Fan Reply

    /* Salman is the only actor to give 3 consecutive highest grosser of the year (2010-12) */

    The only reason I want Sultan to be HGOTY is because with this movie (2016) and with 2017, Salman become the only actor who give 3 consecutive HGOTY that too Twice….Well now it is not possible, unless Salman gives HGOTY in 2017-2019 which is not an easy task….

    But still Best Of Luck Salman Bhai…..

  20. So box office ultimate kings are salman and aamir khan
    I don’t see any srk fan commenting on this article 😂😂😂

  21. Salmans’ role in No entry is shorter than SRK role in Dear Zindahi, its just a special appearance of 43 minutes
    So Anil Kapoor has 2 hgoty-No entry, Beta

  22. baap of all khans Reply

    @ bollyarena, salmans debut was not maine pyar kiya, it was biwi ho to aisi, so please do your research properly and update that

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