Ghayal Once Again Review - Sunny Deol

Ghayal Once Again Review

Ghayal Once Again Review:

Ghayal Once Again is an action drama film starring Sunny Deol, Soha Ali Khan and Om Puri. The film has been directed by the actor himself. It is being produced by Dharmendra and will release on 5 February.


It is a sequel of 1990's release Ghayal which is one of the most popular action films in Bollywood. The promos have worked well and promised an entertaining film. Let's move on to Ghayal Returns review to find out if it lives up to the standards set by Ghayal.

Ghayal Once Again Review - Sunny Deol

The film starts from where first version left off. It follows the story of Ajay Mehra who after finishing his sentence starts a new career in investigating journalism and keep on fighting corruption. He earns quite a fan following among youth because of his fearless approach in life. Among his many fans are a group of four teenagers who happened to have received bravery medals from him once. These four friends once out on travel expedition, accidentally capture a murder on a camera which involved the most powerfull man of the country Raj Bhansal (Narendra Jha). Well what happens after this is a series of twist and turns where the four kids get entangled and have to fight it out with the most powerful man of the city, will Ajay Mehra be able to save them? Watch the film to find out.

The screenplay is commonplace but entertaining in parts. Especially, the action scenes work well with the audiences. But the problem lies with the weak direction and screenplay. The initial portion of the film, where Ajay’s character is being bulid up as a fearless journalist is slow. The screenplay of the latter half is such that there is ample scope for action, which has been choreographed very well.

The latter half is fast-paced. Emotions abound the script, but at most times, they fail to touch the heart. Dialogues are good at places and poor at others. All in all, the script works because of the action.

Ghayal Once Again Review: Direction, Technical Work

Sunny Deol does a decent job in direction especially in action sequences. Though he fails to handle the drama and emotion quotient well due to weak screenpaly.

The film is good on the technical aspects. The team has definitely put a lot of hard work in choreographing action sequences. There are many scenes which will blow your mind.

Background music adds to the drama. Cinematography by Ravi Yadav is decent. Visual effects are praise worthy.

Ghayal Once Again Review: Star Performances

♦ Sunny Deol rocks big time in action sequences. But he could not live up to the mark in emotional scenes.

♦ Soha Ali Khan was okay in a short presence.

♦ Narendra Jha as a villain failed to make any serious impact.


What's Good:

♦ Action Sequences
♦ Sunny's Act


What's Not:

♦ Slow 1st Half
♦ Weak Direction & Screenplay
♦ Sets and Costume
♦ Drama does not work


Ghayal Returns Review: Verdict

On the whole, Ghayal Returns is entertaining in parts. It is strictly for Sunny Deol fans as the actor returns to some serious action.




Tell us what are your thoughts on Ghayal Once Again review and rating in the comments section.

16 comments on “Ghayal Once Again Review - Sunny Deol”

  1. Good review @Bollyarena.
    You clarify well why you give this film 2 Stars & not much more.

  2. The Movie is good only....u told first half is slow...what about second half. it is awesome.
    Common you should balance everything mr. u should not catch a particular point

  3. What rubbish....
    This Is good movie only...
    u guys told first half is very slow...whats about second half.
    slow in terms of what...common u should maintain both +ve as well as -ve point also.
    only sunny deols acting is good what about action.
    I don't know who rate this.

  4. Nice movie... its action are like of Hollywood type and Sunny is all time blockbuster for action... So the movie should atleast reach or cross 100 crores

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