Fan character is different than those in Darr, Baazigar: Shahrukh Khan

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Monday denied that one of the two characters he plays in Maneesh Sharma’s film ‘Fan’ bears resemblance to his ‘psycho’ characters in films, ‘Darr’ and ‘Baazigar’.

“People keep saying that I do the same acting for the past 25 years… even the critics say that, but I have tried that this is different. And Maneesh was very clear about the way this character is played, and I would not take any credit for having done it any differently when people find it different,” said Shah Rukh, at the trailer launch of the film.”But it is a lot different, the genre maybe the same, of an anti-hero or bad guy, to put it in general compartments, but as a film and as a character, it’s very different from ‘K..K..Kiran’ or ‘Harkar jeetne walo ko baazigar kehte hai’,” he added.

But Shah Rukh clarified that his character is “not psychotic, he’s not a psychopath”. “It’s the story of a very innocent boy, who does not get how he feels life would be, when he meets his biggest star. “It’s about innocence, it’s about when you’re young, you have stars in your eyes, you feel that every thing or person that you love, will love you that much in return but when sometimes things don’t happen the way you think, you go a bit disturbed,” he said.

Considering Shah Rukh’s ‘king of romance’ tag, it is surprising that no lady love is seen in the trailer. On this, he quipped: “As a matter of fact, it is not that I didn’t get anyone so I’m running behind myself. It’s safer when you love yourself, the fear of rejection is lesser.” ‘Fan’ is gearing up for release in April.

Via Times of India


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