Happy Birthday Salman Khan – The Megastar turns 52

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Bollywood’s biggest superstar Salman Khan has turned 52 today. The actor who has seen many ups and downs in his career, is currently enjoying the peak of his stardom.

Since 2010, Salman Khan has taken his superstardom to a whole different level. His current phase is considered the best ever in the history of Bollywood. Apart from Tubelight, all his films have been successful at the box office. Even that film collected 120 crores in India which is much higher than rejected films of other superstars. Salman has given all time opening and weekend records on Eid, Diwali and Christmas.

It is not only about box office. He commands his number one position on television too. He has the biggest fan following in India. The craze and hysteria for Salman Khan is unprecedented. Whenever his film releases, it is celebrated as a festival by fans.

Salman Khan is currently enjoying the massive success of Tiger Zinda Hai. The film smashed opening weekend records a by a huge margin despite not having a national holiday.

The team of Bollyarena wishes Salman Khan another successful year and hope that he will continue to entertain us for many more years to come.


  1. Sallu Tiger Hai Reply

    Happy Birthday Megastar Salman Khan
    1. In 80s, Bollywood was suffering. Big stars like Amitabh Bacchan and big directors like MAnmohan Desai were gradually failing. Audience were tired of the same old films. Theatres were being closed. Big blockbusters like Tezaab hardly crossed 2cr footfalls. Then came #MainePyaarKiya. Smash ATBB. Equalised Sholay’s collections 5cr footfalls. Brought the audience back. Biggest hit of the 80s decade.

    2. 90s started with the acclaim of Baaghi and monstrous success of Sajan. In between came the box-office-defining HAHK(The collection which SRK failed to cross with JHMS, Aamir took 14 years to cross.) A smash 7cr footfalls. Totally changed filmmaking scenario in 90s, from same old formulae like villain trying to rape heroine and hero coming to rescue. Brought family values, A 7cr freaking footfalls.
    Fun Fact: Akshay is yet to give a film which has 1/3rd footfall of HAHK. SRK -Aamir’s highest are just around MAinePyaarKiya

    90s ended with top-3 Salman starrers taking spots in 1999-HSSH, Biwi no.1, HDDS.

    3. 2010s didn’t go well for Bhai, but guess what, it was Salman who brought the “Masses” back in so called “Sprouting Multiplex Era”[Here Aamir also has the equal credit] at the end of the decade.

    4. TZH is Salman’s 9th Blockbuster this decade. Total 14

    10 HGOTYS
    6 Record OPENERS
    2 HGOTDs
    1 Highest grosser of the century(The rest Bollywood has 0)-HAHK


    • mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

      Stardom ka mtlb kya h ??

      Stardom ka mtlb h…..Multiplex , singal screen , inlelligent , gavaar , bhojpuri , young , old , girl , women , …..(not only auto wala…or teenager )

      Sabhi jiski movie ko dekhte h….

      😇 vo b har roll me😇….

      Jiska stardom kbhi fusslite nhi hota h…

      Jo Ra-one ki tarah mara nhi jaata….

      Jiska stardom day by day badhta h….

      Jise kisi Hero image ki jarurat nhi padti…….bas presence hi kaafi h….

      Jiski har Movie Histry bn jaati h…..

      Or esa one and only….ek hi acter h…..

      ……….AAMIR KHAN…….

    • SRK VD U.K Fans Base Reply

      @mahaveer this guy has lost it, he doesn’t know that Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan ate the only 2 actors in India who currently with the right movies can connect to the audience worldwide!

      The only thing here is that Aamir is picking and the right movies and Shah Rukh isn’t!

      And Salman was never more successful than Shah Rukh in the 90s or 2000s so stop your bullshit !

  2. 2010 born star
    25 clash me 22 clash haar ne vala
    South ki blockbuster movie ka remake kr ke apna career banaya
    Rakhi Sawant se clash haara
    2000-2009 top 5 me bhi nahi
    2010 se sirf action mass movie kr rha jo India me bhut chalta hai .. tubelight Kia utter flop ..yes he is biggest superstar wow

  3. 😍😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ many many happy returns of the day – The MegaStar of Our Country….. Love u bhaijaan…. Keep entertaining us…..

  4. Abubakar Siddique Reply

    Truly the real megastar happy birthday Salman bhai and congrats for the success of Tiger Zinda Hai

  5. Wish u a very very happy Birthday!!

    But Salman cant beat Aamirs Record!!

    TZH will not beat BB

    My prediction for TZH -260cr (I know this is too less)
    but i will not change my color like sallu fans
    i m sticking to it

    • Kam se Kam birthday wish me collection ko chodd do Bhai bus wish krdo Kaafi he

  6. Happy Birthday bhai The Biggest Megastar of Bollywood and India has ever produced…
    Very Happy Today bcoz of Bhai ‘s Birthday and to the mega success of megastar’s Tiger Zinda Hai

  7. A big bigger and biggest hug to the most handsome 52 yr old craftman with amazzzzzzzinggg sense of entertainment and BEST screen presence in not only India but world!! This man enjoys almost 60% of overall bollywood fan base making him the Best ever Bollywood Hero!!!
    Thanks for all the beautiful memories and the fun we have watching your films in theaters. Its really magic and fanfair!!

  8. Nice article.. aptly sums up salman khan’s superstardom .. irrespective of how his films perform.. he is the ultimate megastar Bollywood has ever seen.. and remember all time grosser (inflation adjusted) is HAHK at 685 crores plus and with footfalls in excess of 7.6 crores.. he has got very record to his name that can be counted and meansures. A big happy birthday to Salman Khan !!

