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Golmaal Again 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

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Golmaal Again 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again has collected 10.58 crores in its third weekend. The film maintained a decent pace despite the release of new films.

It is inching towards 200 crores mark and will reach there in the fourth weekend. Golmaal Again will be the first Diwali release to cross 200 cr. Earlier the highest Diwali grossers were Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Krrish 3 (both collected 197 crores).

Total203.13 cr
Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40


  1. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Comment:for some no offence with Ajay sir but according to some adians 2.0 is not akshay movie
    not a single solo poster of Ajay in golmal 4
    6 actors in lead role on G4
    only 2 actors in lead role in 2.0
    3 solo poster of akshay Kumar
    but but G4 is Ajay film but 2.0 is not akshay Kumar film πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • toh sach hi toh bolte hain Ajay Sir ke fans…
      2.0 is Rajini Sir’s movie… Akki is just a 100 crore actor whereas Rajini sir is megastar…

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        @Aamir fan….

        You him and I know its not Ajay fans saying it,every sound movie watcher fans already know whose movie it is…He is using AD as an excuse to pour his frustration especially after insisisting,challenging GA not crossing 150 maxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

          Golmaal n Singham franchise is running only due to Rohit Shetty even kutt@ bhi janta hai ye baat
          Actually Akki ke success se khan fans(Aamir fans) n ADians bahut Jealous hai (esp.srkians n ADians) bas isi kaaran woh Akki ko neecha dikhane ki koshish karte hai
          @hameed u r right General audience jaanti hai sab isi wajah se toh Akki hit pe hit ra hai aur Rohit ka mooh taakta rehta hai
          Aur ek baat Ajay Akki se jyaada popular hota toh Rajni sir usi ko naa lete 2.0 meπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

            • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

              Ye srkians aur ADians sirf 90s ki hi baat karte hai ye log hamesha 90s me hi
              Jiyenge aur marenge bhi 90s me

              • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

                Courtesy desimartini

                7 Upcoming Bollywood Films Featuring Anti-Heroes In Prominent …
       Nov 6, 2017 6:38 PM

                Bollywood has a long history of entertaining the audiences through colorful characters in its films. These characters can be the lead actors, actresses, supporting characters, comic sidekicks, or the villains. There are some classic films that have given us some remarkable characters that have stayed with us for a long time.

                But, if its one genre in which Bollywood always seems to be besting itself is the one where it features Anti-Hero in lead roles. There have been highly successful thrillers, action, and dramas through which Bollywood actors have left a strong impression on the viewers’ mind. Here are 7 Upcoming Bollywood films featuring Anti-Heroes in lead roles:
                1. AKSHAY kumar in 2.0
                2.Ranveer singh in Padmavati
                3. Aamir in TOH
                4. Salman in kick 2
                5. Salman in Race 3
                6. Sushant drive
                7. Aksar 2

          • TEMPERATURE Reply

            Go ask Neil mukesh Khanna why they approached him first…you need a link?

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Personally,i have been quite disappinted with 2.0 posters. They look ordinary and not an above 250 cr movie poster that is. Whoever chose that look for (name withheld) did a very very poor work on his looks…Hope the trailer and movie cancels that out …just said what i feel no offense to Rajni Sir upcoming project…

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        @utsav bhai kuch mat bolo Ajay ke khilaaf enjoy karne do ADians ko kyun ki GA ke baad ki kahaani sab ko pata hai
        Aur 200 cr dene ki capacity sirf inki haiπŸ‘‡
        1. Aamir
        2. Salman
        3.Rajkumar Hirani
        4. Rohit Shetty

        If these 4 r there, then there no matters who the actor or director is. got it???

        • TEMPERATURE Reply

          Hirani gave 200 cr with which actor beside Aamir?

          And Dummy…So Chennai Express n HNY were not 200 crs…okay CE πŸ˜‚…!

          Rohit does not guarantee 200, He definitely needs star power… Likes of SRK and Ajay justified.

          But when will your actor cross 134???

          After GA success H4 announced… Emergency Panic Button mode activated!!

          • TEMPERATURE Reply

            Unfortunately… When Fans on internet, box office, Random chats will be listing Actors with hilarious Elite grossing numbers in their career…nobody will remember Hirani Shetty Kabir…rather
            SRK Aamir Ajay and Salman.
            Bitter truth hurts bro!!

            I can tell you…this iz the best time i can Address Akshay now!! Anymore,i repeat anymore unnecessary fanwars i swear you will hate me more….so respect yourself and lets end the discussion here cos you very well know ….No Ajay fan on bollyarena said anything about Akki, @Ustav started all this and the fool must end it…or you guys know me very well.!

