Hate Story 4 1st Weekend Box Office Collection: Hate Story 4 has a decent first weekend of around 12.57 crore. There was some growth over the weekend but still, it was on the lower side.

The trend over the weekend means that it will be tough going for the film on weekdays too. Erotic thrillers can get away with drops on weekdays too if the weekend is solid. But here the opening weekend is on the lower side which means that it will need the ideal hold on Monday.

  • Day 1: 3.76
  • Day 2: 4.19
  • Day 3: 4.62
  • Total: 12.57 cr


  1. now we are all waiting for hate story 5 with srk, kajol and deepika. kajol will make it do 20 million plus in overseas( which srk is yet to do without kajol) and deepika will take it to 250 crore plus in domestic market( srk is yet to cross 150 crore without deepika). to aisa mauka dobara nehi milega. srk soch ke dekh le, boxoffice collections heroines samhal lega, tujhe to sirf mazee karne hai 2 heroines ke saath. but why will deepika and kajol do this kind of film that’s a big question. agar deepika aur kajol maan gayi to phir srk
    ki paanho ungli ghee me hogi.


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