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Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro box office clash is currently the hottest topic in the industry. No matters who says what but the truth is that things are not going as smoothly as it looks. Many have the opinion that Bollywood has united against Mohenjo Daro. Is there any truth in this conspiracy?

This all started when Bollywood celebrities started praising Rustom not only on social media but also on public platforms. The posters, trailer and music everything made big headlines. Just recently Bollywood stars, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar and many others started promoting Rustom on social media with their special messages. Don’t be surprised if these stars start posting terrific reviews of Rustom in a few days.

A leading portal quoted Akshay Kumar saying that Salman and others have promoted Rustom on their own and there is a unity in Bollywood. Unfortunately, that is not true. Are Mohenjo Daro or Hrithik Roshan not part of the Bollywood? Why is no one talking about Mohenjo Daro at all? In fact, it is a promotional strategy of Rustom marketing team and there is nothing wrong in it. Each day top Bollywood stars will share special video messages to urge fans to watch Rustom until 12th August.

It would have been better if Akshay would have said that this is the part of their promotional campaign. As now it has created a perception that Bollywood stars are only promoting Rustom to degrade Mohenjo Daro.

Now coming to the main question that why most of the actors seem to be biased against Mohenjo Daro. Here are few of the assumptions,

Hrithik-Kangana Controversy

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut controversy have not gone well with the industry. When Hrithik filed a case against Kangana, he expected that Bollywood will come out in his support. However, it was the other way around as many voices were raised for Kangana only which pissed of Hrithik.

Hrithik’s Personal Rifts:

We all know that Hrithik always wants to be a soft guy and refrain away from joining any camps. But yes he has some personal issues with few of the top actors. IIFA Awards this 2016 created a further rift between Salman and Hrithik due to a performance. It was also reported that Hrithik has a fallout with Akshay and he also unfollowed Akshay on Twitter. As a result, when Mohenjo Daro trailer released, Akshay did not even say a word for MD on his social media handle.

Professional Commitments:

All the top directors from Bollywood have shown their desire to work with Hrithik Roshan but he seems to be in no mood now. He has backed out from Shuddhi and Kabir Khan’s next. He is also reluctant in signing YRF’s highly ambitious project Thug. Obviously, these things have not gone well with the top production houses. Instead, he has opted for Kaabil and his friend Sidharth Anand’s next. The result of this clash will also decide the fate of Raees Vs Mohenjo Daro. So Excell Entertainment and Red Chillies are also eyeing on 12th August.

Ashutosh Gowarikar:

The director Ashutosh Gowarikar is one of those men who does not want to be politically correct and this has landed him in bad books of the industry. He has more enemies as compared to friends.

UTV Motion Pictures:

It is not going well for UTV at the domestic box office. Though they distributed Hollywood’s The Jungle Book and Captain America Civil War but they are yet to find their big hit since PK. They have signed a deal with the local distributor which include booking screens for Baaghi, Mohenjo Daro and Dangal. This was not received well by many. UTV also does not promote films on the big scale and rely on the content mostly. However, their promotional strategy for Mohenjo Daro has gone terribly wrong. On the other hand, Rustom marketing team has done an excellent job.

Last Word: 

On paper Mohenjo Daro looks much much bigger film as compared to Rustom. In reality, things have changed and it will be a close competition. But the sudden promotions and marketing have made a perception in the media that Rustom wants to take over Mohenjo Daro. Wheater this true or not, we are yet to find out.

It is clear now that there is no conspiracy against MD and it is a mix of all the factors mentioned above. There is no doubt that Rustom is hotter film right now but will this extra buzz translate into box office collections? Only time will tell.

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