Filmfare Awards 2017 Predictions

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Filmfare Awards 2017 Predictions

Note: We posted this article after the first half of 2016 but now it has been updated and includes all films of 2016 including Dangal and Befikre. Tell us if some of other performances deserve to be nominated. The final list will be updated at the end of the year.

We have come to the end of the year. There have been some quality films released in this period. Mostly content oriented films emerged hits at the box office and audience rejected average films and opted for Hollywood or regional films.

It is always interesting to predict for Filmfare Awards. Thus we have made our predictions for the first half. Do note that it has been made considering Filmfare Awards recent trends.

Filmfare Awards 2017 Winners Prediction

SRK delivered his best performance in Fan in a long time and will also remain a hot favourite for next year’s award though Aamir Khan will also be a strong contender after Dangal releases. But he never attends the award functions which means SRK will be the first choice for Filmfare. Akshay Kumar was also terrific in Airlift, to say the least, however, he has fewer chances to win as Filmfare has been ignoring the actor since a long time. For the best actress, Alia Bhatt was the unanimous choice however Vidya Balan has also given a splendid performance in Kahaani 2. The actress also won the award for Kahaani. Neerja, Pink and Udta Punjab will be going to fight for the best film.

Update: Filmfare has announced the nominations for 2017. Akshay Kumar and Airlift has been ignored while the rest of the nominations are almost the same as we predicted.

Here is the complete list of 62nd Filmfare Awards 2017 predictions for 1st half featuring Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film and others. The winners are in bold letters.

Best Actor

♦ Aamir Khan – Dangal

♦ Shahrukh Khan – Fan

♦ Shahid Kapoor – Udta Punjab

♦ Salman Khan – Sultan

♦ Amitabh Bachchan – Pink

♦ Sushant Singh Rajput – MS Dhoni The Untold Story

♦ Ranbir Kapoor – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


Best Actress

♦ Alia Bhatt – Udta Punjab

Vidya Balan – Kahaani 2

♦ Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Sarbajit

♦ Sonam Kapoor – Neerja

♦ Alia Bhatt – Dear Zindagi

♦ Anushka Sharma – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


Best Film

♦ Udta Punjab

♦ Dangal

♦ Pink

♦ Kapoor and Sons

♦ Sultan

♦ Neerja


Best Director

♦ Shakun Batra – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Ram Madhvni – Neerja

♦ Karan Johar – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

♦ Ali Abbas Zafar – Sultan

♦ Abhishek Chaubey – Udta Punjab

♦ Nitesh Tiwari – Dangal


Best Music

 Kapoor and Sons

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

♦ Baaghi

♦ Udta Punjab

♦ Mirzya

♦ Sultan


Best Song

♦ Tere Sang Yara – Rustom

♦ Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

♦ Channa Merya – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Bulleya – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

♦ Jag Ghoomeya – Sultan


Best Supporting Actor (Male)

♦ Jim Sabrah – Neerja

♦ Rishi Kapoor – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Fawad Khan – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Rajat Kapoor – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Rishi Kapoor – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Rajkumar Rao – Aligarh


Best Supporting Actor (Female)

♦ Ratna Pathak – Kapoor and Sons

♦ Kareena Kapoor – Udta Punjab

♦ Kirti Kulhari – Pink

♦ Richa Chadda – Sarbjit

♦ Shabana Azmi – Neerja


Best Debut

♦ Diljit Dosanjh – Udta Punjab

♦ Disha Patani – M.S Dhoni The Untold Story



♦ Best Actor: Manoj Bajpai – Aligarh

♦ Best Actress:  Sonam Kapoor – Neerja

♦ Best Film: Aligarh


Best Story: Kapoor and Sons
Best Screenplay: Udta Punjab
Best Dialogues: Udta Punjab
Best Lyrics: ADHM or Dangal
Best Editing: Neerja
Best Cinematography: Shivaay
Best Special Effects: Fan
Best Action: Shivaay
Best Background Score: Sultan
Special Mention: Waiting


These all were our Filmfare Awards 2017 predictions for the whole year. You can write your predictions in the comments section below.


    • No way …. It’s only for best performance n it’s only n only SRK


        Shah Rukh Khan might also get Best Supporting Actor for Dear Zindagi
        Fingers crossed! because their haven’t been any exceptional best supporting actor performance this year so it wont be too hard for him to get it!

        • How can you forget Amitabh Bachchan in Pink!!! I think he may bag the Best supporting actor if not the Best Actor for Pink!! He was easily better than all other nominees

          • ABDULRAZAK FAZAL Reply

            Certainly Amitabh Bachchan for Pink. But the writer seems anti AB. This is the problem with the ‘media people’. They can be easily bought.

