Ek Dil Ek Jaan Video Song – Padmavati

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The second video song from Padmavati is out. Padmavati starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film = is slated to release on 1st December 2017.

♪Song: Ek Dil Ek Jaan
♪Singer: Shivam Pathak
♪Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
♪Lyrics: A M Turaz


  1. If Padmavati clash with tiger


    ha ha ha

    • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

      TZH trailed got mixed response but more on the positive side anyways it will break records n become Top Grosser of Bollywood this year barring BB2….👍👍👍

  2. Song is Superb….

    But Padmavati is missing those Chartbuster song which BM had, after Trailer nothing has come out which increase the excitement, thanks to Controversy that it is news 24×7 otherwise the Buzz of movie very low…..Right now according to Budget of movie Buzz is low…..
    I think they should release some Dialogue Promo or some Action Scene Promo, to increase the Buzz…..


      Lyrics 👌 Vfx 1st class…just think the movie is missing the kind of songs Bajirao had…

      3 wonderful actors in 1 frame.

      All the best Potential Superstar Ranveer Singh, Shahid Sir and Deeps👍

      • Agree with you, all the 3 actors are superb, and VFX is also looking Top Notch, I think just like 2.0, they should also release a VFX video, those Humongous War scene are superb and public wants to know how they create such a huge war sequences……

        And definitely after 3 Khans, Varun and Ranveer are the true Superstars, the way their fan following are increasing, only a Born Superstar can do this…..They both have left Ranbir way behind…..
        Now atleast we have 2 Superstars (Varun and Ranveer) who can take care of Bollywood after the retirement of 3 Khans…..

  3. In the mean time TZH Trailer become “World’s Most Liked Trailer”, by beating not only Bollywood and South movies but also all Hollywood Biggies…..A very rare achievement for any Actor….

    Also it is continuously Trending on Youtube at No.1 spot from last 4 days…Another achievement which I have never seen before….

    “TZH World’s Most Liked Trailer”
    Only Salman Khan Rules….

    • @S.G
      most disliked trailer bhi hai….
      shayd 100k dislike cross karegi


    • world most liked trailer yr itni kyu fekte ho world ka to kya abhi india ka bhi most liked trailer nhi ban paya
      marshal ke trailer ke 1million likes h or tiger ke 728k like ha bollywood ka bol sakte ho yr pr inida or world bahut door h

  4. Zuber shah Reply

    Salman is biggest superstar of bollywood… Wanted, Dabangg, ready, bodyguard etc. Are not a big banner movies and also have a low contents anyway that movie achieve a blockbuster status due to one and only salman khan…salman haters ko aur srk fan and amir fans ko meri ye comment kaate ki tarah chubhegi dekh lena.. specially parshya…

    • Bro Wanted and Dabangg are not low on Content, they are very good movies, with superb story line , Dabangg won the National Award for Best Entertaining Movie…..So think before comment….And Ready was a comedy movie, there is not even a single comedy movie which had content (they all the mindless that’s why they make us laugh), even Hollywood Best Comedy Franchise The Hangover is also have Mindless Content……Yes in Bodyguard you can say is have low Content and it work & become Blockbuster only because of Salman’s Star Power……
      Those who think that Indian Public are stupid and have sense of movie, are actually the biggest stupid, Every Movies has something good to give to audience that’s why they work on Box Office……Salman Khan is Undoubtedly the Biggest Superstar but he can only pull movie to some extent…..Ultimately to get those 300cr Mark, with Star Power you need Content also……..All the Big Grossers like Dabangg (at that time), BB, PK, Sultan, Dangal, Bahuballi 2 are strong in content……
      And without Content we have Tubelight, Talaash, JHMS, FAN etc……

  5. Decent song with great visuals but lacks repeat watch. Anyways Padmawati has best trailer this year and one of the best all time. With just two dialogues, the trailer keep you engrossed for 3mins. That’s unmatchable. I think people are more interested in Ranveer singh than these two. Its time to show something related to Khilji.

  6. honest man Reply

    padmavati will open bigger than any srk film released on non holiday infact it can also challenge salman’s highest non holiday opener bajrangi bhaijaan though salman will beat that with tzh. deepika is on her way to become the real megastar heroine first time in bollywood, not fake like madhuri. just imagine she has never worked with any superstar but still she has one 200 crore plus film, two 175 crore plus films and three 150 crore plus films.
    what we should admire about her that she has the guts to take the decision that she will not work with any bigstar and will continue to work with smaller stars and still she is getting those big grossers. hats off to you deepika. you are the real heroine superstar or megastar, not fake like madhuri, karishma and many more.
    if i don’t consider male and female division she is actually the third biggest star currently after aamir and salman. infact in her own way she is as big as aamir and salman. she is the first heroine who can pull crowd on her own.

  7. Zuber shah Reply

    Dear akki-hr Mersal is a most like teaser and tzh most like trailer…sharam karo haters…akki se ghanta koi record to banta nahi aur chale troll karne..salman,amir is a biggest superstar of Bollywood till date..

  8. Modest fan Reply

    I m going to be honest here i got bored watching it not interested in padmavati anymore. Playing dress up come on 😪😪😪

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