It has turned out to be a poor weekend for all the three new releases. Irrfan Khan starrer Karwwan has managed to show the best growth despite starting slower.

Fanney Khan has a very poor weekend of around 7 cores. The film was unable to show much growth over the weekend which means that it is a flop. The trend over the weekdays is irrelevant as with this trend, it will not go anywhere.

Mulk has grossed 8.16 cr which is a low number but had a better trend as compared to Fanney Khan. The film does not have much chance on the weekdays as it will need a solid hold on Monday.

Karwaan had the best trend over the weekend as it grossed 8.10 crores. It might show a hold on Monday but it will need more than a normal hold to emerge a success.


  1. Looks like karwaan is winning the race. Sad news for Irfan Khan as his condition is not looking great. This might his last movie.

    • It will take Akki 10 years to break Aamir Khan’s current record. Aamir is the only actor who didn’t give any flop since 2000. Forget about 300 crore Akki do not have even 200 crore film. Not even crossed 150 crore in India precisely.


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