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Golmaal Again 3rd Monday Box Office Collection

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Golmaal Again 3rd Monday Box Office Collection: Golmaal Again has collected 1.25 crores on its third Monday. The total collection of the film now stands at 194.77 crores.

The film is on its way to cross 200 crores and it will reach there in the fourth weekend. Meanwhile it has also become the highest worldwide grosser of 2017 from Bollywood by beating Raees.

Day 130.14
Day 228.37
Day 329.09
Day 416.04
Day 513.25
Day 610.05
Day 79.13
Day 87.25
Day 910.61
Day 1013.58
Day 114.33
Day 124.02
Day 133.78
Day 143.28
Day 152.04
Day 163.69
Day 174.85
Day 181.25
Day 191.02
Day 201.06
Day 211.11
Day 220.62
Day 231.16
Day 241.69
Day 250.41
Day 260.50
Day 270.39
Day 280.40
Total203.13 cr


    • Ceiling khan Reply

      Best performance of actors
      Ajay devgn (singham, apaharan)
      Akshay-hera pheri, airlift
      Srk-kal ho na ho, chak de
      Salman-dabaang,hahk,tere naam
      Hritik-lakhsya, agneepath
      Varun-judwaa and badlapur
      Nawaz-bb and badlapur
      Irrfan-maqbool (its even better than talvar and lunchbox
      Rao-shahid(though shined in all his movies)

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Ajay…..Gangajal ..Ouatim
        Akshay…Jaanwar…hera pheri
        Aamir…Lagaan…3 idiots
        Salman…Bjrg Bhjn…Maine p k
        Hrithik…Lakysha…..koi mil g
        Varun …Badlapur…

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Top performances
        Akshay – Janwar, Sangharsh, Airlift etc
        Aamir – 3 idiots , lagaan, pk
        Srk – cdi, swades n mohabbatein
        Salman – bajrangi, tere naam, hahk
        Ajay – Zameen, bhagat singh, Gangajal
        Hrithik – koi mil g, khph , mk

  1. 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

    Congrats to Rohit n GA Team ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    GA on its way to become 200 cr Grosser
    2nd 200 cr Grosser for Rohit Shetty
    Kudos to Biggest Mass director of Bollywood

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply


        Rohit Shetty The One and Only Mass Director with Six 100 Cr Films

        The One and Only Mass Director Rohit Shetty with Six Rs. 100 Cr Films
        Some audiences and critics may call his comedy capers and action movies as mindless entertainers. But, they had been entertainers for sure thatโ€™s why Bollywood top director Rohit Shetty has six Rs. 100 crore movies to his credit.
        Rohit Shetty is a brand nobody look s
        At the stars
        When Ajay movie releases ,audience who is the director Rohit Shetty Blockbuster n somebody else flop

        • TEMPERATURE Reply

          So when Bobby Sidhu said
          “After Rohit last debacle” during GA prediction why didnt you correct him and tell him…Chill dude Rohit Shetty is a Mass Director that ensures Super hit or Blockbuster with any star??

          • TEMPERATURE Reply

            You shd hv told him Dilwale was Super hit or Blockbuster!!

          • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

            Still dilwale semihit is at 148 cr n jhms at 60 cr
            C the difference

          • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

            Everyone knows about bobby sidhu n takes him 4 granted. u r the only person who takes him serious

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Rohit needs Superstars like srk n Ajay๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
        Joke of the millennium๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
        Ajay last movie Baadshaho – 66cr
        Srk last movie jhms – 65 cr
        Srk 200 cr ce – Rohit
        No rohit no 200 cr for srk
        Ajay 100 cr Grossers – Rohit
        No rohit no 100 cr
        This is not 90s where u can make a fool out of audience by spreading hands n take all the credit
        Today’s audience is mature enough to differentiate n know whom to give credit
        Like Aamir, Salman, Akki, Rajkumar n Rohit whoever it is

        • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

          Baahubali franchise is known only 4 Rajamouli not prabhas cos audience knows the fact


      Biggest mass director?? Well lets see Ranveers next movie because if you say he is the biggest mass director what rings to everybody mind are his successful movies.
      Movie and A list lead roles

      Bol B….Ajay

      So if you say he is the biggest Mass Directors you now look at the Show Stoppers of those movies…SRK 2 …Ajay…8.

      Without these Mass Superstars i dont think anybody wouldv been talking about Rohit Shetty couple with the fact even before the release of GA….you will be suprised some particular fan groups calling Rohit movies as …Shitty movies,blasting cars only,senseless directors, crap director etc… So obviously it will suprise many readers now,why now that his other movies is making news…people now suddenly shifted their praises to the so called…”Bombastic director,crap director ,Shitty director”????

      I took time went to GA trailer article posted by Bollyarena on 22 of september….if you see how some very known fans here bashing abusing “shitty” director it will shock you,now same people in order to divert due praises are now hailing him as semi god???

      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Anyways my wishes for Shanker 2.0 is very very genuine…not of pretence ,now let me make it even more genuine and can be screenshotted….Wishing Rajni Sir and Superstar Akshay @2.0 the very best. It has a bollywood actor so definitely let him make Bollywood proud..all d best Akki…๐Ÿ‘….

        Posting good luck in general is easy but using selected sensitive words for a particular actor is very very difficult esp from certain Fans.(not all cos i believe they are many Akkians who respect n acknowledge Ajay sir).

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        But when a neutral fan goes thru Ajay filmography
        Super hit (Rohit)
        Super hit (Rohit)
        Blockbuster (Rohit)

        Ajay 100 cr Grossers (Rohit)


    Shankar sir to is a well knitted Commercial
    money making Director ….wishing team 2.0 also more success.

    • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

      Shankar s movies I starring vikram n Nanban remake of 3 idiots bombed at the bo
      Go n check just chill

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Ajay recent successful movies
        Golmaal franchise n Singham series director Rohit Shetty
        Ajay only due to franchises

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