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Fan Verdict: Hit or Flop

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Fan Verdict: Hit or Flop

Shahrukh Khan’s Fan which was released on 15 April could not perform well at the box office.

Despite Fan having strong initials, the film could not maintain the pace after the opening day.  The word of mouth was mixed and was only appreciated by a small section of the audience. It was also competing against The Hollywood release The Jungle Book which thrashed Fan despite being in second week.

The film that was made on the budget of 105 crores will fail to recover the costs. Though the makers are already in the safe zone.

Let’s also take a look at Fan hit or flop business economics.

Production Cost
85 Cr
P & A
20 Cr
105 Cr
Satellite Rights
SRK’s fee
Music & Others
10 Cr
Distributor Share
32 Cr*
30 Cr
72 Cr

*5 Days

Fan Verdict:

So Fan still needs to collect approximately more 30 crores from distributor share to recover its costs. Looking at the trends it seems almost impossible. So most probably Fan will be a flop. But somehow if the film manages to collect around 100 crores, it will be called an average grosser.

Fan was distributed by Yash Raj Films itself. So the distributors lost will not be huge. As for YRF is concerned, they are very much in the safe zone. Shahrukh Khan’s last film Dilwale was also a semi-hit in India as it collected 149 crores. This will be a setback for the actor. He is now gearing up for Raees, also releasing in 2016.

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Tell us what are your views about Fan verdict hit or flop in the comments section.


  1. Fan will cross 100 Crores…
    tolerance , intolerance Ruins everything…Bad people’s bad Game or strategies….
    Love U SRK…
    I Love My India…

    • Samshad khan Reply

      Agreed. And if isn’t doing well income that doesn’t mean it a bad movie. It is all political game. Making bollywood in loss. Not only srk bt also all concern to a movie r in loss. Movie is Fantastic.

    • arsad khan Reply

      Time to pack his bags and go to pakistan . He don’t deserve love of India

    • hallo tumko kya lana srk se usko retire kr k uski jaga lani he is best and he will forever

  2. You just could not call a film flop if its not having collection… The audience are liking it thts the matter and srk told before itself that FAN AND RAEES are both diffrent genre movie and mighr not collect even 100 crore .. So its wrng to call FAN a flop

    • flop, hit, blockbuster … are all boxoffice’s verdicts so of course it’s not wrong.
      Saying a movie is a hit or a flop, doesn’t imply that the movie is bad or great.
      How can you not get that ?
      so yes he can call a film a flop if it’s not collecting money, that’s what you call a flop!

    • Samshad khan Reply

      A quality film… Risk to do for a big star like srk.. n he took risk.

      • True i saw how much risk he is taking from movies he is doing like Happy New Year, Chennai Express , Dilwale.
        After chakde i dont think any movie he did was what he deserve to be!!
        SRK fans – Get some life yaar!!!

        • after chak de…??WoW.
          You forgot My name is Khan,Don 2, Jab Tak Hain Jaan..
          FAN is Awesome movie …What a Brilliant Performance by SRK.

  3. fan ( 4 holidays in just 6days) 3 semi holiday – Friday , Tuesday , Wednesday) & one full holiday- sunday)……. 3600 srn …. full positive review ….. phirvi pankha band ha ha ha ha …. itna kuch agar tushar kapur ka film ko vi milta to ovi super hit dedeta khi khi khi khi

    • sunny singh Reply

      Khan Bhai I think tumhare loye 365 din hi holiday hona chahiye aur jo hai so aap ye bhi bol sakte ho loll….. Jab Mann tab dekho movie aur bolo ki Sara din holiday tha phir bhi flop ha ha ha ha loll

  4. evryone srkians says that different genre tell me what is FAN’s genre.

    • Samshad khan Reply

      Experimental class movie. Tu nahin samjhega Fan hun na. Dear if u r nt fan of any body so dont see it. It is not a movie to just dishum n oye oye. Class movie always hv a lake of mazority audience.

  5. just modified story of darr nothing is different.everything is in movie some action,thrilling,dilaugoe, locations,story also a good but main problem is screen play was dull and we bored this type 90’s story movie that same goes for salman’s PRDP i am die hard fan of salman and i also feels bad when our stars film was not up to dont excuse with genre.aur srk ki tarah ego main mat raho bhai sorry bol de warna FAN jaisi halat ho jayegi

    • sunny singh Reply

      Ooo brother kk darr mein blockbuster songs the but fan mein ek bhi nhi…..
      Darr ko solo release mili thi but fan is competing with theri and jungle book….
      Darr has the universal appeal but fan has limited….
      Darr me ek leading actress thi but fan didn’t have….
      Aur bolu ki Etna khafi hai lol……

      Aur jaha tak baat hai salman aur srk me comparison Ka to mat Kr kyuki
      Srk ke dad great writer and director nhi the salman ke dad me jaysa……..
      Srk me road mein 5 logo pe car chada Kr unhe nhi maara tha jo salman me kiya…..
      Aur khaas baat abhi bhi salman aur srk mein srk jyada amir hai and also respect old citizens as he knows the value of family(wife,children’s) what salman doesn’t have…..lollll

