Happy Birthday Aamir Khan: The Megastar turns 53

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Bollywood’s megastar Aamir Khan has turned 53 today. The actor is currently busy in the shooting of his next film Thugs of Hindustan.

He recently did a cameo in Secret Superstar which was a moderate success in India. However the film grossed a monstrous $120 million in China. The word of mouth is positive but it also debuted with a huge $27 million in the opening weekend. Thus Aamir Khan also became a superstar in China with back to back success of Dangal and Secret Superstar.

Aamir Khan is considered one the of the biggest superstar in the world as he enjoys a huge fan following in India, China, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey and many other countries. The top Bollywood grossers in India, overseas and worldwide belong to Aamir Khan. His last release Dangal grossed more than 2000 crores in worldwide.

On his 53rd birthday, we wish Aamir Khan an another happy and successful year ahead.


  1. Happy Birthday Aamir Sir

    Truly an inspirational actor and a mega legend.

    Waiting eagerly for TOH

    • Modest fan Reply

      ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰happy birthday sir ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ

  2. dean Ambrose Reply

    Khufia agency se pata chala h ki parshya aunty amir ke ghar ke pas Jo ek nala behta h wahi se amir KO birthday wish kar rahi thi tabhi achanak padman aya aur unhe Patiala house me joker banaker khatte meethe sweet khilakar nachane laga..

    • Woh parshya aunty nahin Roric thakur hoga. Bajrangi pai bet lagayi thi aur ab apne aap ko sher keh raha hai ๐Ÿ˜‚ pads leak hogaye hein us kai aur new mil nahin rahe usse market mein

    • HBD aamir. News is Aditya Narayan made his teacher Salman proud by ramming his car in rickshaw. Aditya learned driving from Salman in movie Jab pyar kisse se hota hai

      • SRK and VD UK Fans Base Reply

        Thatโ€™s wrong!!! But itโ€™s funny lmao ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. dean Ambrose Reply

    Kya kisi KO pta h ki aaj parshya aunty kitne saal ki ho gyi h???

    • Bhai world Reply

      Talk about the great man aamir not garbage people who nobody cares

  4. dean Ambrose Reply

    Roric when are u leaving bollyarena plzzzz inform us,,,,apna vaada bhul gye kya???

  5. SRK vs Salman vs Aamir till 2009
    Hits : SRK – 21, Salman – 19, Aamir – 13
    ATBB : SRK – 2, Salman – 2. Aamir – 3
    Blockbuster: SRK – 9, Salman – 3, Aamir – 4
    ATG: SRK – 0 , Salman – 1, Aamir – 2
    HGOTY : SRK – 5 , Salman – 5 , Aamir – 4
    Record opener : SRK- 5,Salman – 2, Aamir- 4
    So till 2009 SRK was the number 1 star .
    He had leads in Hits, blockbusters, Hgoty , Record opener.
    Aamir was only ahead in ATBB and ATHG.and Salman was ahead in nothing.he only equalls in HGOTY with SRK that too if we count No entry in which he hadn’t lead role .2,3 crore footfalls were also important achievement but before 94 data’s are not available .so I have not included in my statistics.
    So conclusion is till 2009 ,ranking is
    1- Shah rukh Khan
    2.Aamir Khan
    3.Salman khan
    Aamir and Salman are ahead right now because of this decade and SRK is lagging behind only because of average this decade.
    Note – verdict of film before 94 I have taken from indicine.

      • SRK and VD UK Fans Base Reply

        Shah Rukh Khan dream is much bigger lol, remember my words Shah Rukh Khan will the first full time actor who will cross a billion dollars as his net worth!

        And you will keep saying heโ€™s finished while heโ€™s laughing looking at his money! Itโ€™s like SRK said that digital world will take over and heโ€™s already taken charge of that, times will change! Just wait…

  6. dean Ambrose Reply

    Happy birthday amir sir…..aap jald se jaldi 3rd and 4th shaadi Karo aur !???????

  7. Honest man Reply

    Happy birthday to the megastar who has created all the boxofficebenchmarks and clubs from beginning to end. All the best for thugs of hindustan.

  8. SRkian Sayar Reply

    Undoubtedly the biggest global megastar of India today
    He and Albert Einstein were born on the same day…both geniuses
    Man who always inspires….
    Happy Birthday to the megastar,,,,,
    May you live long and give us claasics
    Years down the lane, it will be aamir khan films that will be most watched and celebrated!!

    BTW The first film that I remember watching was Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in TV when I was 5………First film I watched in theatre was TZP(I was just 9 years old then) :D

  9. Bhai world Reply

    Happy birthday megastar aamir

    Hope TOH Does 530 crores in india