            • 40 years aryan + 20 years yung boy gavrav == His energetic performance = srk = fan

                • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

                  offcourse..SRK..if verything you all ppl say fake than y this Drama….please remove The LAASH actor who defeated by new comer fatima…..

              SALMAN ROCKS

          • He is in our Heart alongwith SRK Aamir Akshay and all great actors.

        • Brother I dont know about others but I respect everyone’s choices so I request you to please Dont make fun of anyone because evry actors have their respective fans. And if u keep aside ur personal hate for srk and then judge he doesnt over act infact no actor aamir salam akshay or anyone overacts they aall r great actors. respect all so please donyt say that. Dar Baazigar DDLJ KKHH DTPH yes boos pardesh anzaam Devdas swadesh veer zara MNIK KHKN FAN & many more were not over acting. Great performaces by AAmir salman akshay and others r also not overacting. IN fact I dont know how people judge what is acting or overacting whats the criteria, we r not critics. I can give u proofs. SRK anti hero act in Darr Bazigar ANzam. His reaction in KKHH where he sees kajol at camp after a long time, his role in MNIK, swadesh CDI (specially the climax expression) and many moments like that.

          Yes I agree FAN was not a good movie it was indeed a flop but SRK performance was great It was nt overacting at all. . I am a srk fan but agree last year He didnt deserv to be nominated for Dilwale but this year he deserved for fan. EVen HNY & chennai express wr ordinary. I don’t know about others but I don’t judge a performance just by my personal likes or dislikes. FAN acting was diffrent.. specially Gauarav.. u can clearly see he looked and acted so young at this age, His scene at police station where he first met aaryan, so yes SRK was great in FAN. He looked and acted cunning, his scenes at Aryans House with his daughter. I know ull agree if u think with ur heart. Aamir in Dangal Salman in sultan Akshay in airlift rustom Amitabh in pink and some others were great performances this year, I respect all people choices. So I request you to think wth ur heart keeping ur personal hate for srk aside. Nothing personal. Thanks Brother

    • United Kingdom SRK FANS!! Reply

      Akshay Kumar deserves an critics award because one thing everyone has to agree to is that Shah Rukh Khan is much greater as an actor than him, critics say akshay gave one of his best performances in his career and so did shah rukh, so if you compare both their careers srk does have an upper hand but nevertheless akshay should get the critics but Amitabh bachchan has joined the wagon as well and sushant singh Rajput because anyone who praises India in a biopic they get the award for some retarded reason!

      Best Actor:
      Shah Rukh Khan – Fan
      Akshay Kumar – Airlift and Rustom
      Sushant Singh Rajput – M S Dhoni
      Amitabh Bachchan – Pink
      Salman Khan – Sultan
      Aamir Khan – Dangal

      • Everyone who is saying Akshay Kumar should get the award, you need to understand one thing first that you get what you respect, he doesn’t respect filmfare awards so why should he get it?
        Also he’s jealous of Shah Rukh Khan because both come from a middle class family in Delhi and akshay looked better as in tall dark and handsome but he couldn’t make it as big as SRK
        Did SRK buy best debut award when he had money khkn,
        Baazigar, ddlj, dtph, kkhh, mohabbtein, decade, swades, chak de India! And my name is khan he deserves every single one of them
        I’ll tell you what’s fixed it’s national film awards because SRK never got it haha that’s what akshay thinks if I never got it it’s fixed but the reality is my friend you don’t deserve one, salman deserved it for tere naam

        • just one thing i want to tell you that to buy awards means the producers of the show asked the actor to cut down for their fees for performance instead of that they will give you award in that case he has tolled that some actors buy it not for every time and although there were many incidents that akshay had asked to cut down his fees but he refused all time…and he does every kind of cinema…king of comedy…king of action…he has done drama family romantic movies and in a year without any big holiday he releases his movies like 3 to 4 and every movies do better and let me tell you he never jealous from anyone because he knew that everyone has their own work to do and he believes that this film industry is like family and if someone is better than him he tells it openly even in award function he has told hrithik is better actor than him after guzarish he is the only one actor to reach in 3000cr club from all movies check it…not even salman khan i am huge fan of akki but i never disrespect or say any bad things about SRK…and how can you foget his stunts…one stunt i want to tell you from khiladi 420 that he had jumped from plane to hot air balloon round about 1000 feet upper from earth!!!!

