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Firangi 2nd Day Box Office Collection

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Firangi 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Firangi showed limited growth on Saturday. The film grossed approx 2.30 crores which is around 10% growth from yesterday.

This has sealed the fate of the film at the box office. The film needed to show 100% growth to have any chance of survival but the trend of the film is very poor. Firangi box office collection in 2 days stands at 4.40 crores. The lifetime gross is likely to be under 20 crores which will make it a failure.

  • Day 1: 2.10
  • Day 2: 2.30
  • Total: 4.40 crores



    Is it the genre of the movie or the promotion? I mean his 1st Bollywood movie did an unbelievable business…what went wrong? I hope personal off screen problem of Kapil was not another reason for this underperformance.

    • Bro because of his bad behavior !! he has no respect for his colleague’s non of Dr Mashoor gulati fans went to watch his movie !! reason only that !! kapil sharma show bhi Dr ki wajah se high rated tha na ki kapil ki !

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Arrogance is the thing that brings down even the biggest stars to the ground ….
        Poor guy kapil could not understand it..πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  2. Under 20 crore? Even 10 crore is difficoult here..
    Kapil can do only comedies movies

  3. Comment:google helped its best by not giving the poor collecton on day 1….so that the advance booking for sunday is not effected

  4. Bhagwaan sabka attitude zameen par laa deta
    Recent mai kapil ki firangi ki wazah se
    Iss pahele salman ki tubelight ki wazah se
    ( I still remember his words
    Salman”I don’t care for critics ” aur baad mai critics ne band Baja di.
    And second was ” this movie is not for launda lapadas”
    So koi dekhne hi nahi gaya ….)

  5. It’s a good lesson for him, it’s time he understands that arrogance just pulls you down….. he deserved it

  6. Binod Thakir Reply

    The three day box office collection is approx.15 crore…..which is neutral……### but Kapil Bhai is THE beSt

  7. Rizwan Khan Reply

    Comment:..this is shit movie Bakwass time wst ……movie banane se kuch nehi hota hero jaysa dikhna bhi chahiye..

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