Emraan Hashmi Upcoming Movies 2017-2018:

Captain NawabTony D’SouzaAction, Mystrey2017Announced
TigersDanis TanovicDrama-Completed
UntitledMohit SuriDrama, Thriller-Not Final


  1. Baadshao will be blockbuster 100 crs, captain nawab also hit , he should also do more suspense thriller movies like the murder series

  2. Milan’s last film Once upon a time dobara is worse than RGV ka Aag…. there is no scope for this film

    Tony D’Souza filmography Blue,Boss and Azhar … Seriously!!

    LOL tigers released in Toronto in 2014 ….

    So, Emmi’s career is officially over-Disaster

  3. Baadshao will be successful that’s mainly because of ajay devgn captain nawab will be average to flop as emraan is an A certificate star not a u/a or u star if he needs to sign jannat3 murder4 and another dark thriller with mohit Suri or his career will go the same way as bobby deol.


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