      • @sunny singh aap ki ye baat se main agree karta hu ki ark ne jyada problem face kiye hai real life par wo akela insaan nahi hai jo is tarah se aaya ho jackie shroff, akshay kumar,rajnikant ye sab road se hi star bane hai par wo sab SRK ki tarah selfish aur egostic nahi hai wo kisi na kisi tarah se desh ke liye achha kaam like charity karte hi hai jaise ki hal hi main akshay sir ne maharastra k farmer ko 50 lakh donate kiye hai aur salman bhi charity karte hai.,ere jaise bahut se aise log hai jo salman sir k acting ki wajah se nohi unke helping nature ki wajah se fan hai.aur rahi baat car accident wali to tu koi judge nahi hai jo direct faisla suna raha hai aur wo srk ki tarah lakho logo ko marne wali advertisement nahi karte for example royal stag(alcohol) and pan masala as well so shut your mouth

        • Samshad khan Reply

          Yaar itne sudh vichar ki ad me bhi bimari ddhundh li. Bhai pehli baat ye ki aap apna gyan facebook ki bajay wikipedia se badhaen. Salman ya akshay ki charity ko wo show karte hen jabki srk charity ko discuss nhi karta par records ke lie official wikipedia padhen . Usne 32 village to adopt kiye hen electric k lie . Sanyukt rashtra ne use uski charity k lie internatinal award diya he. Ajeeb haal he India ka. School me padhte nhi aur facebook pe GK badhate hen.


          Bhai,kabhi aapko samaymile to Google me jakar srk charity type karna aur dekhna,phir bolna.UNESCO se srk ko charity ke liye award mila he.aur bhi bahut he dekho phir bolo.A CHARITY DOING FOR A REASON IS NOT A CHARITY and SRK follows it.srk apna publicity ke liye charity nahi karte.aap khud hi sochiye srk,amitav,john,priyanka ye sab charity karte hen lekin log jyada jante nahin kya ye sab super star nehin he,,aur salman khan karte to ye kaise pura media me a jati he.bhai charity logo ki bhalai ke liye hota he apna publicity ke liye nehin ki khud ko achha sabit karne ke liye nehin.rahi baat good human ki to srk got many awards as DATUK from maleysia,DOCTORATE from Edinburg and many more,bhai kya paagal hen.plz go to Google and search for srk charity and awards,phir bolna srk desh ke liye kuch kiya ki nehin.plz plz plz sahi chiz ko accept kare kharabi har koi me hota he aur pehele janiye phir boliye,sochiye aap ki bare me koi na jan kar galat bolega to aap ke chahane balo ko keisa lagega.

      • Darr me Sunny Deol tha jiski popularity ki wajah SE he log film dekhne gye the.. Par YRF aur srk ne milke Sunny ko dhoka diya aur uska role Kum krdiya.. Aaj usi ka fal srk ko Darr jesi film fan K flop SE milgya

    • SidhdhuCanadian Reply

      Apni apni pasand he jaruri nhi ki mujhe jungle book achchi lage aurtujhe Fan. So stop thinking urself a master choice.

  6. agli baar raees ki…..chlo sultan se to bch gya….lekin agr sultan se pitta to utti zada insult nhi hoti….. lekin gya Ajay k pass….. usse pitne k baad to Kisiko Muh dikhane k layak nhi rhega….??

  7. i just found the actual reason why FAN is flop and that is gaurav(FAN) looks similar to KRK

  8. Thanks Indicine for the FAN update..
    As per Trade Pundits, FAN is already declared as Disaster to FLOP. It is impossible for the film to do collections of 140 to 150 for HIT.
    FAN is biggest flop of 2016.

    • sunny singh Reply

      Lagta hai Joseph ne bollyarena Ka verdict nhi padha if 130 then hit to 150 mat souche yaaro…..
      Aur waise bhi 100 mein average hai jo fan sure karega….

  9. FAN had to collect in India more than 160 crores for HIT status. So, FAN will be biggest flop for SRK and YRF.

  10. FAN Officially made his career THE END.Next in the line Raees,Sultan &Dangal FLOP FLOP FLOP :D Bollywood needs new blood to sustain not rotten khans ….

    • Samshad khan Reply

      Yaar jituu keh to theek raha tu par ki karen nae blood me Khans wala Dum nhi dikh raha…

    The film is boring and slow. With many loopholes. Now this movie will be one of the most biggest debacle in the history of bollywood as the budget including SRk’s fee will be over 145 crores
    Now as for raess it will definitely not clash with sultan
    Is this the end of shahrukh khan?

    • sunny singh Reply

      Bhai tu bhul gaya lagta srk is bade dil waala thats why he doesn’t charge fee for his films…..