          • Akshay lunar has always been praising salman and amir and he never praises shah Rukh Khan which shows he’s always jealous of him even amir khan is jealous of srk especially before he gave 3 idiots because srk had totally the domestic and overseas in his hands and overseas in the top 10 about 8 movies belonged to srk .. salman khan is the only person who always wished good for srk and that’s why they’ve been best friends although they’ve had ups and downs but then that’s what friendship and love is all about you will never see the same amount of love between amir and srk or akshay and srk because they hate his popularity! Srk is king of Bollywood the world knows it! And deep down even you know that the shah Rukh Khan has ruled the industry in the 90s and 2000s especially no other actor in today’s generations has been able to do that it’s true admit it!

            • gaatlin jnr Reply

              srk is the who declared himself…he is the mad of bollywood….absurd..

              • Every actors has their respective fans so respect all but the facts & figures don’t lie. So the truth is SRK ruled for last 2 decades but yes this Decade (from 2010) salman is No.1 currently SRK is on 3rd positon. You can visit BOXOFFICEINDIA.COM for complete details

    • Screen awards:
      Amitabh bachchan got the best actor for Pink this is pathetic their were so many other better performances, akshay kumar and shah Rukh Khan were the main contenders for this year by far.. bachchan was outstanding but maybe the movie did really good that’s why hail stupid screen awards :evil::evil::evil:

      • You recommend SRK only because you are his fan! And that is why it is a biased recommendation. His performance in Fan was nothing but overacting!! Just think for yourself – his films or performances of late (Fan, Dilwale, Happy New Year) have been far far less impactful than the other Khans (Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijan & Sultan; and Amir’s Dangal & PK). SRK has lost his capability to give really good films & performances. That is why his fans keep hoping and recommending and pushing his name for an award for Fan, just because the role was a bit different. That credit should go to the director. Amir (remember how he gets into the characters be it in Dangal or Ghajini?), Amitabh (remember the sweet little Auro of Paa?) or Rishi Kapoor (remember the grand old dad in Kapoor & Sons) have done different type of roles much more effectively than SRK in Fan. In all fairness, the best performances this year have come from Amitabh in Pink and Amir in Dangal for best actor’s award. Best supporting actor should be Rishi Kapoor in Kapoor & Sons. Period!!

        • I know they have been doing great roles but that does not mean that Shah Rukh Khan should be a avoided, or a movie that hasn’t worked shouldn’t get an award because if we left it to the audience to decide who should get the awards then all the categories would
          Belong to the Khans! Which wouldn’t be fair! If you talk about impact then srk in dear zindagi made far more impact than rishi kapoor

          • No, I am not meaning that SRK should not get an award. Whenever he deserves, he should of course get. But only when he truly deserves, not when his fans push for it! As his fan, you may want him to get him to get, but these are all subjective opinions. I think Amir in Dangal, Amitabh in Pink, Akshay in Airlift and Salman in Sultan were far more impactful than SRK in Fan, irrespective of the commercial success or failure of the film. It is finally the judges who will decide. Lets see who wins. But if SRK does not win, you must learn to respect their decision rather than crying and saying that the award was bought by the winner

        • Robin Brother. I don’t know about others but I don’t judge a performance just by my personal likes or dislikes. So yes somewhere I agree with you in Dilwale HNY even Chenai Express but FAN definetely not..FAN acting can’t be put with these films..these were regular but FAN acting was diffrent.. specially Gauarav.. u can clearly see he looked and acted so young at this age, His seen at police station where he first met aaryan, so yes SRK was great in FAN. Aamir in Dangal Salman in sultan Akshay in airlift rustom Amitabh in pink and some others were great performances this year, I respect all people choices but FAN cant be in comparison, so I request you to think wth ur heart keeping ur personal hate for srk aside. Nothing personal but yes Dilwale HNY were ordinary but FAN was brilliant.. It was so diffrent. Thanks Brother

          • Ankit Brother, Just because SRK’s performance in Fan was different from his performances in Dilwale, HNY & Chennai Express, should he be given an award??? Is that the yardstick for getting an award? Comm..on, Amir’s in Dangal and Amitabh’s in Pink were far more impactful than SRK’s. And Amir Khan rightfully deserved it. And by the way, I do not have any hatred for SRK. I have liked him in some of his earlier films like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Baazigar, Swades & Chak de where I think he really acted well. But I will not put him in the league of Amir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan at least for acting skills. He may be better than them for his marketing skills!

    • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

      Off topic but is it true that Pakistanis are not allowed in India?

      • what?! So someone like Zayn Malik would not be allowed in India?! That’s pathetic

        • Zayn Malik is a British Pakistani, India would allow him because otherwise they would be critisized by the world!

    • My award of 2016 best actor aamir Khan, best actress alia bhatt (dear zindagi) best film dangal best director nitesh tiwari best supporting actor fawad Khan best supprting actress zaira wasim best screenplay dangal best background music sultan best music ae dil hai mushkil best song channa mereya best newcomer zaira wasim by the way l