  9. Great wish u a very handsome happy birthday Salman the only one mass mega star of india.

  10. Will he finally man up and tell the world that he is gay?! That all that make believe of him dating different actresses are just gimmick. He has been seen here frequently in Amsterdam and Ibiza in official gay hotels reserve for only top middle eastern gay sheiks and prince.. however HBD money making machine.

  11. As a aamirkhan fan,

    I would like to give my wishes to salman khan, the only actor is able to compete him. Tum jio hazaro saal aur takkar do aamirkhan ko apni movie se usi me mazaa he baki ham discussions kya karege?😁🤪

    Srk is a great actor hope wo b a66i movie karna start kar de. Akshay is good too but failed to get big numbers.

    Salman khan:- dil se many many happy returns of the day.

  12. Mr dobigthings Reply

    I really want thank you Bollyarena Team for this article, because you guys always been positive toward Salman Khan, I genuinely believe.

    As Salman Khan fan I appreciate you guys!

    From Switzerland I’m not Indian but I love watching Hindi movies, and enjoy.

  13. Its been 100 years since hindi film industry has started.
    Since the days of Dharmji our Indian audiences started seeing a HERO on big screen and there have been many great heros our audiences have seen the years gone by. Amitji, Jacky Dada, Anil Kapoor, Sanju Baba, Sunny Paji we all saw them and felt like watching a HERO on 70 mm screen.
    You are certainly one of them and the last HERO that Indian Audience will see on the big screen.
    Happy Birthday to one of the most charismatic HERO ever.
    Mr. Salman Khan.

  14. Tiger is Roar Reply

    Thnx bollyarena for amazing article true that the stardam he have today no one else in the history ever
    Happy birthday Tiger

  15. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    @ Parshaya…tu abhi dreams me hai…1/2 filmy calne se agar mega star bante tu Amitbh or Rajini sir ko ghar me baithe hote….film bikti hai nam pe openings pe…jo ke Sallu bhai or SRK sir ke pass hai…lifetime collections depends on DIRECTION/STORY/Screen play…

  16. Dadudh dadudh Reply

    Record opening wknds
    This is true mega stardom

  17. Salman Bhai, aap aise hi entertain krte raho… Fans ki duayein aapke sath hain…
    Allah aapko aur tarakki bakshe…

  18. Padman @ 200cr Reply

    Happy Birthday to Tiger…🐯🐯🐯

    Khan Duo n Akki rocks…..
    Undoubtedly Salman Khan is the Biggest Superstar of Indian Cinema as long as stardom is regarded……..

    Aamir n Salman r bo rulers on other hand Akki is the BO salvager…..

  19. dean Ambrose Reply

    Happy birthday to megastar of Bollywood SAlman sir…..always keep us entertaining sir…

  20. dean Ambrose Reply

    All salman sir fans remember that ki parshya aunty ne TZH ka prediction 260cr diya h to yadi TZH ne 260 cross kar diya to parshya aunty should retire from bollyarena….. Koi excuse nhi chalega…..and even bollyarena is predicting 325cr now my final prediction will be on Friday night….. Lekin 300crs to aaram se cross hoga…

    • @Miss Dean
      Teri prdiction kya thi batata hoon…

      *Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Prediction Article

      dean Ambrose 12/21/2017 at 10:49 PM

      Parshya aunty be ready to be salman sir fan….and tumne bola tha ki me final predict karu to dekh lo my last prediction for TZH…….

      1st day: 41.50crs
      1st weekend: 124.30crs
      1st week: 240crs
      Total lifetime: 402.32crs…
      Verdict: ATBB

      tiger 12/21/2017 at 10:37 PM

      Take screenshot bhai haters
      1st day 40cr aaram se ..45cr bhi possible hai
      1st weekend 135cr in 3 days
      Lifetime 400cr aaram se ..

      MK 12/21/2017 at 10:18 PM

      41.64 cr… 43.55 cr first day
      39.54 cr ….to 43.05 cr second day
      45.04 cr … 48.76 cr third day
      35.05 cr …to 38.46 cr fourth day
      25.05 cr…to 27.07 cr fifth day…..

      vivek 12/21/2017 at 10:40 PM

      Average reviews bhi rha to 400cr pkka hai
      Positive rha to 500cr only in India

      hahahahahaha ;)

  21. Ceiling khan Reply

    Mental pateint @jahangir khan..why does rqju papa and nitesh uncle goes to aakir for their film?? Why they dont go to srk?? Oh raju papa to gaya tha leken bechareko srk mana kar dia due to oscar winning movie raone…
    Aamir does not choose directors..they choose him..understand chutiya..cause aamir gives his full dedication and garuntee that film will be success..aur tere srk ka aukat to teri jese fans se pata chalti hai jo ki aamir ka cameo appearance wala film ko srk ka raees ka sath mila raha hai..

    Aur aamir average script to choose nahi karega tera srk ki tarah..or taalash was above average and a lot better movie than jo actor 3 saal se hit nahi de pa rahi hai uski saat 3 atbb dene wali megastar aakir ki sath tulana kar rahi hae..

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      Congrats salman for giving another bb..all khans are still rulomg the industry. .srk is having a bad period bt I hope he comes back with rakesh sharma biopic, dhoom 4, dwarf and don 3..I will like to see the khans ruling nxt 10 years