            • TEMPERATURE Reply

              Wait for Dutt biopic…why not wait for Akki 140 crsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Between Ranbir already has a way higher opening than Akki and he has the potential to achieve 180 cr at least his last highest grosser is not 134πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

          • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

            When will your Ajay give solo 100 cr Grosser without Rohit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    • 20 crore opening aaj bhi Akki ke liye ek sapne jesa hai.
      PS- I am not againt Akki but Akki fans please apne star ko utna hi glorify jitna bada woh star hai. Akki is not the league of Khans. Ab toh Ranbir, Ranveer aur Varun bhi aage nikal gaye Akki se.

      • khan ki kon si league bachi h ab bhai sab khatam ho chuka h bahubali ne sab tod diya ab bas tum purane collection dekho
        rahi baat collection ki to total me abhi bhi king h bo uska tum kuchh nhi ukhad sakte ho
        ab bologe usne movie jayada kiya h to tumhre actor ko kisne mana kiya h kam movie karne ko ab tumhare actor 2 movie ek saal me kr le to tubelight ya JHMS bana dete h usme Akshay ki kya galti h

          • 160 crore ki movie ne 190 crore hi to kamaye the akki ne 24 crore se 134 crore kama diye bo to tujhe nhi dikha

              • munna tu kb samjhega sare superstar khud ki film produce karte h bo profite lete h ya satellite right lete apni fees
                kisi bhi superstar ki movie ke budget meuski fees add nhi hoti

        • and read the last line too. I said Varun, Ranveer aur Ranbir ki highest grosser bhi Akki ki highest grosser se jyada hai.



      Gawar Lunatic dont you feel ashame making such statement?

      How many solo posters Akki had for Housefull series? ?

      Not only Ajay fans but all fans know whose movie it is definitely a Out n out Rajnikant movie,but hindi version will be watched due to Akki popularity and thats it.

      Between fool ,you said you challenge GA not crossing 160 cr cos its a comedy movie…why did you come back?

      If you cant handle Aj 200 cr movie respect yourself and shut up instead of showing Envy and Jealousy here.

    • rhythm Singh Reply

      6 actors mein except Ajay sir..kitno ka solo release ne 40cr ka bhi lifetime business kiya h Bhai??

    • dean Ambrose Reply

      Ajay sir has bigger heart then any actors bcuz wo clash se kabhi nhi darte,, eg: SOS vs JTHJ ,,,,ADHM vs Shivaay,,,,and now G4 vs SS,,,,,aur G4 ne proof kar diya ki star ka naam sirf 1st weekend tak chalta h uske baad film chalti hai… except that and ye akshay sir fan kab sudhrenge,,excuse pe excuse de rahe h….pehle keh rhe the ki 130+ nhi kar payegi ab rohit shetty ka naam le rhe h,,,hahahahha

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Jealous is the easiest word to use.
        @2.0 even challenged Zarina trashing Ajay but now excuse p excuse!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • utsav kaisa laga dost tune tou full zore lagaia tha GA ko flop karwane main ab bol ??

  2. Akshay fans be like . Itna collection kaise kar lia vo bhi clash me ..hamara akki ka to 130cr me phuss ho jaata hai ..

    • itna inflation ke baad. itni screens aur increased ticket price ke baad bhi Akki wahin hai jaha 5 saal pehle tha…
      130 crore se upar nahi gaya Akki 5 saal baad bhi…

      • Ceiling khan Reply

        Yes its true that akki fans are barking too loud and saying that he is bigger than the khans..he is currently ahead of ajay and hr and in third position(consistency is far more important than one bumper opening)..akki is consistent bt still bot in the leqgue of khans even though currently he is slightly above srk..(may change after dwarf) akki is a huge superstar bt his fans should understand that they are not bigger than khans..ajay was above him in 90s and below him in 2000s bt he was again on top of akki till2015.. So if akki continues his consistency and give good openings he will sure make it to khans bt for now they are way ahead

        • TEMPERATURE Reply

          What nonsense,whats wrong with you @Ceiling? Who is comparing akki with Khans? Pls Dont quote Lunatic perception of some Dumb fans and post it here. Its not even a topic to compare him with Khans. And yes bumper opening is not but Reaching that prestigious number of 200 cr is Robust and historic esp cz it was a No go Zone area only for the 3 Khan trio!!

  3. tiger zinda hai Reply

    Akshay Kumar ka upcoming movie collection
    2.0 140cr semi hit
    Padman 60cr semi hit /hit
    Gold 130cr hit
    Kesari 130cr average
    Housefull 4 120cr average /semi hit hahahahahahah

    Vaise kal tzh ka trailer hai yaaha huuuh

  4. kaash rohit sheety India ka prime minister ban jaye tu India se berozgari khatam ho jaye gi tushaar kapoor sharry kuwal narain printi tabu jaiso ko rozgaar deta hai

    • Waiting for the talaash2 trailerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ @Parshya